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BT Synergy 4100 Triple

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2 Reviews

Caller display - answering machine - Caller ID - cordless - telephone book - DECT - 50 m indoor range - 100 m outdoor range - 100 hours standby time

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    2 Reviews
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      30.08.2008 21:04
      Very helpful



      Good phones but can have problems

      Ok, we have just moved house after being in a housing scheme for so many years (all my life) and my mum and dad wanted to move to the country. We have moved into the new house but there was no telephone connection. (imagine no phones for 2 months!!). When we eventually got the connection solved me, my mum and my sister went out to get phones!!
      We have never had a cordless phone before but we have always wanted one as my sister is fed up of talking to her boyfriend and the family sitting in the next room listening. So we went out to our local curry's and bought these phones.

      -The box-
      There is quite a small box for the phones and every centimetre is packed with the contents. Inside the box there are little boxes with the base units and plugs etc.
      What is in the box:
      - 3 cordless handsets
      - 2 normal base units with mains plugs
      - 1 base unit with base plug and telephone wire
      - instructions
      - BT helpline information.
      Over all the box is good as every thing is wrapped properly so that nothing gets damaged.

      -The handsets-
      The handsets are really good, they don't do much as you can see buy reading the specs that ciao gives but they do just enough for us.
      The screen lights up blue whenever you use the handset so it is easy to see it, you can change the name of the handset so you could call one living room etc etc.
      There is a built in address book and instead of adding them all in manually you can get it to read a mobile sim card to get all the numbers you want.
      There are about 5 ringtones and different volumes of rings too.
      Over all the handset is easy to use and does every thing we need it to do.

      What a phone should do but is normally over-looked by all the fancy features added to them. Well this doesn't have a lot of fancy stuff added so you would expect the calls to be really easy to do and really good and clear. Well.... They are.
      To call someone you can just type in the number and then press the green button, or press the green button then type in the number.
      To answer calls just either pick the phone off of the base unit or press the green button. The sound is really clear and the volume can be adjusted too.
      When somebody is on the phone all of the other handsets light up red so that you know there is a call.
      You can also divert calls to other handsets, so that other people in other areas of the house can then get the call without swapping phones.
      There is also an internal call feature where you can phone another handset in the same system.

      -Base units-
      To set up the base units couldn't be easier. Just plug the main, larger, unit into a phone line and a mains plug. Then plug the others into a normal mains socket. And that's it. Set-up. The base units are used to charge the phones and the main unit is the one that send the calls wirelessly to the other units and handsets.
      The base units and the handsets are a nice black colour and they have a clip on the back of the handsets for attaching to belts etc if you are working. The screens are quite small but that isn't a problem. There is no caller ID but again this is no serious problem.
      The style of the handsets is really good and I like it a lot.

      The instructions are really good and detailed. They use good diagrams of the screens and the buttons used to get to that screen. They also come in lots of different languages.
      The instructions are really good and simple. Easy to follow and never had a problem that I caouldnt find how to solve from the instructions.
      I'm not sure what we paid for them as we got them in a sale but they can be bought for around £60-£70 over the Internet. This is an ok price for what you receive. Three handsets is quite a lot for £60 and there is really good wireless technology in there.
      I think the price is really good and if you can find them in a sale like we did, Go for it!

      We had a problem with one of the handsets, it stopped working and would charge on the base units.
      We took the whole thing back to curry's and we got it replaced on our 2 year warranty. After that we have had no problems. We have an old house with thick walls and we still get a good signal from the base, even when we are working outside in the stables. (my sister has horses)
      You can buy extra handsets and base units for this, all you have to do is buy one normal base and a handset and plug it in and it will automatically pick up the main base unit and be in use.
      This is really good, as you might need more than the amount given to cover a business place of extremely large house.

      All in all I was disappointed in the range of features this product has, but it does work well as a phone and it as great reception and clear sound.
      I would recommend this product to potential buyers as it has everything a person would need as a house or business phone.
      My opinion 4 stars


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        01.01.2008 17:45



        Range : distance appaulingCaller display: works when it wants to ( not very often )Battery life : very limitedInternal calls : take average of 3 attempts to connectIncoming calls : not all phones ring.Had phones replaced after one month by a surprisingly accomodating helpdesk but problems soon re-appeared.DO NOT BUY THIS INFERIOR PRODUCT!!!


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