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BT Synergy 5500 Cordless

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    3 Reviews
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      13.06.2011 11:39
      Very helpful




      We have had this Telephone for about 6 weeks. We had seen this about for a while, but didn't really need a Telephone, but our other one wasn't performing how it should be, so we ended up going for this one due to a mix of good reviews and alright price.

      We paid £39.99 for this on Amazon and the postage was free, so a not too bad price for a brand name such as BT.

      This came all boxed up as you would expect. All individual parts were in bags, and everything secure enough to cope with getting posted out.

      Not sure if you get this in Silver in compared to the Black one, as I think that Silver would look a bit more expensive and perhaps not quite as "cheap" looking. I had the image that this plastic would go shiny after a while of constant use of pressing the buttons and that, but after closer inspection the plastic seems to be a better quality than I first though.

      As with Cordless Phones they do need charged when you first get them, so just hook it all up and sit it all together for a good few hours before use.

      The base unit is an ok size which sits just fine on a little table without taking up too much room.

      This has a built in Answer machine which you can choose a standard automated Robotic kind of Voicemail, or set your own 1 up. Just press the buttons on the base unit to listen to any messages, delete them and so on. Any Messages are indicated on the Base unit as well.

      The Phone book can store up to 250 numbers in the memory, which is surely enough for most people.

      If you have any inquisitive kids then there is a lock function on the Handset so this should stop them phoning random numbers.

      Also you can send Texts from this Telephone, which is pretty handy. So far i've not sent any and not sure how much a Text would cost from the phone.

      Battery life from this seems to do ok. The screen lights up when the phone is rining and for a short while after you have dialled a number, or answered the phone, but this dims out a bit then goes off, so saving a bit power.

      Reception wise It is clear enough while walking about and I don't notice any fuzziness or distortion.

      A good telephone from a good brand.


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      01.03.2011 17:27
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      A quality, easy to use phone with text facility

      I looked around for sometime deciding which phone to purchase. I wanted a phone with a text facility - my phoneline is with BT and they give you free text messages with all of their options packages so I wanted to utilise this free service. I previously had a philips which was very difficult to text with and gave up the ghost after about 18 months, so I wanted a more reliable manufacturer and decided that had to be BT.
      I bought the 3 handset option for £100.

      Setting up

      The phone was really easy to set up. You just plugged it in and off you go. You could even put your sim card from your mobile into the base set and it uploads all the numbers into it's phonebook. The problem came (and still exists) when I went to set up the other 2 handsets. You just plug them into the power socket and they work OK, however they cannot see each other - when you answer the phone on one handset the other 2 handsets register this as a missed call. This is really irritating. When you want to do a last number redial you have to make sure you pick up the handset that you last dialled the call on because the other two won't show it. There seems to be no way to register the handsets with the main base in the instructions that came with it. You can transfer the phone book from the base handset to the others and that is about all we have managed to do. All phone can however, see the answerphone - weird!


      This phone has a lot of features, but only a very small selection are covered in the instruction leaflet. I'm sure there is a lot this phone can do that I don't know about.

      Ease of use - phone calls and answerphone

      The phone is really simple. If it is ringing and is on the base, you simply pick it up to answer, if it isn't on it's base you press the green button to pick up the call. It has a volume control from 1 to 5 on the middle button if you need to adjust the call volume. To end the call put the phone back on it's base or press red button.
      The answerphone has a digital number display that tells you how many messages you have waiting for you. You can play these messages by pressing play from the base set to hear through the baseset speakers or by using any of the handsets and going to the answerphone menu and play messages through the handset. The menus are self explanantory to record your own message, you can also record memos on the answerphone and turn it on and off by the answerphone base or from any of the handsets.

      Ease of use - texting

      The menus are just as easy to navigate as most mobile phones if not easier. The text message area is as you would expect on a mobile. The only down side is you cannot use predictive text, so messages take a little longer to type. The phone beeps if you receive a text message and the phone display screens tells you a message is waiting to be read. The menu allows you to save drafts and use templates.


      The phone has a blue backlit digital display with black text
      If you have caller ID on you line the handsets displays the number of the caller before you pick up the phone -great for screening. The display is easy to read and monocolour.
      You can select from a good selection of ringtones including musical ones. You can even devote different ringtones to numbers in your phone book so that you know who is calling by the ringtone playing without looking at caller display. The handset keeps a list of the last 10 numbers to call you and the last 10 numbers you have dialled, from this list you can easily select and callback as you would on a mobile phone.
      The phone has an alarm clock that can be set to ring on a one off occasion or at the same time(s) everyday.
      You also have an agenda where you can enter an event and date and time.
      The phone can be used as standard or you can use speaker phone - I have found people can hear me quite well when I use this and I them.
      I have had the phones off the base all day and they have still held their charge - I have yet to have the battery go.

      Other than the set up problem (which I still haven't resolved) this phone has been 100% reliable unlike other home phones I have owned which have funny glitches.


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        13.11.2010 08:22
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        See review.

        After persevering as long as possible and finally not being able to here any callers talk, we knew it was time to replace our phone, our poor BT cordless handset has been very loyal and has certainly taken some abuse, especially since my son was born anyway!

        After perusing the electrical and phone section in our local Asda (my hubby works there so has a discount card for purchases, well, it would be rue not to!), we had narrowed it down to a beautiful (but extremely expensive phone) and the phone that we eventually decided on, with this one being the subject of this review.

        The phone in question is - "BT synergy 5500 - cordless handset and charging base"

        As with my previous two phone's we have always opted for a cordless handset type, our phone connection can be found (very handily too!) behind a door and under a window frame, so a corded phone would mean us having to perch on a windowsill.....I don't think that ever worked so here we are!

        The phone comes with all the necessary set up parts, the base, the handset, telephone cord, mains power adapter and even some rechargeable AAA Ni-MH batteries, two of them!

        The set up is extremely easy, especially good for a technophobe like myself.

        The instructions for use states that the phone should have the batteries inserted, and the this then placed on the cradle and charged via the mains adapter for 24 hours before, else the phone may not initially work, though of course I followed instructions, I really couldn't see the point in this, as once the set up had been done, it would be sitting in the cradle charging anyway, so I went ahead and set up the phone line too, and it worked within minutes.

        This is actually all you need to do as part of the system set up, with any other bits being to personalise your phone, and getting used to all the new fangled bits to it (told you I was a technophobe!).

        The first thing to mention is how easy it is to personalise your answer machine message, though ours (one courtesy of my rather posh speaking husband, as I kept getting the giggles!), is quite standard, with me at some point wanting to add a rather silly one (my sister in law literally has a PMT breakdown on her message, it's a wonder they have any messages left at all!).
        Though a little while after setting this up, we had an automatic message from BT stating that we could just add their standardised message to the phone, but I feel my hubby's is much more personal.

        This is all again very easy to set up, with there being step by step instructions to this effect, all to be found within the completely self explanatory instructions booklet you get with the phone (all in English too!).

        To use the answer machine all the relevant buttons needed are situated on the base unit, with there being a play/stop button, a delete button, forwards and backwards skip buttons, an off/on button and finally a message display unit, thus just telling you how many messages you have received, though I don't get many phone calls, I still found myself checking to see if the number ha gone up from one, when it did I just found a rather giggly message from my younger sister, she doesn't do answer machines either!

        The next thing is to go through all the benefits of having this particular phone, and the new additions to the handset (well new to what I am used to!).

        There are the standard things, the dialling tone button, which is situated alongside the disconnect button (always a favourite when cold callers ring the house!), though on my last phone it was one button, so every time I try to hand up keep switching the speakerphone on, this again is for hands free conversations, though I am never that busy where I can't at least hold the phone with one hand, or at least perch it into the crease of my neck!

        There are all the normal buttons, like redial, menu (for setting up the time an date, with us even having our surname displayed on the handsets screen itself), there are scroll buttons, this is to access the phone book facilities, meaning you can load up to 250 numbers into the phone, though I will go into that in more detail later.

        There is even a button to lock the buttons on the handset, in case you have any little one's in the house who like pressing buttons, my daughter called the police once and I will never forget the telling off he got from the emergency centre, he has of course since then got a phone with button locking facilities!

        As mentioned earlier, there is a phonebook facility which can be set up manually, (all fully instructed with the booklet, and set up is very much like adding a number to your mobile phone), or the cheats way, which is the method we used.

        Most people (us included) keep all our relevant contacts numbers within our mobiles, then wonder why this is when the phone dies on us, and we have stupidly not saved them to the sim card and we lose all of them.....no, just me then!

        To use this facility you do have to save the numbers to your sim card, then insert the card into the slot on the side of the handset itself, once done you follow the instructions in screen an the umbers will automatically be stored with in the phone book, not only making it easier for you, but also adding a sort of back up of your numbers in case you ever need it.

        The other facility is the fact you can actually text from this phone, though to be able to do this you do have to contact BT to set this up, this is a service I have never used, and I would imagine you would get stung on this price wise.

        Price wise for the base unit and a single handset, we paid around the £49.00 mark, though if require you can buy a set with multiple handsets, even buying them and adding them onto the main set, as and when required.

        For more information and set up enquiries contact - www.bt.com

        This is a lovely stylish looking phone, that really is rather nice to look at and extremely easy to use, recommended!

        Thanks for reading x


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