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Doro PhoneEasy 105wr Single

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    1 Review
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      10.11.2013 16:15
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      perfect phone for an elderly person!

      I bought this telephone for my grandmother as she wears a hearing aid and had a lot of trouble hearing the person on the other end of the phone because of its low volume. Also she had her old phone since before she needed a hearing aid and it was very outdated and didn't look, or sound as though it would last much longer. I decided to buy her this phone because I was looking for a telephone that was easy to use and one that you could turn the volume up on. When I bought this phone, it was advertised in the store as 'easy to use', 'louder ringtone' and 'big buttons for easy use'. The second two of these, I admit, were true but this phone was not at all for her to use.

      When I bought this phone for some reason I couldn't figure how to use most of the functions as they were extremely complicated to access and use. Although something my grandmother was very happy with is that the ringtone is now a lot louder and she can now hear it anywhere in her flat which she could not at all do before. It also has a very good ringtone that is very easy to recognise as she often got confused on whether it was her phone or next doors phone ringing.
      Another good feature that my grandmother likes is the volume boost. She finds it extremely helpful that she can turn the volume up more to hear the person on the other end of the phone much louder than. Although it did take me a while to explain to her which buttons to press to turn the volume up but I don't think that is a real problem. Its properly just my grandmother as she doesn't find modern technology easy to understand.

      The size of the buttons on the telephone is very helpful as it has been a problem in the pat for my grandmother to see the number on the phone as they have been so small but thanks to the size of the large buttons on this phone it is now a lot easier for her to know what number she I dialling.

      It is very helpful that this phone is cordless as my grandmother's old phone was not as she had to stand by her phone in the hallway which she found uncomfortable when she was on the phone for a long time. Now she can carry the phone with her and sit down when she is on the phone. The only thing I can say is bad about that is that he often forgets to put the phone back on the stand and ends up lousing it, but you can have everything.

      I wasn't too impressed with the price of this phone as I bought it for around £40 although I can't remember the exact price. Compared to some of the other phones in the store it was one of the most expensive one but it did looks as though it would satisfy all of my grandmothers needs so it was worth the money and I would buy one again if I ever needed to.

      I would definitely recommend this telephone as a perfect telephone for an elderly person as long as you have the time to explain to them how to use it as it can get quite complicated using some of the button for different things.

      Rates will be returned, thanks for reading!


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  • Product Details

    Doro EasyPhone 100w easy to use digital Dect phone comes with wide range of fantastic features: large buttons large front HAC with most hearing aids +30db amplified sound answer machine with volume booster button and 15 min recording capacity 20 entry phonebook 2 direct speed dials high visibility keypad and backlit large front display visual call indicator louder ringer ECO and Energy Star rated.

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