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Geemarc AMPLIDECT 230

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    1 Review
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      05.10.2010 13:43
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      A great phone and definately worth the money to know that you can have a proper conversation!

      After a product recall from Geemarc, the Amplidect230 has now been renamed the Amplidect285. Despite this, all of the features remain the same, as does the price.
      The base of the telephone not only charges the handset, but has a built in answering machine.

      The phone usually retails around £89.99, I work in a hearing aid centre and have been told that we are one of the only places where you can purchase Geemarc products. However, I have seen a few advertised through Dooyoo so you may find a better deal.
      Also, you can buy extra handsets for the Amplidect230/285 at around £49.99 per phone.

      The Amplidect230 has an adjustable receiving volume, for incoming speech, of up to 30db. It also has adjustable tone control (treble, standard, bass). Both of these will allow the user to have a clearer telephone conversation without having to ask the dredded question: 'can you repeat that please?'.
      The phone also has a speakerphone. I was recently told that speakerphone is a great feature for people who have difficulty with their hearing as you can hear the speech through both ears, not just the ear you hold the phone up to. They say you learn something new everyday!

      The phone has 4 direct memories to allow quick calling and a phonebook which can hold up to 50 phone numbers. These numbers can be accessed by scrolling through the phonebook on the handset itself and are a great feature for anyone who has difficult remembering phone numbers or where they have allocated someone on the speeddial list.

      The phone has an option of 10 different melodies for ringing alert, this may help if you choose one that is very distinctive which you are more likely to notice. You can also allocate a special ringing tone for 10 different numbers, this may help if you have difficulty speaking to people and only want to answer the phone to specific numbers.
      There is an adjustable ringing volume to allow you to set the ringing volume as high as you feel you need it and, if you feel you need more of an alert, you can set the shaker option. This makes the phone vibrate whilst ringing.

      The phone has several other features which are listed below.

      Handset LCD Display:
      Navigational menu, white backlight, backlight on keys, clock, alarm, key lock and message waiting icon.

      Caller ID and caller ID for call waiting.

      Multi Handset:
      3-way conference with privacy protection, up to 4 bases and 5 handsets, call transfer of external calls.

      Technicaal Specifications:
      3 batteries ni-Mh 1.2V 6000mA
      Standy time = 5 days
      Continuous talk time = 6 hours
      GAP compliant
      Outdoor range = 300 meters
      Indoor range = 50 meters

      All of Geemarc's phones are hearing aid compatible. This means you do not have to take your hearing aid out whilst talking on the phone, and you don't run the risk of forgetting where you have put your hearing aid!

      The Amplidect230 is an amazing telephone, it looks like any other phone but hides many amazing features.


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