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Geemarc Photo Phone

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    2 Reviews
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      15.11.2013 10:41
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      A great assistive phone from a brand you might not be familiar with

      **What is it?**

      The Geemarc Photo Phone is a phone designed not only for the hard of hearing but for those who aren't as techno savvy or may have difficulty remembering numbers. The phone is designed to be very easy to use and without any complicated menus and instructions to follow, it's biggest draw being the photo-dial buttons.

      **Why Buy?**

      We bought this for my Dad for use in the bedroom as he already has an assistive phone in the lounge. My Dad is disabled following a stroke, so has some difficulty in remembering long numbers like my mobile number, and at 71 he also struggles a little with hearing and viewing small numbers / words.

      **Price and Availability**

      I purchased the Geemarc Photo Phone from a specialist independent disability support shop for £50, which seems to be the average price when looking on the internet. I would advise to shop around but you are likely to need a specialist store for an assistive phone like this one.

      **What's in the Box**

      You get Geemarc Photo Phone (with wired handset)
      A sheet of pre printed photos to personalise the photo buttons with (such as hospital / doctors, you can also add your own)
      Instructional manual
      Warranty card
      Information on other Geemarc assistive products


      The Geemarc Photo Phone is very nice looking - it comes in a dark graphite grey or a white, we have the white, it has nine photo dialling buttons and a standard keypad (large size). The phone overall looks very nice and not too obviously like an assistive phone. It's very basic and in a good way as that makes it easy to use.


      Up to 30db Amplification
      T-Coil compatible (hearing aid)
      9 photo dialling keys
      Adjustable ringing volume

      **In Use**

      The Geemarc Photo Phone is very easy to set up and very easy to use. The instruction manual is printed in large text, which is a nice touch, though I would think most people who need a phone like this would have a third party set it up for them.

      We have set the doctors, bank, my mobile and home and my husband's mobile, my dad's two sisters and my Dad's own mobile in there (so he can ring it if he can't find it!) Each button is big enough to allow for a reasonable sized photo he can easily see and identify.

      The adjustable ring tone volume is excellent and is loud and clear meaning he can hear it over the television which he needs to have loud itself.

      The handset volume and the speakerphone are both loud and clear, no distortion or crackling or compression, and the mic is excellent too as I can hear him clearly when he calls me. He doesn't have a hearing aid yet but it is good to know it's future proof if ever he needs one.


      Overall I am very impressed with the Geemarc Photo Phone. I hadn't heard of Geemarc but when I saw the phone in the shop I knew it would be very useful to my Dad and it really has been. I hadn't read any reviews on it before I read it so it could have been a bit of a gamble, but I am genuinely very pleased that I bought the Geemarc Photo Phone for my Dad.

      I will give the Geemarc Photo Phone 5 stars out of 5 as an easy to operate, visually pleasing and fairly inexpensive assistive phone which is ideal for anyone hard of hearing, sight or memory. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a phone which supports all of these challenges and allows someone like my Dad to use a phone without worry and for that it's worth every penny.


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        05.10.2010 13:08
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A cheap phone which is great for someone with hearing difficulties and who cannot remember too well

        The Geemarc Photo Phone is another telephone which has been designed to aid the hard of hearing. This phone is aimed at people with a medium level of hearing loss, so if you have severe hearing loss it may not benefit you.

        Also, the photo phone is the perfect landline for people who have difficulty remembering numbers. As the name suggests, you can insert photos into the buttons which are allocated to speed dials. To me, this is an amazing feature which aids the user in many ways. Firstly, if you have difficulty remembering phone numbers, or even who has been allocated to a specific speeddial, you simply have to look for that person's face and then press the button to call them. Also, it is a good idea to have 999 as one of these memories so that if you need emergency assistance you can, again, touch one button and the call will be made.

        Aswell as the photo feature, the phone has an adjustable receiving volume of up to 30db, this is great for the hard of hearing as it can make speech more clearer to you. It is also very easy to adjust the volume, you simply have to push a dial across until you find the right volume to suit you.
        Furthermore, you can adjust the ringing volume of the phone to,up to, 10db. Hopefully you will not miss another phone call again!

        The Geemarc Photo Phone is an amazing product for someone who struggles with both their memory and their hearing. They usually RRP around £29.99, a lot cheaper than other Geemarc products, and to me are one of the best products that Geemarc sell.
        This phone is the perfect gift for someone with the above difficulties. Plus it gives you peace of mind that your loved ones can contact you in an emergency. You couldn't ask for more!


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