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3 Reviews
  • great range
  • Reliability
  • can't pick up second phone if somebody is using the first
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    3 Reviews
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      25.08.2015 18:56
      Very helpful



      Great Features

      Talking is important, so why compromise on the quality of your phone? With an elegant design, high-quality materials and best-in-class technology, the Gigaset C300A makes catching up with friends and family a real pleasure.

      Featuring a cordless phone with an integrated answering machine, the Gigaset C300A is a true technical giant. The 25-minute answering machine boasts crystal-clear clarity, ensuring all messages are received clearly. Reading and navigating the phone menu is convenient, thanks to the large colour display with four colour schemes to choose from. The long talk and standby time of up to 20 hours/300 hours mean that you can talk for extended periods as frequently as you like, all without worrying about the phone’s battery life. Additionally, Gigaset's ECO DECT technology with no radiation makes the Gigaset C300A an environmentally friendly choice and a cheaper option too!

      The C300A's answering machine offers convenient features that meet your busy lifestyle needs. With up to 25 minutes recording time, you can be sure that all of your messages will reach you. For your convenience, operation of the answering machine is possible from both the base station and remotely via the handset. Personalise your greeting or simply use the automated greeting - the choice is yours - and benefit from date and time-stamped messages on your handset or base station. Want to record your conversation? That’s no problem with the C300A’s conversation recording facility.

      The Gigaset C300A offers several practical features that suit busy lifestyle needs. Keep in touch with your calls while you’re out by consulting the missed call list, including caller ID and time. To avoid unidentified and unwanted sales calls, simply activate the phone’s anonymous call silencing. Store the names and numbers of up to 250 of your favourite contacts in the phone book to reach them quickly and easily. You can even send short notes of up to 160 characters with the text messaging feature.

      Overall this phone has great features and is excellent


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      28.11.2014 23:33
      Very helpful


      • "great range"
      • "great battery life"


      • "can't pick up second phone if somebody is using the first"

      You can't ask anything more from a house phone

      I got these phones from my operator for free as a gift for contract extension and at a first glance they didn't seem bad.

      I like their quality. They are durable, I dropped them quite a few times and they're still working with no issues what so ever. The range is fantastic, I even can go outside and across my front yard and over across the road and there is no noise or anything. I think it's pretty good for a telephone that is given out for free. The battery life is great. My family is leaving the phones lying around regularly without charging them for days and I don't remember the last time when did the battery drain.

      What I don't like about it that if someone picks up one headphone and let's say that I'm upstairs with the other headphone and the call is for me, I can't just pick the other headphone and continue talking. I think that they've done it as a security precaution that no one can eavesdrop on others' calls. But nonetheless I find it limiting and not so good. The other downside of this phone set is, by my standards (and they're not that high) is that cheap looking grey front plastic. I really think its below Siemens's standards and they should have used either the same black plastic as on the rear of the phone or some other better quality plastic. Don't get me wrong. The plastic isn't fragile or squeaking, it is of solid quality but it just looks cheap.

      Very good phone for its price.


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      19.09.2013 14:03
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      A decent phone but a high price

      Recently my phones inside my home were beginning to not work as well as they did and I managed to win some new ones designed by Siemens, this is them.

      == The Design ==

      This phone is designed to try and look stylish by having a nice sleek look. You have the main part of the phone in black so the earphone is in black and the screen has a black background as well.

      Where the keypad is located there is a grey surround colour which helps highlight the keypad rather well. The buttons are soft to the touch with either numbers on or a symbol to indicate the main purpose.

      An example would be a green button which you press to make a call and the red one which ends the call which is similar on most telephones.

      The back of the phone has the battery section but you charge this phone by putting it back in the unit you're supplied with. The phone has the word gigaset at the top as well and the overall speaker is done in a very nice way so your ear fits nicely to hear what is being said.

      == Features ==

      This phone set has 21 ringtones to choose from and most are common tones you hear but recently I have changed mine to a more fun sound but it can be annoying as well. You also have the option of how loud you wish to have the volume because some rooms such as a kitchen might have more noise than another room.

      On the phones background you have 4 available colour options to pick the right sort of look for you. You always have the date and time displayed on the screen which is handy when you're on the phone and someone wishes to know the date you can take a look instantly.

      You can display the caller's number which is extremely handy if you wish to avoid those nuisance calls from the PPI people or cold calling.

      On the phone you can store 250 names and numbers which is a large amount and I currently have around 40 on their which is really good and saves me locating numbers in diaries.

      You can send messages up to the maximum size of 160 characters but I have yet to do this as unsure if it would send and lack of confidence as well.

      You can view up to 25 missed calls and look at them to find out when people rang you and also can redial the last number that rang you without ringing 1471 to find out who they were.

      Your answer phone can be pin protected so no one can hear messages left on your machine if you do not trust them and you can store up to 25 minutes worth of voice messages as well.

      If you're in a room where a phone is located and the main base is somewhere else you can hear the voice message on that phone so it saves you moving around to the main base to hear the message.

      == My Experience ==

      When I first got the phones I knew they would be quality phones due to the brand name of Siemens. My last set of phones had issues with the charging and also the volume which tended to go up and down as it pleased.

      I put the phones in all the rooms I wanted them stored in and the main base in the hallway and used this as the way to send all the numbers of my contacts to the other phones.

      I found some issues with this as it seemed to take forever to store numbers on the phone and it felt more of a challenge due to the fact the buttons were so soft you ended up sometimes pressing a number twice without noticing.

      I then had to sort out a ringtone and as mentioned previously they are the basic ring tones you hear all the time and some of them are good and have a nice melody to them but the vast majority are annoying tones.

      I found you could also wall mount them so it saves you always bending down to pick up a phone so one of mine is on the wall so it helps me pick it up quicker.

      After this was done I wanted to experiment with the various features so I rang the phone up myself to see how the keypad reacted and the background colour and theme was nice and it made the phone look very impressive.

      After a few hours when the phones had charged I had to wait upon the first phone call and the volume was a hard problem to solve. In my bedroom the volume only needs to be on a lower setting due to the peaceful nature there. However the living room due to the noise of animals and television the volume has to be louder so it is a small issue to deal with.

      My first phone call I missed due to being busy on my mobile phone was put through to the answer phone service and whilst I was upstairs in my bedroom I could hear the message being left behind and it saved me from running to the hallway to check the main base unit which was fantastic.

      I found the phone a bit a problem if someone pushes something to hard into them as the phone is rather light in weight they come out of the unit they are in and tend to fall onto the floor which is rather annoying.

      I have left a phone out of the unit which charges it for over 24 hours and the battery life was superb so this shows they are very good when it comes to charging and remaining charged for a large duration.
      As the weeks have gone on I have found ringing numbers very easy to do especially if the number is stored into the phones contacts list but not only this but the buttons are so smooth to touch you enjoy pressing them.

      The only issue for me is that I am still unsure how to use the SMS on the system as it is not very well explained which is frustrating at best but the manual does explain everything else.

      == Final Thoughts ==

      I think the phones are very good for something I won in a competition a few weeks ago. The price for the quad set online is around £100 which is a high price but they do have a lot of features to appreciate.

      I think the fact you can store so many numbers is a fantastic feature to have because some of us have multiple numbers for various people. I have 5 numbers to contact my mother so it can be difficult if you have a smaller storage area to contain numbers to pick one which would get in contact with her best.

      I like the buttons and being so nice touch helps because my previous phone had issues with the buttons going very stiff and it made everything more difficult to do.

      Most people would like the fact you can hear a voice message being left anywhere in the house where you have the phones stored so you do not have to use the main base all the time.

      Overall performance I would give these phones a 8 out of 10 and the reason they would not receive 10 out of 10 is because I feel the phones need a better ringtone and maybe the option of using your own music as a ring tone which would be excellent.

      == Other information ==

      Base Size - 115mm x 127mm x 39mm

      Handset Size - 152mm x 27mm x 49mm

      Battery is 2 x AAA

      Indoor Range - 50 Metres

      Outdoor Range - Up to 300 Metres

      Talk Time - 20 Hours

      Standby Time - 300 Hours


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    • Product Details

      "Offering a large colour display with four colour schemes and an Eco DECT function that emits no radiation the Gigaset C300A is a great cordless mobile. Simple and straightforward to use the ergonomic keypad is made of high quality materials - so it feels good to use. Large font on the 1.7"" colour display is easy to read while the high sound performance delivers absolute clarity - even when you're using the hands-free function. Several practical features include a missed call list with caller ID (depen"

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