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Mybelle Chic Deluxe

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    3 Reviews
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      10.06.2015 19:26
      Very helpful



      Beautiful but impractical

      I bought this phone because I wanted something stylish to use in my living room.

      THE LOOK

      Beautiful cream plastic with gold trimming, in the shape of an old-fashioned dial-telephone.

      THE FEEL

      Sturdy - suitable for people who find modern telephone receivers too small. This handset is large and the buttons are further apart than they are on most modern phones.


      You don't actually 'dial' the phone. Instead your press buttons that look like a dial. This is a problem as there are no star or hash keys. Ringing somewhere with an automated system can sometimes be impossible.


      The ringtone is crisp, clear and not too shrill. In the past, I've had telephones with such dreadful ringtones that they've hurt my head; this one doesn't.


      Looks well made. Feels solid. I've had it for over a year with no issues.


      Attractive and well-built but if you need a hash key, forget it.

      This phone is very easy to install using standard BT slot cables.I put in an extension into the lounge and connected the phone in just over an hour.

      Works very well with a good touch button central ring.Those with big fingers will need to be careful.Dial tone strong and ring tone very good clarity.

      Ivory effect and gold tone inserts.The gold tone is thankfully not as bright as on the box,certianly on my item.

      5 stars in the right context it is not too bling.It is an ideal phone for the decorated hall,lounge corner or the bedroom.This phone won't necessarily improve your life but it will certainly add a little " Lilly La Foss " to any area in the house.

      Also you can use it as a nostalgic statement in a deliberate "over-the-top" room that has the "Hollywood" smile.


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      31.10.2013 10:55
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      A gorgeous traditional phone which will remind you of the gold old days

      I am a bit of a traditionalist and I can't quite take to using portable home phones. I lose them, the battery dies and I just can't get on with them. I love the nostalgia of the static telephones that I grew up around and I also love the shabby chic look and that's why I couldn't possibly not have purchased the Mybelle Chic Deluxe Telephone.

      The product has a retro appearance which fits right in with my deco. It is a gorgeous creamy ivory shade which shiny, gold metallic detailing. The hand piece is in the shape of a traditional telephone and it rests on the top of the product with two rings of gold around the mouth and ear piece. It has a curled cord that goes from the hand piece to the main body and a circular gold panel with the white buttons arranged in a circle. In the centre of the numbers is the local of the product which says Mybelle. It is certainly an eye catching item which gets people taking whenever they see it.

      The price
      The product will cost you around £23 and it can be bought from a variety of online websites.

      Using the Product
      The product looks like it has the old twist dial on the front just like my grandparents had and it even has the stopper, to stop you dialling. Despite this it the twist function doesn't actually work and you have to push the buttons to dial a number which I would have known if I had read the product information properly but which came as a bit of a disappointment. The numbers are clearly marked and there is also a recall and a redial button to save you some time when making calls.

      The body of the phone is unfortunately quite lightweight which means when you pick up the phone, the phone is actually lifted too which means it could get damaged and is really just a pain. This isn't helped by the fact that the cord is ridiculously short for the product and even though the cord is curled, it doesn't really stretch much at all. This means I usually end up with the phone in my lap as I am talking and you definitely next to be right next to the body of the phone in order to use it. Nevertheless, the phone feels very comfortable in my hand, even during long phone calls and it is of a very good size.

      The ring tone is a lovely old fashioned sound that is exactly how my grandmothers phone used to ring. It is clear and loud enough to be heard when you are in other rooms so you don't have to worry about missing calls. When you are actually using the phone, the clarity and volume of the other speaker is clear and easy to hear. You can have a comfortable conversation and I have no complaints with the phone in this department. One problem that I found recently, and that I probably should have noticed before it that there is no star or hash button so when you are calling businesses, you can't get past certain points and I have ended up using my mobile phone.

      All in all, there is a lot wrong with this phone. The cord isn't long enough, the phone is too light, there is no hash or star button and the dial doesn't actually twist. Despite all this, I can't help but love this phone. It reminds me of my grandmother's phone, has a lovely old fashioned and loud ringer, ensures that the speaker voice is crisp and clear, and it looks so beautiful on display in my bedroom. I don't regret this purchase for one minute because it looks so cute but this is by no means a perfect product.


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        15.09.2010 16:54
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Useful nice looking retro non-digital phone

        Mybelle Chic Deluxe Telephone

        We were looking for a non-digital phone for our bedroom because we have quite a few power cuts and wanted a phone that would work without electricity so it had to just connect to the phone socket and not the electric plug as well. This does mean that we have to use the phone near the phone rather than walking around as we have become used to.

        This is an unusual looking phone is a classy retro design. It is like an old fashioned ivory coloured phone with gold trims. Our bedroom walls are a dark creamy colour so it fits very nicely on the bookshelf in the corner. The body and handset are made from a decent quality plastic material which is wipe clean and shiny so looks good. The receiver sits well on the phone and unlike many other phones we have had it does not get knocked off easily thus cutting us off from incoming calls until we noticed.

        The phone comes with these rather few and simple features:
        * Push button Dialling
        * Last Number Redial
        * Bell Ringer which can be switched off or the volume controlled

        The phone has a push button keypad in a mock round retro dial and it also has last number redial key for fast and accurate dialing. This push button dial is easy to operate but there is no star or hash button which certain companies require you to use. The buttons are also quite small which means that if you have big fingers or fingers that struggle with arthritis then you could have a problem here.

        The sound when there is an incoming call is a bell ring which is also a retro feature and fits with the image of the phone's look.

        The receiver is comfortable to hold but is quite heavy - which was a surprise and also means that if you suffered from weak wrists or carpel tunnel syndrome you would find it uncomfortable after a while. As we also have to stand when using ours where we have chosen to put it we would probably not choose to have long conversations on it anyway.

        Inside the Box are only 3 items:
        * Telephone
        * Linecord
        * User Guide

        Setting it up:
        Well it didn't take long to get the phone and lead out of the box. The receiver and curly cord plugged in and then the connecting lead fitted in to the phone one end and the phone socket at the other. No real setting up needed but I have read that a standard phone connector does not fit but this is something I have not tried, in our case all fitted and the cord provided was all we needed.

        It is so nice not to have to buy batteries or need to plug a phone in and be affected by power cuts. We also get no interference from mobiles or other electrical appliances which sometimes affect the digital phones.
        You could buy an extension so that you could walk around with it but this is not something I feel the need for.

        Little niggles:
        The main annoying thing that I have found with the phone is that you can't store numbers so that if we want to make a phone call out we need to know the number or run downstairs to find it on the other phone or in our phone book. We have become so used to just pressing a button to connect to all our friends and family whose numbers are stored in either our home digital phones or our mobiles so that I no longer know people's numbers like I used to.

        We bought ours from Amazon using gift certificate credit I have from various survey sites. We paid £22 which I thought was a fair price for the item. The first one that arrived had no receiver so after a lot of emailing and fuss I finally managed to return it with the prepaid label they emailed. Once ours was safely received they sent out another quite promptly.

        We are pleased with the slightly retro look as it is a bit different. I'm not sure I'd want this as my main phone or even that I would have it anywhere else in my house but it fits nicely in our room.

        It is a slightly nostalgic statement in our room but would also suit any room that you might want to decorate in a really a deliberately "over-the-top" room that has the "Hollywood" look.

        It does what we want, in that we have a non digital phone that is attractive and the receiver stays put. It receives calls and the sound of the voice is clear and easy to hear. It is a shame that we cannot store our phone numbers but as it is only our bedroom phone we don't often phone out from there so it isn't a vital loss for us.

        Thank you for reading and hope this has been of some use or interest.
        This review may be posted in other sites under my same user name,


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