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Panasonic KX-TCD455E

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A well-specified digital phone and base station in a striking silver finish. Features text messaging, hands-free speaker phone and caller ID.

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    1 Review
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      05.01.2005 18:01
      Very helpful



      Im someone that’s on the phone quite a bit, in fact I just got my phone bill today and I nearly fell off my chair. Up until recently I had survived with a fine cable and wireless phone, and I felt my phone life was just fine.

      It wasn’t, not by a long shot. Like with so many things, once you go cordless, you cant go back. I didn’t realise just how restricted you are on a corded phone, its like a baby not cutting the umbilical cord (what??). Now I have freedom, freedom to walk and talk, cook and talk, pee and talk. The list is endless, and im loving every second of it.

      Okay, a bit technical now. This model is a DECT cordless phone, which means its digital (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, thanks google!). The phone comes in 2 bits, the main base unit and the phone itself. It has rechargeable batteries that charge when the phone is in the dock. They suggest a good long charge at first, over 7 hours, but after that you can put it on the charger when its not being used and it will top itself up. It also has a pager function in case you lose the phone, press it on the base unit and the phone will keep ringing. If you have 2 phones, you can take them to the shops and use as walkie talkies, very cool :D you can setup a number of various ring tones depending on who is calling and what group they belong to, but to be honest the range of tones is poor. Ive also never lost the signal, however far if gone walking about the house.

      Well onto the phone itself. It has a 3 line back lit display, it comes in a gun metal grey and has a mini pad in the middle for navigation. I found it pretty simple to pick up, anyone who has used a mobile phone in the last 10 years will have no problems with it. It has a nice weight to it and feels solidly built. Its my first venture into cordless phones, but I was nicely surprised by the line quality, no different to my old phone, but with this you can adjust the volume on the handset, which is nice. It also has a speaker built in so you can use it as a speaker phone, very handy if you need to wait inline for NTL customer support ;)

      The screen and mini pad control make for easy navigation, its just a case of tapping on the pad to navigate through the options. Im a newbie when it comes to DECT phones, so it took me a bit to work out that you have to turn the ringer off on the base and on the phone if you want to be left in peace to sleep all day ;) I soon got used to adding number into the 200 slot phone book. I have caller display, and adding a number to the phonebook after they call is very simple. Also, this phone does have SMS facility, but being on NTL I can only receive sms from some mobile networks (well only orange so far!) and I cant send anything L but it’s a nice feature if you have caller id and a bt phone.

      I could go on about tech specs which mean little to me, so if you want to find out how many handsets etc you can use with this unit, have a look here:


      Overall, very happy with the phone, especially for the price. Good line quality, good build quality and plenty of options to play about with.

      Oh, and as for the title, I don’t think ill share ;)


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