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Panasonic KX TG6411ET

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    1 Review
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      11.05.2010 00:21
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      A decent phone, that works well!

      When moving into my new home I really wanted a house phone as I didn't have one in my old property but I couldn't afford one straightaway as there were other things higher up on my 'I NEED' list so I had to make do with an ancient one my nan gave me. Saving up my dooyoo miles though I browsed amazon to see what phones were on offer.

      I don't know much about phones really I just wanted one where the buttons worked and I could hear properly as the phone I had didn't really do either unless I used brute force pushing the buttons or squashed the phone next to my ear tightly when trying to have a conversation, it wasn't healthy! I also didn't want it to be too expensive I just needed something basic that did the usual job of a phone!

      I came across the Panasonic KX-TG6411 on Amazon for just under £30 which I thought was reasonable - and I also noticed you can buy additional handsets which is handy if you have other phone sockets, a large house, a few people in the family etc and they cost just under £20 - although don't do the same as me and purchase the additional handset instead of the main version as it will be totally useless lol!

      Judt by looking at the phone on it's picture I could see it suited me fine, it was a stand up cordless phone, black in colour and looked pretty sleek and modern. The brief technical details impressed me even more;

      *Easy -to-Use Handset - This is just what I wanted and needed.

      *1.8 inch Amber LCD Screen - Meant nothing to me but it could for somebody who needs to see who's calling or see what numbers they are typing when ringing out.

      *Amber illuminated Large Keypad - Again this made no difference to my purchase decision, but it sounded cool!

      *100 Name and Number Phonebook - This impressed me as I'm forever losing peoples numbers, despite having a mobile phone to store them!

      *50 caller ID memory, 170 hour standby - I don't always come home and press 1471 to see who's called me so the ID memory I knew would come in handy and as for the 170 hour standby, I'm forever leaving phones out of their base meaning it's not always charging, but most phones lose their battery quickly, hopefully this phone lived up to it's word!

      There is also a brief description on Amazon from the Manafacturer informing us that this is a single phone from Panasonic which boasts digitally enhanced cordless technology (posh eh). You can purchase it not only in the single version but in a twin and trio pack also. The phone has other features which include a 100 name and number phonebook memory, speakerphone, ringer LED, 16 Polyphonic Ringtones, Redial Memory, Conference Calling, Clock and Alarm.

      If you were to buy this phone in your box you'd be provided with the actual phone handset, the base and the charger (this is just one part), an instruction book and also recharageable batteries.

      The overall look of the phone is impressive, it's sleek, modern and would suit most ages and both sexes in my opinion. The phone looks pretty much intuitive with everything in it's right place and it's probably all common sense really where things need to go. The base of the phone acts as the charger too and the wires, which need to be plugged into the required holes at the bottom of the base each lead to either your phone socket or your plug - bearing in mind it definitely needs to plug into both for your main handset to work so your phone socket and plug need to be close together or your wires won't reach.

      Setting the phone up was extremely easy in my opinion, without even looking at the instructions but then I am so used to using a mobile phone and the majority of features on this are just like a mobile phone only it's not quite as qwerky and 'with it'.

      The buttons are large and numbered clearly, with bold, black printed numbers. Each button is raised slightly and easy to press down, yet not overly soft with little 'push' if that makes sense!

      When the phone rings or you are dialling your numbers the backlight behind the buttons does switch on turning an amber in colour and the screen brightens to. The screen is quite large and very clear. This is helpful especially for people who may struggle with their sight etc, the lighting means there is no need to turn the phone at the right angle to steer clear of light or reflections as these can usually block your view of a phone screen. The backlight and the screen light also helps if you happen to be dialling numbers in the dark, meaning you can actually see the buttons you are pressing and again double check on the screen that you have dialled the correct number before pressing the ring button. I love the fact you can see who's calling you, this is the first phone I've had that's done this, sometimes it's nice to be able to pick and choose who you answer to, naughty I know lol!

      Saving numbers in your phones, phone book is again pretty straightforward, I knew the jist from having been doing this with a mobile phone for many years. Numbers save quickly and clearly, yet deleting numbers stored is a bit more tedious. We don't always have time to come in ring 1471 and check who has called us but a small picture of a phone handset appears on your phone screen when a call has been missed. By navigating your phone, with the menu buttons, to this pictured handset the phone lists all of the numbers who have called you and their times, which is extremely handy, especially if you are expecting that important phonecall. However instead of just a one touch delete button to delete all your missed calls you have to delete them one by one, which if you havn't deleted them before and you have missed a few calls can take up a bit of your time which is probably my only annoyance with this phone.

      Choosing your polyphonic ringtone for this phone is not really something to get excited about, I would of been happy with just a simple 'ring, ring' instead I was offered a few funky tunes, not even the ring ring ones sounded 'normal'. Despite the dodgy ringtones, when you have chosen one it can be heard clearly, and I live in a 3 floor house and hear it no matter what room I'm in even with doors closed.

      The set up menu is pretty self explanatory clearly telling you 'Phone Set Up' or 'Caller List'. You can navigate you way around the menu quickly and with little effort as the screen basically tells you where to go for what you want to do, extremely easy to use.

      The battery life is always shown, clearly on the screen by 3 bars and I have to say my phone has been off it's base for about 3 days now and it has been used and I am only down 1 bar so it has a brilliant battery life, unlike mobile phones!

      Overall I'm really impressed with this phone the sound quality is impressive, I can not only hear the phone ringing from every room in my house but I can hear people on the other end clearly with no interference from anything. It looks good sitting on it's shelf and takes up little space too. The fact that it's cordless means I can move freely around my house whilst having a conversation - and again nothing interferes or affects my calls, I can even stand out my back garden and chat sometimes as if just using a mobile phone only with a clearer telephone call. It is just a basic phone that has the basic uses of a mobile phone, only it is charged and billed as a home telephone. For just under £30 I'd say it is definitely worth the money, it works well and looks good too! Not only this but I have just noticed on the box that this particular handset was voted Which Best Buy for Cordless Phones in September 2009!!


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