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Panasonic KX TG7301GB

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    2 Reviews
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      15.06.2011 11:13
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      • Reliability


      good for the price

      A few months ago we had to replace our home phone as it started to become unreliable. We couldn't really afford a new one and after paying £100 for our last cordless phone and it only lasting a year and half I didn't feel like spending a lot on one for it to only last a short time. We must be a bit rough with our phones as they never seem to last long!

      We were desperate to get one as our mobile signals where we live in a rural village are not the best so we took a trip to our local Tesco. We did contemplate the Tesco's own but we just weren't too sure. After a short look we came across this Panasonic phone that was reduced to £19.99. It looked a lot bulkier than our last phone and not as stylish but we didn't care.

      We got the single handset but this Panasonic phone is available as a double and a triple handset. Living in a small two bed cottage we have found in the past we have no need for more than one phone. It is a cordless phone that sits on its own base to charge it up. The handset itself is in gloss black with an orange lit screen which is very clear. It is quite a chunky phone and there are a lot more slim line phones available now. I do find when you are trying to hold the phone up to your ear with no hands it can become a little awkward and heavy but otherwise it is fine.

      There is no answer phone available on this phone but that isn't a problem for us as we have a BT answer phone within our service and only my fiancé's mother seems to leave messages on our phone! When we were looking for a new phone and trying to keep the cost down we found it a lot cheaper to opt for a phone without. It is quite a basic phone but it has the features you really need on a home phone. It has the ones I think are important if you're after a gadget phone then this isn't for you. But I would have thought that is what mobile phones are for anyway.

      The features this phone includes are:

      100 name and number phonebook
      Adjustable volume
      Back lighted screen
      Built in speakerphone
      Call log with a capacity of 50
      Caller display compatible
      Keypad lock
      Last numbers redial
      10 polyphonic ringtones
      15 ringtone melodies

      All the features seem to work well. The phonebook is large enough for us we don't put many numbers in our home phone as we both have mobiles and we rarely use the home phone a less it is necessary. I have found the speakerphone a real help when the phone goes and my son's nappy needs changing. Both my boys love it too as they can speak to daddy when he is at work without having to fight over holding the phone. Another great feature is the button on the base you can press to find your handset it calls the phone and makes the phone make a beeping noise so you can find it easily. I am not sure it is necessary for the amount of ringtones. I say this from a fiancée who has to put up with my other half going through them all over and over again asking me what I thought of them. It took him ages (well it felt like ages) to decide which ringtone would be best for us to notice it was ringing! I felt all the ringtones sounded ok I was a little disappointed there wasn't what I would call a normal sounding ringtone.

      The only problem I do have with the features is to go to a name in the phonebook you have to scroll through the whole list you can't just press the first letter of the name and it will take you there. It can be a little irritating but you get used to it after a while.

      For me who isn't really a technology person I find the phone very simple to use. Setting it up was easy and adding the names and numbers to the phonebook was straight forward.

      The most important thing about a phone is the sound quality of the phone especially as this is what failed in the end on the last phone. I have to say after about six months of using this phone we have had no problems and to me it is very clear. The battery life on the phone is fantastic we often end up leaving the phone around the house for hours at a time. And once I get on the phone I can talk for a long time especially if it's to my sister who lives away. A normal phone call to her can last a good two hours or more!

      I can't say we love this phone it is just a phone that does the job we need. For the price we paid for it I am very happy with it and would highly recommend this phone to a person who wants a basic good quality phone with a couple of features and isn't too bothered by the style of it.


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        16.05.2009 16:22



        Not the newest model but worth a try.

        We were desperate for a new phone seeing as we could only walk about a metre away from our old cordless phone without getting bad interference. I think it might have been our new broadband box?! So we opted for this Panasonic telephone from Tesco. It was in the sale and cost less than £20. I was worried that it would be the same as the old one but I was very pleasently surprised, no interference at all. I have been upstaires, outside in the shed and in the bath with very clear connection. There are various ringtones to choose from, some are a bit naff though! You can turn the volumn of the ring tone up and it is very loud. The handset is slightly bulkier than more uptodate models but its certainly not a brick! You can store up to 50 numbers and the screen lights up so it is easy to view if it is dark. The buttons are quite small and could be a little difficult to dial if you can't see too well or have big fingers! Overall I am very pleased with my purchase.


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