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Panasonic KX TG7321GS

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    2 Reviews
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      03.06.2010 22:56
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Fantastic piece of kit especially as the price for two is now £35,

      Panasonic Phones KX-TG7321E
      It's good to talk as many of the phone companies keep telling us, but with these beauties it is, they have all the functionality of office phones on a simple to use handset, along with a few other tricks up their sleeves.

      We have now had these phones for 4 years, we paid £119 for a triple phone set, the dual set is now available for £35. The fact that they are still available is a compliment to their abilities, ours have been thrown around a fair bit, the batteries have not been replaced and the standby time off the charger is approx 8 days without use and about 5 with several hours of chatting. One of the really cool things about this set is the ability to share the phonebook from one handset to another with a few presses on the keypad, or even update all phones with a new number.

      The best function of these phones is the intercom, there is nothing worse than hearing someone calling your name and not saying what they want, I often pick up the phone when I am in the middle of things and ask them what they want me for? "Oh just wanted to know if you want a cupa?"

      When you need a little piece and quiet you can just turn the ringer down on them all via the base settings or you can turn off the phone that is in the bedroom, just remember when you put them back on the charger they turn back on!

      Ok so most of the features of these phones are standard, but what isn't is the range of the phones, I have walked over to the neighbours with this to my ear without any loss of signal! The audio quality is great, I would say that they are great for people who have difficulties hearing on many other phones, but it would depend on how hard of hearing you are. It has 5 volume settings for the audio I have ours set to three, which is more than OK, it is possible to increase or decrease the volume when needed during the call using the navigation button up and down. This is very handy when my niece is on the phone as she has to shout as though you are about 30 yards away from the phone, my poor ears! Lol.

      Handset and Base unit features:
      * Answering machine - 20 minutes recording time
      * DECT phones
      * Loud speaker (hands free)
      * Caller transfer - via intercom
      * GAP compatible
      * Phonebook - 100
      * Privacy mode as default if you do not want anyone listening in on another handset
      * Can have a party line conversation (all handsets in on the conversation)
      * Speakerphone
      * Ringer Volume 6-Step + OFF
      * Caller ID
      * Ergonomic design
      * LCD display - 3 line
      * Navigation key
      * Conferencing - 3 way
      * Polyphonic ring tones - 16
      * Keypad Back Light
      * Keypad lock, just remember how to unlock them!
      * Remote Operation from outside (answer machine with personal key code)
      * Any key answer, mute, clock & alarm
      * Intercom - call another phone in another location of the home
      * Locate phone function, rings all the phones so you can find them!

      Handset dimensions & other facts:
      * Base Dimension ( W×D×H) 143 mm × 107 mm × 44 mm
      * Handset Dimension ( W×D×H) 48 mm × 35 mm × 150 mm
      * Base Weight 170 g
      * Handset Weight with Battery 130 g
      * Wall Mountable (Master and slaves) without a bracket
      * Warranty : one year

      Check it out online, see what others have said and check the price at pixmainia and search for KX-TG7321E @ http://www.pixmania.co.uk

      Overall I would rate these 10 out of 10 on all aspects of design and features, we have been very happy with these phones and they have lasted 4 times longer than the last two sets we purchased. They are available with one, two, three or four handsets.

      Would I recommend these, I am sure you would guess by now that I would hand on my heart!

      Review also available on ciao


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      12.06.2009 23:52
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      I like it, I like it alot!!

      I am a creature of habit, I do like new things - shoes, haircuts and resturants but when it comes to my home comforts I HATE new things. So when my 5 year old cordless phone packed up what was I going to do?? I had tried a different type of phone a few months ago when it first started playing up but couldn't make the change and brought a new handset for the same base unit. A few month down the line and the whole thing is kaput and so I am thrust into the scary world of..... *drumroll* NEW PHONES!

      I don't have time in my hectic schedule for things like home phones to break and I have even less time to shop around and find a suitable replacement. So I went to the phone section of my local Tesco store and picked up this phone as it looked like the easiest to understand and set up and only had one handset for the reasonable price of 34.99.

      The Manufacters Bit -
      The Panasonic KXTG7321EG DECT is a value added cordless phone with an ergonomic handset design, 20 minute answering machine, three line amber backlit display and 100 name and number phonebook. It also features 16 polyphonic ringer tones, speakerphone, lighted keypad and is available in single, twin, trio and quad versions.

      My Bit -
      A transferable phonebook of 100 name and number entries is supplemented with caller id and a 50 number caller list so you can check who has called you even if a message is not left on the 20 minute recording digital answering machine whcih is really handy.
      This is an easy to use phone with clear sound and is pleasing to use and the answer machine is handy too. What more does the average user need?
      Most of the features I wanted to use were straight forward, and I was able to set them up without looking at the instructions!! It includes an easy-to-use answerphone and remote message pickup - you can adjust all manner of phone settings remotely, including switching the answerphone on if you've forgotten to, which is very handy.
      Ringer LED, illuminated display and keypad, speakerphone, mute, clock, alarm and keypad lock are all present as is call screening and remote access.


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