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Panasonic KX-TG8222GB

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    3 Reviews
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      07.12.2010 13:14
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great cordless phone.

      I write reviews on things I like and dislike but I have to say I prefer to give a write up on a product I have liked than one I have not. One thing in my home that deserves a few words written on it is my Panasonic KX-TG 8222 cordless phone.

      I have had two of these for nearly two years now, I purchased them as a pair and they have both worked perfectly throughout that time with the one in my living room getting much more use than the one in my bedroom.

      These are cordless digital phones, they have large LCD screens, illuminated keypads, 200 name and number directory and an answering machine function which will allow you to record up to 40 minutes of messages which is probably more than enough for most people.

      The ringer volume can be adjusted on the phones from a very soft purring to a loud brash ring that you could not miss unless you are half deaf and listening to an IPod or something. As well as them ringing to alert you to a call they also have a flashing LED light so even if the volume is very quiet perhaps to avoid waking the kids or something then you can see the light flashing and know you have a call.

      One thing these phones really impress me with is the distance you can be away from the base when using them, my last cordless phone would crack up if it were about ten meters away from the base but these ones are good for over 200 meters outdoors, I can easily take mine out the back when I am hanging washing and take a call if one comes with no troubles at all.

      On top of the phones excellence in the performance category they are also stunning looking phones, glossy piano black in colour and very modern and expensive looking and although they look expensive they are actually very reasonably priced.

      I paid only £89.99 for the pair, these can also be bought for around £50 for the one handset or you can buy any amount up to a set of six, a sextet cost £279.99 at the time I bought them but I believe you can buy the set of six for under £200 now and a single unit for as little as £39.99 so great value for money in my opinion.

      The only gripe I have about these and it is a small one is that because they are shiny piano black, they do pick up finger prints very easily and although living alone and having no kids I find this easy to cope with I imagine they could get very grubby looking with kids handling them.

      All in all I find these to be excellent phones and I would certainly recommend them to others, the battery power is very good with the phones having a stand by time of 150 minutes and a talk time of 12 hours, they also charge very quickly and cannot over charge so leaving them on their bases is not a worry, add that to all I have had to say so far and you can now surely see why I rate these so highly and recommend them highly too.


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        18.04.2008 19:58
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        Installation could be easier

        These phones are great! I've had them not too long now, maybe a week and they're fabulous.

        They have a lot of features - Call ID, speaker on the base, big buttons, a choice of quite a few interesting ringers, background choice, volume control, handsfree, answer machine and sms (text messaging). When you buy the base, you can buy the other phones - as many as you want without heightening your REM count, good for someone who wants a phone in every room or has a very big house/hotel maybe?

        These phones are very simple to use, and are aesthetically pleasing - shiny and black with an orange glow around the keys, and they're curved and compact, looking more like a mobile than a home phone - what more could you want!

        My only disappointments are the fact that the phones are so shiny that you get fingerprints on them all the time, so you have to polish them frequently if you don't want them all fingerprinty.
        My second disappointment is that they were complicated to get running. I bought the base and 3 other phones, which needed registering to the base. This is fairly fiddly and not-so technical people might want to consider an easier phone to install
        Great job Panasonic, these phones are a great buy and fabulous around the house!


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          22.02.2008 12:51
          Very helpful



          A top product from Panasonic!

          The Panasonic KX-TG 8222 is a brilliant home phone and no mistaking; I do most of my communicating by telephone via my mobile and even then only when I have to. I am not one of those people who pick up a phone and chat endlessly to someone because I have nothing better to do but when I do need to use a phone I like it to feel comfortable to hold and not to crackle in my ear, those were my only real lookouts for a phone but I didn`t realise how bad our old house phones really were until we bought these.

          The Panasonic KXTG8222EB digital telephone is of course cordless and has a large LCD screen, illuminated keypad, 200 name and number directory and an answering machine function which will allow you to record up to 40 minutes of messages ( a good 20 minutes more than my last phones offered). You can adjust the ringer and the handset volume so if you are a bit hard of hearing you could have it turned up or perhaps if you have young children in bed you could lower the volume to suit, there is also a flashing LED light to inform you of a call coming through should you wish to turn the ringer off or have real troubles hearing it.

          An important thing with cordless phones is the distance you can be from the base and still receive a good reception. The KXTG8222EB has a range of 300m outdoors, and there's an indicator to tell you if it's out of range. Having a fairly large garden and also spending time with the neighbours I can tell you I have stretched this phones reception distance to the max and it stayed crackle free and as loud at over 200m as it was sitting next to the base.

          The KGTG8222's answer phone can be controlled from both the base unit and the handset which is useful and the phones also have loudspeaker function allowing them to be used hands free. The base of these phones is very sturdy unlike some and has good connections for charging, I found that our old BT cordless phones rocked a bit in their base and you had to check for the charging light to be on to be sure they were actually charging at all. The case can be free standing or wall mounted whatever your preference.

          The phones are not only very good quality but also look outstanding, they are piano black in colour (piano black is a big thing with mobile phones and laptops at the moment and basically just means they are glossy black) the phones are so shiny they are almost like mirrors, they are however very susceptible to finger prints.

          The phones are also very simple to use, although there are many features on the phones (some of which were new to me) they are all very self explanatory and easy to use. Many of the features you will probably never even use but the phones are still very worth while having because they are simply very, very good quality stylish handsets.


          14 polyphonic ring tones
          50 name & number call log
          200 name & number phone book
          Auto talk
          Caller ID
          Call privacy
          Call restriction
          Call share
          Call waiting
          Chain dial
          Call transfer
          Date & time display
          Key lock
          Night mode
          One touch dial
          Recall feature
          SMS feature
          Speaker phone
          Voice enhancer
          Volume control (Base/handset/speaker)
          2.5mm headset jack
          Voice mail
          40 minutes answer machine
          Remote access


          These phones can be purchased either as a single handset or anything up to a sextet (6 handsets and bases).
          A single unit will cost between 50 and 60 pounds depending on where you purchase.

          For a trio (3 handsets with bases) which is what I own you will have to fork out between 130 and 150 pounds again depending on where you purchase them.
          For the largest set (the sextet) you will have to part with around about £260.

          All of these options and the others in between can be found many places online including, John Lewis, Comet and Eatay.com. They are also regularly advertised on EBAY.com.


          Handset dimensions (L x W x D) 143mm x 47mm x 32mm
          Base unit dimensions (L x W x D) 44mm x 116mm x 113mm

          These phones are a great add to your home their functionality, looks and reliability makes them second to none in my opinion. They have a battery which does them proud also (150 hour standby time, 12 hour talk time) and they take no time at all to charge and they cannot over charge so no need to worry about leaving them on their bases for long periods.

          I have heard that they are now available in other colours (well white at least) and that if you are buying a set with more than one handset you can even mix and match the colours of the handsets to suit various rooms.

          I have owned these handsets for just over four months and have had no problems with them whatsoever. They feel very robust and having two kids in the house mine have already had a bang or two but have stood up to it no problem.
          I personally paid £134.99 for my trio set and it was in my view money very well spent.

          Thanks for reading!

          ©2008 thebigc1690


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