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Panasonic KX TG8421EB

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    3 Reviews
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      01.08.2013 17:41
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      would not buy again, if you want it be prepared for some extra exercise

      Our old household telephone had broken so we bought this phone from Currys/PC World Black when it was still in the Birmingham Bullring. We needed two house phones on the same number because we have a 3 storey house and it is difficult to get to the phone on time, so we needed one to be on the top storey and vice versa.

      We did not read any reviews on this phone, and simply bought it on a whim during a visit to the store because we were in need of a new telephone. The phone has many great features, including a phonebook, redial list, the ability to block callers, SMS, colour screen, entertaining ringtones and many other features. The battery life is VERY long, you can leave the phone off of the base for about a week without having to charge it. It also has the option to block all incoming calls at certain times of the day so that you can stop incoming calls at night and in the early morning. For example we have blocked calls on the upstairs phone near the bedrooms so that the phone does not ring in the morning till 10am so we are not disturbed.

      The one thing that really brings the phone down is the INCREDIBLY frustrating short ring. The phone only rings 7 times, before it completely stops, meaning that if you don't run to get the phone, you will miss the call. And you really do have to RUN, because not only does it ring 7 times, it rings quickly, so you miss calls pretty much half of the time. Also, if you do not leave the phone on the base and forget where you have put it, when it starts ringing it is impossible to find it and you miss the call because it does not ring for long enough. You cannot even change it so that it will ring more, so you have no choice but to drop everything you are doing and scarper to the phone.

      I would not buy this phone again, as even though the features are brilliant, the short ring is incredibly frustrating, and when someone has withheld their number you can't even call them back.


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      02.08.2010 08:21


      • Reliability


      Overall a great phone with excellent batteries and lots of features.

      A funky looking phone which works really well. We have had these for about 8 months now and they are working just as well now as when we got them.
      The installation took a matter of seconds and setup was mostly just having to get the batteries in the handset.
      The answer phone is the only real let down on the phone, if you turn it right up to hear a quiet message it distorts badly and you struggle to hear the voice.
      The voice recorded has slightly strange pitches, also like shes telling you things when its bored! The messages can be heard from handsets or played through the base station. If you have callerid the time and date it set for you once you get a call so even easier to setup.
      The colour displays are clear and easy to use, all of the colours can be changed to your choice and the limited number of text layouts. One of the more useful functions for a phone in the bedroom is "nightmode" where you can set the phone only ring for certain people in the phone book otherwise just flashing the little light on top between certain times.
      Sound quality is clear and any interference problems are quickly cleared automatically, I've never had a dropped call since I had the phones and that's after walking down the street to the car.
      The battery life of the handsets is very long, even forgetting to put the handset back for a few days it still has a good charge and I dread to think how long you would have to talk before it even started to show low battery.
      The speaker phone is clear and works well except its slightly strange to disable the speaker you press the pick up green button unlike most phones where you press the speaker phone button again.
      Extra handsets are not badly priced but buying the initial set is the cheapest way too go.
      There is intercom function between handsets which is very useful for ordering tea when doing things in the garden. (although pain normally appears)
      The joy stick in the middle is easy to use but a bit small for larger fingers but the rest of the buttons are large and clear. The phone lights up evenly and even in darkness is simple to use.
      Overall a great phone with little wrong.


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      12.05.2010 16:22
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Loads of features fantastic sound quality Worth every penny

      Every telephone call I made over the last six months has gone something like this

      Me * hello
      Caller * Hello Hello HELLO
      me * HELLOOOOO if there's someone there please speak up
      Caller * There's a lot of interference on the line I can't hear you

      etc, etc,I thought I was going deaf ! Imagine my great delight when I realised it wasn't my age galloping up on me, it was just the phone..Lord here we go I've got to buy another Telephone, dect of course ( still don't know what that means but my hubby insisted )The last phone(s) I bought were Panasonic and knowing that they are a good brand , after searching through other makes and models my eyes settled on the Panasonic KX-TG8421.A very good looking phone with a myriad of extra features..

      Those of you that know how much of a technophobe I am are probably laughing at that last statement !

      After a choking fit ( I had just looked at the £100 Price tag ), I decided that this would be the best phone to order it had all the features I was looking for , and quite a few that I didn't.Reading on, I noticed that the price wasn't just for one telephone it was for a telephone and answering machine and three extra handsets.This is a savvysaving because for the single telephone with answering machine the price is £65...Yay I get a telephone in the kitchen as well ..happy days !

      I ordered the Telephones, as always I ordered from Amazon ( don't ya just love that place !!everything you need in one store fantastic !).I got a good deal on the delivery as well because I bought something else for my garden the delivery charge was waived under their super saver delivery scheme.

      Two days later there was a knock on the door .I wondered what the hell it was , the box was big enough for a portable television ! environmentally friendly they are not ! opening up the box there was a much smaller box inside , under reams and reams of brown paper..This was what I had been waiting for my new Telephones.

      Setting the Phones Up for the first time.

      Time taken 20 minutes ( admittedly most of this was trying to untangle all the wires from the previous phone and the three AC adapters that it had taken to charge it)

      On Opening the box you find an instruction manual
      Three small base units
      One answering phone Unit
      Four handsets
      Four AC adapters
      One telephone wire
      Two belt clips
      Two packs of rechargeable batteries

      The setting up of these phones is really simple, as they have already been designated numbers for the base stations and phones , just put the batteries in , basically after placing them in the position you want them and connecting your BT line , you take the telephone from the main answering machine unit and set the Language , time and date.

      After you have done that there are various options available to you you have 22 ring tones to choose from ( I'm using the theme tune of the south bank show ),& five wallpapers.Using the joystick you just navigate to your choice press ok and you're good to go .

      What the Phones do..

      Bear with me I only got them last night... right

      Operating time is 15 hours when in maximum use ...That would be a phone bill from hell wouldn't it .
      when in standby 250 hours or ten days.
      Answering Machine ..Obviously !
      Useful call features, you can record telephone conversations as well as messages for your machine ,
      There is a mute button , Great for when you can't think of an excuse and need some input .
      If you put your phonebook address and numbers into the main unit you can automatically copy the whole list to the other handsets with the press of a button , Genius !
      An alarm...not sure I'll be using that though.
      A Night Mode time setting , you can select hours that you don't want to be disturbed and the phone will not ring, this can be different for each handset, you can also over ride night mode so if the caller waits long enough the answerphone eventually picks up.That's a feature I will be using !
      SMS..I pay enough for line rental I won't be adding this expense but its good to know its available.
      Caller display, another subscription service .
      Phone book holds up to 250 numbers.Do I even know that many people :S.
      Handset locator
      Conference and Transferring Calls.

      Then there is the piece de resistance, the main reason I chose this phone..Just in case it is me going deaf .The handset Voice Enhancer , The makers claim that it clarifies the voice of the person you are talking to..guess what ? It actually works .

      I'm Really pleased with this Phone and think that I have actually got a terrific deal .I may not use all of the features on it at the moment , but one day I might just lose my technophobic tendencies ....don't hold your breath .There's so much more to talk about but I am suffering from writers block , and even though I can see what I want to say , I can't form the words into any semblance of clarity..( whoa where did that sentence come from !).

      My Summary

      If you have problems hearing when on the telephone this handset is probably one of the best buys available on the market, It is set up like a mobile phone, the keys are easy to use , the ring tones are all pleasant, and with three extra handsets and a handset locator you'll never be without one close at hand.Well worth the £100 spent and recommended.


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