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Panasonic KX TG8521EB

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    2 Reviews
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      25.02.2013 16:41
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Brilliant phone for the price and the looks are fabulous in white and chrome

      It was that lovely moment when you are not really looking for something and you stumble upon its beauty and think 'I have got to have that!' whilst wandering through Selfridges in Birmingham. I hadnt intentionally set off to buy the phones as I already knew which ones I had wanted and these were not them, but I knew I had to buy a phone for my business to seperate my new phone line from the home one. I spotted them by chance and it was the white with chrome that really set these off.

      I have a 'thing' about ringtones and wanted to see how they sounded and what the phone looked like when it was lit up so asked the assistant if he could show me, which he promptly did, beautiful (the phone not necessarily the chap who, I must declare, was young enough to be my son). I paid £70 for this whole unit and feel now it was quite a bargain for the quality.

      =The look=
      The phone is snow white colour sitting upright on a stand within the unit which is an aswering machine too, the chrome surrounds the uutside of the phone as well as the answering unit and the buttons for the answering machine are also a chrome. All very glossy and rather good looking, if I dont say so. The 2 inch LCD display is larger than an average phone and is lit blue when the unit is in the holder and charging, you can actually go into the settings and turn this off if you dont like it always on. The answerphone light is a small red one that is also on until you push it for off and the keypad is clear rubber type material that shows the white behin making this a really lovely phone and base unit. The keypad on the handset is illuminated when in use for ease of dialling, great little feature.
      The handset is chunky on the main part but tapers up a little towards the top and is a rougher palstic to prevent slipping, you feel as though its quite substantila and feels a lot more expensive that it actually is.

      The phone comes with rechargeable batteries, 2 to be exact (AAA) and these are easily slotted into the back of the phone which will bleep immediately and await the setup, requesting language and date and time. The setup is really easy, just plug the base unit into a socket, the telephone line into the wall jack and away you go. It seems to be set to lower volume when you first start off and this worried me to begin with as I wanted a phone that was good on the ears, suffering with hearing problems from time to time it needed to be pretty good. This was quickly remedied with a quick press left on the main button and we were firing on all 4 cylinders here!
      The menu on the phone is easy to navigate using the buttons, so much so even I could do it without issue!
      There is a phonebook storage facility for 200 numbers but this can be a little tedious putting the names into the phone so I have done mine in stages, if you purchase additional handsets (as I did) it is really easy to copy these numbers to the extra phones by pushing 2 buttons. You really need to name the phone and you can call it whatever you like, mine is 'Wally' as it makes me laugh every time I have to shout to my husband, 'wheres Wally'!!! (small things amuse small minds I have been told).
      The phone has intercom capability to use with additonal handsets, hence the naming ceremony and also has a choice of phone wallpaper, 5 to be exact as well as date and time display, which can be turned off at any point.

      There are colour options for the LCD to suit your decor and again, this can stay on or off
      There are a choice of 14 ringtones but Im not overly keen on a lot of them, there were the usual ringing tones as well as a few tunes and a christmas melody....will give that a go nearer the time.
      A great little option on the handset is that it can be put into night mode to prevent it ringing between set times (you determine what these are), with mine I stop it ringing in the bedroom after 11pm until 6am but leave the downstairs to ring for the answerphone to pick up......not that anyone really ever rings at those times wishing to leave me messages.

      You can select the autotalk option that allows you to answer the phone simply by lifting up the handset but I prefer not to do that, I like to look and see who is calling first, which is another great benefit of this phone, caller display from your list and number display if the number isnt in you list (phonebook).
      The LCD display will let you know that its in use on all handsets, including this one so you can see if you havent hung up.
      You can add numbers to the speed dial option on the phone for quick calling and you can also have the call on loud speaker or pop your call on mute. If you dont fancy anyone else listening to your call on any other handset, then switch this one to privacy mode and this prevents eavesdropping!
      There is SMS preconfigured on the phone but I cant comment on this as I have never used it, a handy facility if you have a BT phone.

      If you really want to remember a conversation, this handy little phone will give you an option to record your conversation, I wouldnt do it unless you tell the person on the other end but for business it would be great. The phone has an alarm feature if you need it (I tend to use my mobile phone) and you can restrict which numbers or prefixes can be dialled from the phone.

      =Answering machine=
      The setting for answerphone is just to push the right hand top button and it lights red, the default greeting though is awful and I would suggest you record you own as soon as possible, you can switch between your own and the standard default greeting if you need to.
      I set my ringer to 7 before the answer machine sprints into action but you can chose 4, 5 or 7.....dont know where 6 went to but mine not giving that option.
      The answer machine will hold 40 minutes of messages before it will stop recording and these are played back with excellent clarity.

      =My thoughts=

      I love how the phone looks and its even better with the additional handset, the volume is excellent and easily adjusted and set up remarkable quick. I am thrilled with the privacy mode, night function and phone names and the colour display is an added bonus.
      The biggest thing i like is the clarity of calls and the volume as well as the distance you can take these phones before this gets distorted (50 metres), allowing me to work in the garden when the weather imrpoves.
      The whole unit sits 14.6cm in width and about 9cm high with the phone standing proud of the base unit. I have recieved so many compliments about the clour and its looks that I cannot fault it.

      If you need a new phone for the house with an answering machine, this could be the very one.

      I have the base unit with the phone, 'snow white' and 3 other additional handsets, totalling 4 chromes!


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        04.11.2011 10:09
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        A brilliant and well equipped phone from Panasonic

        I am not an avid follower of the latest technology and therefore when I buy a new electronic item I want it to do two things, firstly be functional and easy to use and secondly fit into my home and look in keeping with the rest of my things. My husband and I bought this phone when moving house recently. We wanted a phone which was cordless and had a built in answer machine which therefore could be used all around our house but also fitted into a small alcove by our television without being too large or bulky. We have a number of Panasonic items and trust them for both their quality and design, therefore this phone looked to be the perfect solution.

        The Phone ~

        The Panasonic KXTG8521EB is designed as a sleek and modern black single phone which fits snugly into a similarly black answer machine base. The base itself is quite solid and serves not only to prop the phone in an upright position but also as an answering machine with a number of buttons for playing and pausing messages. The phone itself is cordless and very lightweight with a good sized 2 inch LCD screen which glows whilst the phone is plugged in. The phone has a number of blue lit buttons which are not only for the number dial but also to scroll through the various options on the screen.

        This phone itself features a number of qualities that were desirable to us. These include the following:

        * Low Battery Indicator
        * Call Screening
        * Caller ID
        * Last number redial
        * Alarm
        * Speaker and ring volume control
        * Hands free
        * Alarm
        * Up to 13 hours of talk time
        * 50m indoor and 300m outdoor range
        * Up to 40 minutes recording time on answer machine

        By far the biggest factor for us when buying this phone was the caller ID; this allows you to see who is calling you every time the phone rings and therefore you can screen numbers that are not recognised or cold calls without having to pick up the hand piece.

        Usage ~

        Upon buying this phone, which comes neatly packaged in a small box, it is very easy to set up. The base of the phone requires plugging into a nearby mains socket which then charges the base of the phone. The data cable can also be neatly slotted into the wall to allow the connection. Upon charging the phone as you would with a mobile phone, it is then ready to personalise. This happen by simply scrolling down on the screen to find the address books option. You then have the choice to add contacts to the memory rather like you would with a mobile phone. Once these numbers have been added the phone instantly recognises when these calls come in. This phone can store 200 numbers the capacity of which is more than enough for the average person.

        This phone also comes with a variety of ring tones and volume control. The ring tones can be selected via the handset feature and the tones played before making your selection. We have chosen the standard loud bell ring which is rather loud and can be heard out in the garden. The base of the phone also allows for you to pre-record your answer phone message by simply pressing the record button and recording your message; perfect for all those cheesy family messages.

        Whilst we do not use our land line a great deal, tending to use our mobiles, this phone does have up to 13 hours of talk time and thus the battery life is incredibly good for those long winded conversations. The phone can also be used up to 50m away from the base indoors which is easily enough for the standard home.

        Being aware of our electrical consumption, you can hardly miss it with the cost of energy bills, this phone is also very good as it is a low energy user.

        Price ~

        Whilst this phone is slightly more expensive than others on the market we felt this was justified given the features of the phone and the fact that it was a trusted brand Panasonic. This phone can be purchased in Argos for £54.95 or more cheaply from Amazon for £44.99 with super saver delivery.

        My Experience ~

        I have found this phone to be good on a number of levels, it has a built in answer machine which is easy to set up and listen to by simply pressing the large play button. It has caller ID which is a big plus and in addition it looks modern and stylish with its' sleek black handset and base. We have had ours for a year now and it has served us perfectly, the signal is always clear and the battery life has never run out on us. Therefore I have scored this phone 5 stars for reliability, design, and ease of use.

        Thank-you for taking the time to read my review.

        This review is also posted on Ciao under the same user name.


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