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Panasonic KX-TG8523EB

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3 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • Excellent design and build quality
  • Some ring tones are boring
  • Do shop around as good prices can be found
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    3 Reviews
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      08.07.2015 16:05
      Very helpful


      • "Excellent range of features"
      • "Looks great"
      • "Excellent design and build quality"


      • "Silly docking cradle "
      • "Some ring tones are boring"
      • "Do shop around as good prices can be found"

      Outstanding home cordless phone, Excellent sound and design, Easy to use

      After many years using a single cordless handset, we felt the real need to get a replacement that had multiple handsets. It would make all that running around as well as searching where the handset was hidden a thing of the past!

      After much research we opted for the Panasonic KX-TG8563EB cordless home phone. These phones are designed in the style of a mobile, but definitely bigger and easier to hold comfortably. The front of the phone houses a large 1.8 inch (for a cordless phone) screen and has reasonably sized buttons that are easy to see, lit up and have a satisfying click when pressed. The handset is also comfortable and quite light. I’ve found the range of these phones to be quite long from the base, without any drop in quality of the phone call. Battery life has also proved to be quite long.


      Setting up the phone is a breeze. Just plug in the included batteries (AA), plug the base into the power socket (and BT phone line for the main deck) and charge. Once fully charged, a message is displayed that the phone has charged and it stops charging so as to prevent wearing down of the battery.
      Something that’s quite cool is you can set the date/time as well as phone number and these are instantly made available on other handsets.


      Operation of the handset is quite easy. You can either just dial a number or access the menu system which is much alike a standard mobile phone.

      Phone call data is stored at the base station and this is where you can store upto 250 phone numbers. Once it is stored here, it becomes instantly available to all synced handsets. However each handset can have their own individual settings such as storing 100 phone numbers per handset as well as setting screen wallpaper and ringtones. So that’s a heck lot of phone numbers that can be stored and also a lot of customisation to keep anyone happy! In fact you can even name each handset so you know where it belongs in your home  e.g. Living room, kitchen etc.

      Sound quality on the handset as well as the speakerphone is great and crystal clear.

      The colour Display is very also good, with big letters and numbers making it very easy to read. However to manage expectations, it wouldn’t match a mobile smartphone screen, so its certainly not a high resolution screen, but for all purposes and intents it gets the job done.

      There are also some neat touches such as:

      1) An intercom facility to speak between handsets

      2) A belt clip so you can clip the phone to yourself and continue working if you have your hands tied and are out and about.

      3) A socket for earphones so you can speak hands-free with privacy

      4) If you have caller ID on your phone line, you can activate the 'Talking Caller ID' for the phone. It’s a really great and probably one of my favourite features as the phone announces who is calling. If its someone in your phone book, it will announce their name, If not then it will announce the number or area the call is from. The voice used is surprisingly natural and clear. However some of the results can be hilarious in terms of pronouncing so you might need to adjust to spelling of your contact so that the name is announced as intended.

      5) You can receive TEXT messages if you have this facility enabled on your line.

      6) An ECO mode that saves a lot of energy!


      These are great cordless phones that have excellent build quality, design and easy to use. They are feature rich but can also be used as simple basic phones. Easy to set up and use too.
      It makes the small niggles as some boring ringtones easy to look over. Highly recommended!


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      19.11.2011 22:05
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      Flexible speaking devices

      This is a review of the set of three Panasonic Digital cordless phones we recently bought to replace our old phones which were getting a bit unreliable.

      We paid £90 for the phones at Tesco - they were reduced from £120 and we got clubcard points for the spend in addition to using a coupon at the checkout which reduced them by £9 extra.

      Plug in
      The phones each have a port or base which they sit in which recharges them but you can roam with them or move them to another room if you are expecting a call. One phone is the master phone.

      Best feature
      The phones have an internal memory which holds 200 numbers but the best bit is that you only have to put in the number once and all three phones register the number in an address book (a bit like a mobile phone).

      The phones have a 2 inch screen that is full colour and makes it easy to read the screen. There is also a way of making text larger on the screen which is good if your eyesight is failing.

      Hands free
      This is a feature I like to use, putting the speaker phone on either for merriment or entertaining baby or just if you are in a queue and there is lift music playing you can get on with other stuff.

      Built in answer phone
      There is a 40 minute long answer phone capacity which we haven't activated as we use the BT Answer function but it is there if you need it.

      Caller ID
      The phone shows who is calling on the screen which is good if you like to screen your calls.

      Night mode
      A useful peacher, you can disable the handset ringer from outside calls to a time of your choosing. This is good if you have a shift worker, or a young baby and you don't want to be disturbed.

      Ring tones
      There are 12 melodies and 8 tones to choose from. I don't think this is a particular novelty now we all have mobile phones, you just want the least irritating ring I think!

      To mount or not?
      There is an attachable piece that comes with the phones so you can mount it on the wall if you wish. They also come with a belt clip but be careful, people may call you 'holster' behind your back if you wear one. LOL!

      How long does the wonder-phone last?
      13 hours talk time or 250 hours on standby. The batteries inside are AAA rechargables (they come with the units).

      My view
      So, you've heard about all its features but my opinion on the phones. They work well and are very flexible being usable anywhere in the house and you are not on a phone cable so can roam about which can be handy. I think they were a bit expensive even with the discount we got. They feel nice to hold and have a rubberised back so you won't drop it easily! If these are reliable and last us a good few years I will be happy with them and will take back what I said about price paid. I like the fact that they have an eco mode which reduces the output by 90% - this means they are not back lit all the time but just activated when you pick them up. Their presence is unoffensive and if the picture's working above you'll see that they are black in colour with a multi colour screensaver.

      Final word
      I would recommend these phones if you're on the look out for some new ones. They are easy to use and very similar to a mobile phone but just a little larger. I am not the sort of person who gets excited about things like phones which is why this review may come across as a bit straightforward and possibly unenthusiastic... I am happy as long as they work.


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        26.09.2011 17:39
        Very helpful
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        A decent phone but a heavy price needs to be lowered

        When buying a new phone for the home I spend hours looking around various websites for great deals and plenty of accessories included in anything I am looking at.

        I found on Amazon a few months ago now a set of three telephones for the home designed by Panasonic and at first they were not my first option but they slowly won me over by some of the features and design of the phone.

        Most people are aware about Panasonic being a big branded company and these phones definitely show that they have been made by a top manufacturer. In the set I obtained I get three phones and each are the same size which is 6 inches in height, 1.5 inches in width and 1 inch in depth.

        They are much bigger then my previous phones I had and they weigh roughly the same which is 105 grams. The first thing you need to do is charge these phones which is simple and this is done by putting them into their charging booths and they takes about 6 hours to charge fully.

        I have to admit my biggest pet hate is when I have family who pick up the phone and then leave it around the home and then the battery dies and your left wondering where the missing phone has gone and fortunately these phones have an excellent battery power lifeline.

        I have left my phone for over 30 hours and still had battery power left on the device so this again is pretty good but it might be much higher than the number I have quoted above. There is a smashing screen with this phone with is 2 inches in size.

        I love the fact it has some much vibrant colours for you to use and enjoy. Black and white images or text is rather boring on a phone so when you have an incoming call and the phone lights up with colour in the background that helps you appreciate how modern this phone is.

        All the buttons are similar to most other phones and this is the call and end call buttons and loud speaker and various other commands you learn as you become more confident on the phone.

        You can store up to 200 names on this device so far I have put in 54 and when I need to phone someone instead of rushing around trying to find the number I just scroll through the list of names and then select their name and it rings straight away.

        One of the good parts for me is that with this phone you can programme a number and contact into any of the three phones and it sends that number to other two so it saves you typing them into every single phone. My previous phone I had for the home I had to do every number and contact individually on all four of the handsets which was annoying.

        You have a good amount of answering machine time as well which is around 40 minutes. I have found this fantastic because recently I had to get some information to my family and I left a ten minute phone message which actually shocked me because some phones do not allow you to leave that length of a phone message.

        There are a few various ringtones to choose from and unfortunately they are not the best they sound all alike and very similar to the ring tones you hear on other phones so that is nothing special and it is shame you cannot download some of your own versions of a ringtone which would increase the features further.

        There are many languages to choose from on this phone and you have the time and date always displayed on the front as well and you told the duration of each incoming and outgoing calls you receive and make.

        One of the few drawbacks is there is no texting on this phone which is something I was looking for but this phone is unable to do this and it does not display who is ringing you either.

        I think the idea of knowing who is ringing you helps people out of many situations especially those annoying advertising calls you get from time to time. You can go outside and the phone still manages to stay connected unlike my previous phone.

        Along with a few minor features being missing the phone can cost a small fortune with some prices ranging from £75-£130 which is a large difference for anyone to pay.

        Reviews on this phone suggest it is an excellent phone which helped me choose for them but I find them very good for volume because you can hear this phone ring anywhere in a home providing you put each handset in a decent location.

        I also think the amount of contacts you can store and the colour screen very helpful to anyone to have as well.

        There is other features available I have never used and one is a conference call and another is setting an alarm which so far I have failed to master.

        In my opinion this is a top phone choice for people to make and the price should be lower for what it is. There are some decent features which are missing and if added would make this a very desirable phone to have.


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