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Panasonic KX-TG9120

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    2 Reviews
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      23.12.2010 10:25
      Very helpful



      Not bad

      I have been using this Panasonic telephone and answer phone for sometime now. To be honest the only reason that I bought it was that I needed a cordless phone and this one seemed to be the best value for money on the market at the time.

      The phone looks quite dated in design as it is rather square looking unlike many of the digital versions coming onto the market now. The display is fairly basic with an orange back lit display and black characters.

      The buttons are fairly small and feel quite hard, sometimes they can be tough to press. Apart from these slight niggles, I am quite impressed with this phone and have even added a compatible handset in the bedroom.

      The base unit and phone are fairly small so do not take much space on the shelf. I like the call screening option that the answer phone offers. The handset also has caller ID so even if the person calling does not leave a message you can decide whether you want to take the call or not.

      There is ample recording time and the digital recorder makes any messages really clear to hear. The system is easy to set up and you can choose either a standard "please leave your message after the beep" or record a more personalised version of your own.

      The phone also has a hands free speaker which is really useful, particularly when I am on the computer and need to take a call. The speaker can sound a bit crackly at times but to be fair this has only happened on a few occasions.

      ElectronicGalaxy.co.uk summarise the product specification as follows:

      * Digital speakerphone
      * 1.5" screen
      * Illuminated keypad and screen
      * 2.5mm headset port
      * 40 minute digital recording time
      * Speaker phone on handset
      * Skype compatible (with adaptor)
      * GAP compatible - register up to 6 Handsets (KX-TG910ES), up to 4 bases
      * Audible caller ID
      * 50 call log
      * 1 year repair warranty

      I am really impressed with the sound clarity of this phone and will probably upgrade to another Panasonic cordless phone in the next year or so. The range is pretty good also and I find that the phone is still operational in both the garage and at the bottom of the garden.
      You can install up to a maximum of 6 compatible handsets with this model. I managed to install a second handset in the bedroom with relative ease and I like the fact that the additional handsets pick up contacts stored in the main phone automatically.

      The phone also has a number of different ringtones to choose from and I usually rotate the ringtones so that I don't get bored!

      This really is a good little cordless phone for use in the home.

      Thank you for taking the time to read my review.


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      05.10.2008 23:39
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An excellent peice of kit, highly recommended

      Straight to the point: This set (twin handsets) was purchased after numerous problems with BT and philips cordless phones. As one can imagine, this does prove to be annoying and the search for an alternative becomes more apparent. Step in Panasonic.

      My first thoughts were 'I hope this will last longer than 6 months', and I hope it will be a good set. I am extremely pleased to say that 1.5 years down the line my reservations were uneeded and that I am more than happy with this set.

      On each handset is a bright 1.5 inch colour display which might not appear large, but is extremely easy to read.
      Like most other cordless phones, caller ID feature is standard, though it may depend on your phone provider having such a feature available on its network.
      The phone has alot of memory, where 200 phone numbers can be stored in a virtual phonebook, which brings me to the navigation.

      For most part the phone works like a mobile phone with a very easy to use and intuitive menu. A list of the last 50 dialled and incoming numbers is also stored, the later of which proves useful so 'missed calls' can be identified without having to dial 1471, for those that use BT as their phone provider.

      On that note approx 30 minutes of voice messages can also be stored which should be more than enough for the average user.

      Other nice touches are lit keypads so you can dial in the dark, long battery life for the handsets, the ability to page the handset if you cant remember where you left it, the ability to plug in an ear piece as well as the ability to input a sim card and send text messages and calls from mobile network providers!

      However the most important aspect of any cordless phone is its ability to receive and make calls and this area is truly astounding. Sound has always been clear, as long as you are within a range of 100m. There is never any crackling, distortion or fizzing at all.
      Even the speaker phone has astounding clarity, for those that wish to go 'hands free'

      In all this is an excellent piece of equipment that will not disappoint, words cannot do it justice.



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