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Panasonic KXTG1311EH

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5 Reviews
  • clear calling
  • Ample setting
  • none
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    5 Reviews
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      19.07.2015 22:38
      Very helpful


      • "clear calling"
      • "Ample setting"
      • "Good phone"


      • none

      Call your mates without dropping words ..

      The phone itself has all it needs to be one of those phones that sits in the upper list of good phones.
      There's the speaker itself, at the top, with the little screen right below it. Then there's the button to get to the 'phonebook', and 'OK'
      there there the 'cursor' button surrounded by the 'redial', 'talk', 'end call' and 'clear'
      then there's the standard number buttons, '0' to '9' with the hash and asterisk on either side of the '0'.
      Then there's the microphone so that people can hear what you're saying.
      On the side of the base, which plugs into the mains and the telephone line, there is a small button that, when pressed, helps you find the handset if it has been lost somewhere in the house, or hiddne.

      The 'find' button helps you locate the handset by, when the button is pressed, sending out a buzzer type sound that will bring you too it.

      The phone book can hold up the 50 numbers, which is a good amount and should be enough for the normal family.
      To get to the phonebook, or to get to anything in the phone, you simply follow the directions that are given on the screen when you press the ;menu' button.

      It has an in built alarm clock which can be used to wake you up in the morning, although I don't use this as a function.

      You can change the setting on the phone, such as the ring tone, call waiting, alarm, volume levels and more. Again, all accessed by using the menu button.
      These phones come in either a single pack or in a double, triple or even a quadruple set, with all phones being exactly the same when it comes to using them
      these phones sell from £18 to about £100, depending on what set you pick.
      Are they worth the money? Yes, I can happily say yes.


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      10.11.2013 17:49
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      and average telephone! perfect for a larger house.

      I bought this phone trio in a hurry when I need a new phone fast as the one I had before decide to suddenly not switch on anymore! I went to the store to find a cheap telephone I could have temporarily until I could get another good one. When I got to the store I realized that there was no point in getting a not so good one as they were all priced around the same apart from the odd one or two so I chose this set which was around £100.00.
      I chose it because I had never tried a trio set before but the house is quite big so I thought it would be useful to answer the phone fast. I was right, it is a lot easier now to get to the phone in time and also I have one of the phones in the bedroom so I can answer the phone or have a chat with someone without even getting out of bed! I can't imagine not having one in my bedroom now as it properly gets the most use out of the three phones!
      The sound on these phones is clear and fairly loud so I can hear the person on the other end of the phone well without too much difficulty. To improve, it would be much better if there was a volume adjust button so I could make the volume louder or quieter if I needed to. Sometimes when I can't hear a well as I should be able to I wish I could make it louder but I cant.
      The phones are very easy to use and the buttons are a good size so I don't press the wrong button by mistake and call the wrong number. It allows you to know what the last number that called was unless it a private number which is helpful for if you need to call the person or place again. The layout is also good on the screen and once you get used to it you know where everything is and what everything means on the screen and buttons.

      I recommend this to someone with a big house that wants a simple but effective telephone that is fairly easy to use. I enjoy using phone I think Panasonic is a brilliant brand! 10/10!


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        13.06.2013 18:41
        Very helpful



        i regret buying this

        When my old and feature packed Philips cordless home phone started to act up I knew I would have to replace it immediately, unlike the rest of the world I rarely use my mobile and still talk mainly on my landline. My Philips has loads of features and extra gizmos but I barely used any of them so as long as the new phone had caller display and the ability to store a decent amount of numbers in the phone book this was all I really cared about. I logged onto Ebay to see what phones were available for a decent price and got sucked into buying the Panasonic KX-TG1311 simply because I could not be bothered filtering through the hundreds of choices available and it had those features and a few more, looked nice, was from a good brand and was just £10 from the Tesco Ebay outlet.

        The handset itself is fairly big and bulky but once it is in your hand it feels comfortable enough. I like the fact that the charging cradle encloses the bottom of the phone so it is impossible to knock over by just brushing it. The battery life is good, Panasonic claim it can go up 120 hours (5 days) between charges on standby and has a talktime of 10 hours. I would say the standby time is accurate; the 10 hours talk time seems a little too optimistic but it still holds charge long enough for normal domestic use including having a teenager who makes the most of the 60 minute free calls to a landline by phoning her friend for 59 minutes, hanging up and then redialling meaning a lot of long calls are made. The handset is black and pink but it also comes in all black, the phone does look a bit bulky and old fashioned but the fact the charger takes up minimal space makes up for that a bit. I eventually discovered the paging feature allowing you to find the handset when you have lost it by pressing a button on the base.

        The display is only two lines deep and the text comes up in a square font, the type you would see on digital clocks if that makes sense. The display is backlit and easy enough to read although I would prefer the text to be a bit larger. The caller display works fine and displays the name and number of who is calling you. Actually programming the handset was a bit of a nightmare with loads of fiddly steps to place numbers into the phone book, set the time on the clock etc and I need to consult the manual if I want to make changes or set the alarm as the steps are not intuitive to use.

        The worst thing about this phone is the annoying ringtones. With 17 different ones to choose from, you have the choice of making your phone sound like a carbon monoxide detector, smoke alarm, playing popular tunes like 'London Bridge is Falling Down' or 'Jingle Bells' in midi or the merely mildly annoying shrill wail which I decided was the least worst option. The handset cannot be set loud enough for my liking, meaning I miss calls if I am in the kitchen. The buttons make an awful beeping sound when you press them, the phone is really not fun to use.

        When in use, I have found I can use the phone all over my house and out in the garden with no problems. Panasonic claim a range of 300M to use the handset but I have not tried this out. The range is sufficient for my needs, and would be fine for most households. The reception is always fine and I can always clearly hear what my caller is saying and have had no complaints about them hearing me so assuming everything is ok there.
        There are a few other features such as the ability to set an alarm clock or the ability to set pin numbers disallowing kids to use the phone but to be honest the hassle of changing the settings stops me from attempting to use them.

        As you might have guessed, the Panasonic KX-TG1311 is a phone which I really dislike due to the fiddly nature of changing the settings and the terrible ringtones which make me cringe every time I hear them. It is a perfectly functional phone but is one I will be replacing as soon as I can afford it with a better model.


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          04.08.2010 09:13
          Very helpful



          SDpwnage reviews the Panasonic KXTG1311EH and it passes for a reliable and useful product

          This year i was looking for a new telephone set and we originally saw it in an argos magazine on the first page of the telecom section. It was cheaper than most of those fancy ones online with too many features to make things complicated for the user, but price is an illusion so i looked at other views on multiple websites. I decided to buy it from argos instore and setting it up was proving easy with the instruction booklet given with the product


          ->The standard three setup can be spread around the household, all connecting wirelessly to the man one which is the one with 'Panasonic' on it
          ->Backlight to help you see in the dark the numbers or other information on the handset and this can prove very useful
          ->It has a button that opens up the address book, you can save alot of numbers on the phone, so no argueing about who last had the phonebook because now all you need to look for is the phone
          ->Speakerphone is of good quality and gets used occassionaly for me, only if someone wants to debate with you, its simple by pressing the CALL key whilst talking to activate and press it again to de-activate
          ->When you have misplaced a handset after a few minutes not inuse and in the dial tone, it will emitt a loud pitched tone VERY USEFUL


          ->ANNOYING ringtones! i wish i asked what they were like but to change the ringtone you have to do it on every handset and dont get me wrong there are many of them but they can really make you jump and especially if your ignoring calls..¬_¬
          ->I looked throughout the whole instrustion booklet for how to solve the numbers that appear on the phone, at times it can say 1-10 i solved it once, i believe its for missed calls, but if anyone knows different? please comment

          Overall i give it 4****out of 5*****

          This was a SDpwnage review i hope it helps you to make up your mind, please comment, rate =)


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          12.08.2009 18:09
          Very helpful



          A basic digitial phone

          I have recently had Virgin phone line installed. The cheapest option was to have one main connection into the house, and to buy a set of cordless digital phones so that we could have a phone upstairs. this was cheaper than asking Virgin to run extension cables.

          I decided to buy a Panasonic, as I felt it to be a quality brand, at the same time giving good value for money. Whilst not the cheapest, it was at the very low end of the range.

          I bought a set of triple cordless phones for £39.99 from Argos.

          ~~how the phone looks~~

          The phone looks like a quality product. The handsets and base units are black and have a satisfying weight about them that makes them seem more robust. The base units are small so that they do not take up too much space. I find them fairly attractive - about the size of a mug, with an attractive oval hole that the handset drops into.

          The handset keys are nice and large, and clear to read.

          The handset display has an amber backlight and the numbers are very easy to read, even in the dark.

          ~~what I wanted from my phone~~

          My previous cordless phone was a Binatone phone, and had a really poor range. Every time I went into the garden or to the back of the house, the signal would start to break up. I wanted to make sure that my new phone had a better range. I wanted a good standby time, and I (less importantly) I wanted a big address book.

          ~~what I got from my phone~~

          I couldn't find any reference to the range of the phone on the web, so I took pot luck on this one, hoping that the slightly higher price would mean a better range! When I got the phone the instructions said that the range is 300m outside, and 50m in rooms, and I have found this to be a great improvement on my previous phone. The signal is always clear - even at the bottom of the garden.

          address book
          The web boasted a 50 name and number memory, which I took to mean the address book, and which seemed very impressive. When I received the phone, the instructions told me that I could store up to 15 numbers in the handset memory. 15 or 50? I guess it could have been a typo - or perhaps I misunderstood what name and number memory is!

          When I started to input my numbers into the handset I didn't actually care how many numbers it could hold because I found that the only way to find a stored number was to scroll down the numerical list. In other words, it is impossible to search for a specific name, you just have to scroll down the whole numberical list until you hit the jackpot. The numbers are stored in the order they are input, so if you want them alphabetically, that's the way you have to input them.

          This scrolling is pretty useless for anything more than 5 numbers anyway. I find it quicker and easier to use my paper phone book or my mobile. The only reason for inputting 15 numbers would be so that the caller ID comes up when the phone rings - but I really don't feel that it is worth the effort.

          ringer melody
          This is where the Panasonic disappointed me. Big Time! There are 20 monophonic ringtones on the phone, and although I know that we have all become accustomed to the mellow tones of polyphonic sound on our mobiles, I really wasn't prepared for the shrill drone of the Panasonic! I ended up choosing a noise that sounds a bit like a shrill bird playing an irritating 3 note song over and over again. Believe me, this was the best of a bad bunch. Other "melodies" reminded me of a particularly tacky doorbell set, and included ear piercingly high versions of 'London Bridge is Falling Down', 'Lest Old Acquaintance be Forgot', 'Jingle Bells', and the theme from Swan Lake. Other "melodies" just sounded like car alarms.

          If the phone rings late at night, I genuinely have such a shock at the horrible screeching that I worry that I may be set for a heart attack.

          other features
          Standby time is 120 hours, which is useful. The talktime is up to 10 hours. So far (after two weeks of use) both of these times seem to be accurate. The handsets have not unexpectedly run out of battery.

          The phone has all of the usual digital features such as caller ID, call timer and keypad lock. I have not found that anything significant is missing from the repertoire.

          It is possible to add another handset to my existing three if I chose to do so.


          This phone was one of the cheapest on the market, so I didn't expect great things. We all rely very heavily on our mobiles for outgoing calls anyway, only using the land line for incoming phones.

          I am very happy with the robust build, the appearance and the range of the phone. Generally speaking the phone performs well and fulfills all of my needs.


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