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    3 Reviews
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      11.06.2010 17:29
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Easy to use phones of an extremely high quality

      My husband and I have spent an absolute fortune over the years on telephones; from corded to cordless and now digital. Our previous digital phones; all of which were BT, failed within 12 months of purchase and subsequently, ended up on a landfill site!!

      However, our current phones, Philips CD 245 have stood the test of time, as they are as good now as the day we first bought them some 16 months ago.

      Whilst we don't live in a mansion, we opted for the triple pack, where the base station houses the answer phone. The phones are chrome in colour with the handsets measuring 16cm high, 2cm depth and approximately 5cm in width. There is a 3½cm x 2cm display window, which is illuminated in orange when the phone is in use.

      The phones are extremely easy to handle and whilst not cumbersome, they are not too small. The reason I say this is that nowadays, many handsets are tiny and somewhat difficult to both handle and operate, particularly as they are cluttered with so many small buttons. The buttons on the Philips phone are of a relatively good size and are sensibly spaced apart. I've found with some phones that I was always knocking the adjacent button.

      As previously stated, the base station houses the answer phone which is very easy to operate with a few simple buttons located on the base or it can be accessed from the actual handset. The answer phone can hold up to 99 messages with a maximum talk time of 15 minutes.

      What I particularly like about this model is that you can set the number of rings you require prior to your answer phone kicking in. I've set ours at the maximum of 9 rings so I can permanently leave my answer phone switched on, as otherwise I forget to set it when we go out.

      You can choose to use the message provided with the machine or record your own personal message. One of the reasons we chose this actual model of phone is that we can access the answer phone remotely by entering a unique code, which will instruct the machine to play back our messages.

      The base station is plugged into both the electric mains and the telephone line, with the bases of the additional handsets simply requiring a mains connection.

      The phones have a number of features, such as call waiting and caller display (if subscription paid to telephone provider), speakerphone, secrecy button and call divert. I found this feature extremely convenient, as our three phones are located in our living room, bedroom and study.

      In order to function, each additional phone has to be registered to the main handset and you are able to name each handset, so ours are "living room", "bedroom" etc, as prior to naming them, we found we were replacing them on the incorrect bases. Each handset runs off 3 x AAA rechargeable batteries.

      You should never use ordinary batteries, as they will damage the handset and base. Used batteries should not be disposed of through your normal household waste and need to be taken to a recycling centre.

      As my husband rarely answers the phone I frequently have to transfer a call from one handset to another. It saves me running down the stairs to find him!! The phones can also be used as a paging system, enabling me to buzz my husband when I'm upstairs and politely request he bring me a cup of tea!! (a feature he simply hates!!). There are ten ring melodies you can choose from and my comedian of a husband decided to select a different tune for each of our three handsets, so when our phones ring we are deafened by the sound of three different tunes!!

      One of the main problems we have found with previous digital phones is the battery life. Whilst the phones allegedly would allow us to talk for several hours before the battery required recharging, we found the phones were constantly cutting out during a 5 minute call!!

      This is a fault that fortunately does not exist with the Philips phones, as the batteries in the three of the handsets have not needed replacing in the 16 months that we've owned them. Each handset will provide you with approximately 12 hours of talk time (if you can talk that long!!) We frequently leave the phones off the bases and have never experienced a problem with low battery. However, I would advise the phones be placed on the bases overnight in order for the batteries to recharge.

      Another great feature on these phones is the call barring facility where you can select up to four numbers from where you do not want to receive calls. We were constantly awoken during the early hours of the morning by the same telephone number belonging to a rather drunken man who wrongly believed our home number was that of a taxi firm!! Consequently, we have barred his number, so he now has to stagger home unless he eventually managed to find the correct taxi number!!!

      The phones have a 100 number phone book, which in my opinion, is quite sufficient as we haven't been able to fill it. There is also a hands-free function should you wish someone else to listen in on the call. The phones are also great for taking into your garden, as they will provide you with an outdoor range of 300 metres.

      The only downside that relates to all digital phones is that when there is a power cut, the phones are inoperable.

      There are so many other great features with this phone and obviously I cannot discuss each and every one of them. However, I would highly recommend the Philips CD 245 as in my opinion, this model exceeds any other phone. They are extremely efficient, the signal quality is excellent and they have plenty of useful features.

      Whilst I purchased our triple pack 16 months ago for nearly £140, I have noticed they are now considerably reduced in price.

      I have checked Argos and would advise that the twin pack is selling for £49.99 and the triple pack £64.99. Due to their superior quality these phones receive 5 out of 5 dooyoo stars from me.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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        10.01.2009 18:28



        A good choice of phone.

        We thought we'd go modern and buy a cordless phone (and answerphone) for the first time ever. after much deliberation, we chose this one. In the year that we've had it, its never let us down, it always records messages as it shoud and generally works as expected! It has a little display on the base unit that will flash with the number of messages that you have received, and you press one button to play through all of the messages and another to delete them when you have listened to them. very simple stuff. Though if you come home to 10 messages and you want to save one or two of them you can't - as when you press delete it gets rid of all the messages on there. the only gripe i would have is that the batteries supplied dont have that great a life in them, ours have been on the blink for a couple of months now, with the battery losing half its life after being on the phone for about 10 minutes. We have replaced these now with general rechargeable batteries (as you can't buy the official Philips batteries that come with the phone anymore) and all is back to normal again. So for the cost of about a fiver for the batteries our phone is as good again as the day we bought it. Great backlit display, perfect for when the phone is ringing in the dark! Good choice of ringtunes as well, we've got a catchy little jangle which is far better than the normal "ring ring"!


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        11.01.2008 10:27
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        An easy to use phone set with good functions

        Recently we have been haunted by our cordless home phones! Ringing once during the night with no caller, giving us the fright of our lives, cutting out during a call and crackling so we can't hear the other person talking! We decided we definitely needed to invest in a new set and what better time than the sales!
        We searched around a few shops and online and felt the best deal we found was from Tesco. Reduced from £49.99 to £29.99 The Philips CD245 Duo Digital Cordless Phone Set was just what we were looking for.

        **The Packaging**

        The phones are packaged neatly in a cardboard box. Included in the box are the 2 phone handsets, the 2 phone bases, one of which includes an answer machine, 2 mains adapters, the cable to connect the main phone to the phone line and 4 rechargeable batteries, 2 for each handset. All items are well packaged but still very easy to unpack.

        **The Look**

        A stylish looking set all in silver. The phone handsets themselves measure roughly 6" x 1.75" x 1" and are very easy to hold. The main unit with answer machine measures roughly 4" x 4.5" x 3" and the smaller base unit for the second handset measures 3" x 3" x 2.5". Both base units gradually narrow coming to a peak at the top. Quite a neat and compact set overall. The phones themselves and the answer machine all have off white buttons with black digits printed on them. Each phone has a display screen with a funky orange backlight.

        **The Set Up and Initial Use**

        Before using the phones the rechargeable batteries must be inserted and the phones placed on their bases with the bases being connected to the mains power. They should then be left to charge for 24 hours until fully charged. Once they are charged the set up is really easy. The main base station must be connected to the phone socket and then connected to a mains power point. The second base unit can be placed anywhere as long as it is connected to the mains power. Now the phones are ready to use.


        The main base station has the answer machine built in. This is pretty straight forward and simple to use. There is a play/stop button, which as it would suggest plays the messages and stops them. They are played back in order of first recorded first. There is an LED orange indicator light which is on when the machine is on, it blinks slowly at 1 second intervals when there is a new unread message and quicker at ½ second intervals when the memory on the answer machine is full. There is an on/off key to switch the machine on and off if required. A delete key deletes the current message and can delete all messages by pressing and holding. Two arrow keys allow you to repeat or skip messages and there is also a volume key allowing you to increase or decrease the volume during playback. Also on the base unit is a paging key to locate the handset when it has been misplaced!

        This phone has a phone book function where you can store up to 100 numbers, each entry can have up to a maximum of 24 numbers and 12 characters for the name. The phonebook can be accessed by pushing the button with the little book symbol displayed on it. To add entries into the phonebook you access this facility by using the menu button, scroll through to phonebook and then add entry. The name needs to be added first followed by the number.

        If you don't want to access the phonebook, or perhaps use the same numbers frequently you can use the redial list. This stores the last 5 numbers dialled and can be accessed using the scrolling buttons.

        An intercom function can be used between handsets, but only those registered to the base units. Not really sure if I would use this function, I think I would probably just shout! Although I suppose it could be handy in a very big house.
        External calls can also be transferred from one handset to the other, this is easily done by placing the caller on hold and then entering the handset number.

        You can set the time and date on these phones allowing you to check when calls were made. There is also an alarm function.
        A loud speaker function allows others in the room to listen into the call and the keypad can also be locked.

        Caller ID is also available on this set, displaying the number of the person calling on the screen.

        One function I love (sad I know) is the choice of 10 polyphonic ring tones. Really cool I think for a land line! It's great having a funky ring tone for the home phone, although it does take some getting used to I don't know how many times I've stood wondering what the noise was and where it was coming from and then missed the call!

        **My Opinion**

        This is a digital phone set, which is supposed to give a better sound quality than analogue and I do definitely feel the sound quality on calls is clearer. It is a nice looking set with all the functions needed. The hand sets are a good size and fit nicely into the hand. Sound quality on ring and calls is very good and I do like the volume control, which can be used during a call if the caller isn't quite loud enough or too loud as the case may be.
        The instruction manual with the phone set is very well laid out and easy to follow as is the set up of the phone.

        Overall I would definitely recommend this phone.



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