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Philips CD1751B/05

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    1 Review
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      31.10.2013 22:52
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      A real nice portable landline phone for under £30.

      // - INTRODUCTION - //
      We've just had to update our landline after dropping the old handset of the wooden floor at now it no longer want's to co-operate! I popped down to Argos and had a look at the wireless units available as I simply can't keep still whilst on the phone it was essential that I wasn't strapped to the wall.

      Why Phillips and why this particular model?
      .. Well simple really, I've collected products of similar brands for years including Packard Bell, Sony, Apple, and going back to the older brands like Phillips with my ancient CDI player which never failed on me I felt i'd stick with what I knew best to prevent standing in the refund and replace que the following week.

      So anyone what's so unique about this handset?
      .. With technology ever changing in mobile phones and so what we often forget about the landline but for me not only is it a backup solution for any potential problems but also a business solution and alternative to mobile as not every-one is happy with calling mobile phones without the inclusive minutes. Anyway..

      Firstly, it looks amazing! In your hand and in its docking station, its stands there with pride gleaming its orange back-lit display. The next main thing to work in favour for this handset was the huge 12 hours of useage time that it will allow through constant use, you can also use it as your own personal phone book with a storage capability of 50 names and caller I.D's. Not only does this allow ease of use when searching and calling contacts but it also gives you the capability to see who's calling before you answer giving you a choice in answering the call or not.

      What about when your out and about?
      .. Well it would be to foolish to think you would have to invest in an answer machine aswell. Well yes it would be foolish, the unit of course comes with its own integrated answering machine and built in storage for up to 12 minutes of recording time; It doesn't sound like much but if the average message is "mom im running late" or "i'll meet you there then" then its perfect for home or business as you could record 100s or 1000s or mini voice recordings.

      What else is persuading me?
      .. Well lets remember this is just a portable house phone not the next multi-million project so our expectations can't be too high, in terms of what we are looking to achieve which is simply making and receiving calls without running out of battery with the ability to check and respond to voice messages received whilst out so effectively it ticks all the boxes, the sound quality is good and loud enough to hear clearly, voice-messages can be played back, stored and deleted via the handset base and the instructions explain clearly how to add, edit and remove your contacts aswell as modifying your messages.

      The unit has a low power consumption so is also classed as eco-friendly which in everyone's eyes seems to be a good things these days.

      //- In conclusion - //
      This handset is smart, modern and works as intended.
      It is available widely at several high street retailers including Argos and online outlets such as Amazon and should be priced if correct at £27. Not a bad price for something which should within reason last within your house-hold for a good length of time.

      I hope I haven't missed anything out here and have covered what you need to get a fairly good idea on this product. Thanks for reading, please leave a comment. Thanks.


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  • Product Details

    The Philips CD1751 provides you with all the essentials of modern telephony in an incredibly easy to use handset without compromising on talk time / It comes with XHD for unbelievable sound quality in every phone conversation / Additional features like with Answering Machine Alarm Clock Polyphonic Ringers Caller ID Phonebook with 50 entries LCD Display with Amber Backlight make it irreplaceable in any household / CD1751 is GAP compatible and could be extended up to 4 handsets / Thanks to very low power consumption (

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