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Philips DECT 5151S/07

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    2 Reviews
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      19.02.2009 18:31
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      A set of phones that also look good

      If you live in a larger house or have more than two floors this is the perfect phone combo as it has it's own intercom and baby listening device.

      The handsets
      The small, cordless handsets are easy to use with a good range of 100m from the base unit, so they can be used in the garden too. Sound quality doesn't suffer until you are about 100m from the base unit. There is also the facility to turn up the volume on your ear piece so that you can go as far as 'boost' at the noisiest level. My dad is hard of hearing, however, and he can only hear people when they are on speaker phone, which is worth knowing if you have a similar problem.

      There are lots of helpful features such as caller display, 50 number directory and a call log for the last 40 calls.

      You can set up the phone so that different groups or individuals have different ring tones so you can hear who's calling, which is handy if you want to avoid them.

      The phone is able to send and receive SMS text messages which my kids use but I haven't fathomed yet. This cuts down on their text messaging bills from their mobile.

      You can set the alarm and the phone can be set to 'do not disturb' mode for shift workers sleeping during the day.

      Once you are used to the phone you can transfer calls from one to the other by using the intercom feature. This can be tricky however and it took plenty reading of the manual to work it out. When someone rings the house you can only transfer the call, two phones can't be pressed to answer the same call, which can be slightly annoying.

      There's also speakerphone which is handy while you're ironing - wouldn't want to pick up the wrong thing there! A word of caution here though. Remember you've switched it to speaker and knock it off before you put the ear piece back to your ear or you get deafened if you don't.

      Battery life on each phone is excellent. We've left ours of the stand over a 4 day weekend and there's still life in it when we've come home.

      The keys on the phone are easy to press and you can hear when you've pressed each one, but this is not a loud irritating noise thankfully.

      Answer machine.
      This is attached to the base station which is slightly bigger than the other docking stations. There are lots of features here too. You can use a preset message or record your own. You can set the machine to answer phonecalls of your choice, ignoring those that you don't want to receive.

      Since buying our set of three phones, we have had no technical problems. As we live in a three storey house they have been perfect for our lifestyle. We no longer have to shout at the kids for making a racket upstairs - we just ring them!


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        15.01.2006 15:51


        • Reliability


        Good system - 50 number memory - great colour screens on handsets -

        I purchased my first Philips DECT cordless telephone this week (mid January 2006). To be fair, I own the DECT 6273 which is a more modern version of the one listed here on the doyoo site. However, the advantage of this one is that its handset displays are colour and each has a memory capable of taking 50 different telephone numbers.

        The sets use caller display and work EVEN if you program in a dialler prefix before the telephone number on the PHONEBOOK. For example you key in a five-digit prefix before the number and, despite this, the number still displays with the name and details that you have programmed into the phone book.

        The handset sound is not as strong as I'd like, but that's probably because I am getting old and going slightly deaf!! I note that handsets 2 and 3 can have annoying echo when the number is first dialled although this appears to go away once you start talking. The base unit's answerphone's maximum number of rings needs to be set to 7 (max allowed) otherwise it cuts in VERY quickly indeed. I love the POLYPHONIC tones - the BACH one is great!!

        The manual's first page is VERY helpful but overall the system takes some considerable learning curve, particualarly when the answerphone setup/adjustments are needed.

        Phillips helpline is not cheap....it's an 0906 number. You're better off calling their offices in EIRE for assistance; works out cheaper from the UK.

        I purchased my set up, with three handsets, for about £100 and, overall, am delighted with it!


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