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Philips ID5551B

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    2 Reviews
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      09.04.2013 18:07
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      Philips ID555 phone

      The Philips ID555 is a cordless telephone and we bought ours as a twin cordless phone meaning we got two handsets and two docking bases. This was really helpful as we have one downstairs in our lounge and one upstairs in the bedroom. We've had the phones for well over 5 years now and they are still working perfectly well so I think in terms of longevity they have been great. I can't remember what price we paid for them but I see from a quick web search that they are in the £100 region which I think is reasonable.

      The telephone features quite a slim, smart looking handset in the colour black. There is a small display screen which will tell you if there is a new call on it by showing "new call" on the screen. It also shows you the battery life that you have left and on the bottom left hand corner is the word View. On our telephone handset upstairs the word bedroom is writing on the display unit so I find this very handy when it comes to knowing which telephone goes where. Upstairs there is just a small charging cradle but the main one is a bit bigger than that and is the one that contains the answer messages.

      The handset obviously has the number 1-9 and a 0 and also what I really like about this handset is that there is a button you can press which locks the keys so my little children cannot call someone in China or lock the phone themselves and do something to it that makes it useless! The phone has a simple green telephene handset icon which you press to answer the phone and a red telephone icon to hang up the call. The phone will activate if you just pick it up from the cradle so you do need to make sure that you press the green button.

      There is a phone book which allows you to store your favourite numbers and apparently this holds up to 200 names and numbers although we don't have anything like that amount. The phone book is easy to get to, you just press the book icon on the phone and it takes you straight to your names and numbers and you just need to scroll through to find the one you want.

      There is an answer machine on this phone which I really like and this is a 30 minute digital answer phone so it really will hold a lot of messages. On the cradle there is a little blue LED light that shows you how many messages you have. When you get a new message this will flash until you press the play button on the cradle and then you can listen to your message. I find the flashing really handy as I can take a quick glance at it to see if I've had any messages whilst I've been out.

      The phone also has a redial button which I find quite handy as it lists all the numbers you have recently rung and as its the same sort of people I usually always phone this is an easy way to get to their numbers.

      The phones stand up when you put them in the charger and you need to make sure you put them in the cradle properly and hear the little noise that lets you know you have put them in properly.

      The charge on these phones lasts for quite a long while. We often take them off the cradle in the day time to keep them away from little fingers but they always have charge in them throughout the day and hold it well until we can charge them again in the evenings.

      All in all a good set of cordless phones.


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        20.05.2011 23:09
        Very helpful


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        Highly Recommended, Good Quality Home Phone with Lots of Features

        I bought the Philips ID 555 about 18 months ago and am very happy with it.
        Personally I don't think it's worth £68 but if you can get it under £50 I'd rate it as a good buy.
        I bought mine from TESCO when I cashed in some Clubcard vouchers.

        Philips are perhaps not the most popular of electronic brands and often play second fiddle to the likes of Sony and Samsung, but they have a sound reputation and make good products. Whilst the others are good at TV's I personally rate Philips on other electronic goods such as shavers, electric toothbrushes and cordless phones.

        The phone itself is very slim (about 1cm thick) and looks like a tall slim mobile.
        Its solid, the buttons are easy to press and it's comfortable to hold.
        The screen is blue and is back lit so it's nice and easy to read as your typing the numbers in.
        There is an in call time counter so you know how long you've been on the phone (handy for those people who pay a fixed 5.5p for calls under an hour)

        When not in use the phone displays the time which is quite handy.
        The phone is obviously cordless and digital as most phones are these days.
        I've found the battery life to be very good, even when I forget to sit it back in the dock after a call.
        There are several ring tones to choose from and the volume is nice and loud which is useful so you don't miss calls. The phone also has caller ID so you can see who's calling and filter who you wish to speak to. Withheld numbers are a fair indication of a sales call :-)

        The dock is compact and also acts as the answering machine.
        There are buttons to play, delete and skip messages which gives you full control.
        There is a clear display so you know when you have a new message and how many.
        The dock is slightly angled and therefore its tricky sometimes to dock the phone. This is probably the only negative thing i have to say about this phone.

        Overall the phone looks nice and modern and the combination of the high gloss black, silver trim and the neon blue make this look a sleek bit of bit.

        There are a few handy buttons worth mentioning. The phone has a hands free mode which is nice and clear. Also a mute button and last number redial. To be honest this phone has every feature you could ask for.

        The model I got also came with a 2nd handset which is very handy to have one say in the kitchen and the other in the bedroom. It's the little things make a difference!

        WARNING: If you do have the 2nd phone in the bedroom and someone docks the phone it makes a loud beep out of both handsets so this has woken me up a few times :-( Just something to bear in mind.


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