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    1 Review
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      05.02.2012 22:57
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      It's a durable and good quality budget phone with simple features but not a great design.

      I bought this phone for £10 for my mother's house. My mom is not a fan of technology and I wanted a phone that's not very complicated to use. I chose the Sagem D16T because of the simple design, the relatively big numbers on the keyboard (my mother has farsightedness) and the fact that it is easy to use and eco-friendly.

      Sagem D16T is a cordless residential phone that comes in white/grey or black/silver colour. I purchased the white one which was available at the time and we use it as the main landline phone in my parent's house.

      I bought this phone from Maplin where it currently costs £12.99 and it's also available on Amazon.co.uk. The product comes with a 24 months guarantee.

      Official page: www.sagem.com

      ~ Phone Functions ~

      The phone has only the basic functions that you might need for a simple landline telephone. It has a 50 name and number phonebook where you can register phone numbers, a caller ID service to show the number of the incoming calls on the screen, the ability to show the missed calls and the calls' record, alarm, volume adjustment, 10 ringtone melodies to choose from, keyboard lock, mute button and a recall option. There are no fancy features like text messaging, hands free, cool ringtones etc.

      It has an old-fashioned black and white LCD screen with no backlight options. The digital screen is clear and big enough. The numbers and the letters displayed on the screen are very easy to read. It has only three display lines, two at the top and bottom for the battery indication, signal, messages etc and one main line with 12 characters for the menu options and for dialing.

      The menu options are quite straightforward. There are 4 basic options: the phonebook for the calls, the Personal Set with the phone options (language selection, selection of ringtones etc.), the Clock/Alarm menu for the alarm settings and the time/date format and the Advanced Set with the PIN and the registration options.

      In the Personal Set, you can set the alarm for a specific time and date and then choose the alarm sound between 3 available ringtones. The date and time preview functions can also be set from the same menu.

      It can hold a list of at least 10 incoming calls (depending on the network, on operator services and on the base the handset is registered to). The 5 most recent received and dialed calls are stored in the memory of the call records.

      The ringing volume can be controlled and there is an option where you can choose between 10 classic melodies for the ring.

      Another very important service is the Caller ID (CLIP service). When there is a missed call, a small envelope appears above the main screen line and the calls can easily be accessed from the big central button of the handset with the date and time displayed next to each registration. The redial option for the last call offers the ability to directly call the number by pressing the small R button at the bottom left of the handset.

      The signal reception is perfect in the house, I haven't tried it in bigger distances or outside the house though. It is defined that the signal range for the handset is 300 meters away from the base unit when you are outdoors and 50 meters indoors. The calling quality is very clear and the sound is good. The speaker volume can be adjusted from the menu options.

      It has a multi-handset capability and it can be upgraded to support up to 4 handsets in the house with the same main base. This is very useful when for example you want to have one handset in the bedroom, one in the living room, the kitchen etc. which is very common in many households. Further, when multiple devices are connected there is an option of internal call. However, because the handset is portable we only have the single telephone and carry it around the house. One more cool option is that you can locate the handset if it is misplaced in the house by pressing the main button at the base station to page the handset.

      The base unit is very easy to set up and connect with the landline and it also has good and analytical instructions in the user manual. The phone is eco-friendly for low energy consumption.

      ~ Battery Performance ~

      This digital cordless phone has rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries with a very good battery life. From the product specifications, it is defined that the handset has approximately up to 10 hours talking time and up to 96 hours standby time.

      From my experience, the handset needs charging every 2-3 of days. However, we don't use the landline so often, so it is usually on standby. The handset has audible battery alert, so when the battery is running low the battery sign on the screen is flashing and the handset makes a beep sound every few minutes. It is recommended to charge the handset battery for 12 hours before the first use but most of the times I forget it on the base more than the required time for charging.

      The battery can be replaced with a new one if required, but it costs almost half of the phone price, so it's probably more practical to buy a new budget phone. The compartment for the battery is in the back of the handset and it is covered with a cap. It can easily be removed if you disconnect the chord attached to the battery.

      Battery Type: 2.4V 550MAh

      ~ The design ~

      Personally, I didn't find the design of the handset and the phone very modern. The phone looks like it is made of thick and compact plastic. The colour is matt and the buttons are made of rubberish soft plastic so they are very easy to push and they don't stick into the phone.

      The handset is white with rounded corners and fits perfectly to the hand. It is also very lightweight. The buttons are white as well, with the numbers/symbols in dark grey colour. The handset sits on a white rounded base with a light grey line around the top.

      The "call" and "end call" buttons are placed below the screen, they are double in size comparing to the other buttons and they have the distinct green and red telephones printed on them. The central oval-shaped button is the navigation key is that gives access to the caller's list and the phonebook.

      Dimensions of the handset: Depth / Height / Width - 1.9 cm / 14.1 cm / 4.8 cm
      Weight - 106 g

      Dimensions of the base: Depth / Height / Width - 11.1 cm / 5 cm / 11.1 cm
      Weight - 101 g

      It is designed in Europe.

      ~ My opinion ~

      I think that it's a basic phone with not many functions, but with good durability. We own it for almost a year and the battery still lasts very long. I think that this also has to do with the fact that the phone doesn't have any advanced functions and it's designed for low energy consumption and therefore the calling life is significantly increased. We have owned many wireless phones at my house and they all had battery problems, they never lasted for more than two years.

      It doesn't have many functions but it is perfect for our needs. It has big numbers on the buttons suitable for my mother's sight problem, it has call recognition and good battery life. Since the mobiles came to our life, I rarely use the landline. My mother uses it mostly because she is more traditional and she's doesn't understand much about mobiles and technology so those basic functions are more than enough for our house.

      Because of the white colour, the handset might need regular cleaning from dust. We usually clean it with a soft cloth.

      Personally I believe that this phone lacks in the design aspect. There are many phones in the market that are far more beautiful and stylish than this one. It's very cheap though and of good quality.

      - The box includes the following items:
      The handset with the base unit, one battery, the power supply (adaptor), a phone line cable and the User Manual with the guarantee.

      ~ Conclusion ~

      It is a good low budget phone with basic features, great battery life and low energy consumption. An ideal solution for those who don't use the landline much or they are looking for a phone that is simple and easy to use.

      Thank you for reading!

      _This review is also published on ciao under the same username_


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