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Samsung DS-5007S

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Manufacturer: Samsung / Type: Telephone

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    1 Review
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      08.05.2012 09:16
      Very helpful



      an office phone by Smasung

      At work we have the same phones in our office so that they all work on a system. The phone that we use is this Samsung DS-5007s which is actually really good and has all of the necessary features needed for a work phone. Samsung are a very good brand in terms of telecomms and so I knew that these would be reliable phones. The good thing is whenever there is a problem with the phones, I know it is never because of the phones themselves but usually to do with the phone lines in our building and we have had these a good few years and they are still going good.


      This phone is wider than your typical house phone, it is a dark grey colour and has the Samsung logo on the front of it as well as having a digital display on it and coloured buttons which are used for different features. There are different buttons all over, you have your number buttons and then your different line numbers at the top which you can allocate to different people in the office. Overall, it looks nice enough and is big enough to see the buttons and looks modern enough to fit into an office environment which is all that you want.

      SAMSUNG DS-5007S

      The phone was very easy to set up, it was just a case of inserting the phone line and following the instructions that came with it. Now, once it was set up I just had to start learning how to use all of the different features. The phone has a good ringtone, it is pretty much standard but even when someone is on the other light, a red light will flash on line 2 so that you can still hear and see that someone is calling you and can pick up the call.

      It has all of your usual features, it displays the caller number on the digital screen, so that you can see who you are calling unless they have withheld their number. Also, when you are on the phone and if the caller needs to speak to another member of staff, you can just put the call on hold by pressing the big red button which is very easy to see. Another features is the loud speaker button, the big blue one, you just press this and put the receiver down and it will play out the sound until someone answers.

      Another good feature on this phone is the Divert button which we always use at night. When leaving the office this button goes on and it makes a loud noise to let you know it has been switched on and then a red light will remain on until it is switched off the next morning. You just need to set this up and the phone will divert calls to the allocated number so that you do not miss calls. There is also an answering machine service on these phones, if you'd rather.

      When on a call you can adjust the volume easily by adjusting it with the up and down buttons. I always find call clarity and volume is very good and I never have a bad signal which is what you want and need. The phone is wall mountable if you want but I prefer it on my desk, there is also a choice of ringtones if you want to swap them about but for a business a simple ringtone does the job. The keys are easy to press down and always work right away.

      When dialling a number, I never have any problems as being soft keys they are always very responsive buttons and you never find they don't register when you press them. Always make sure the phone is put down correctly, it slots back into the base fine. The phone receiver is lightweight and comfortable to hold while on long calls. Another useful setting with this phone is the fact that you can allocate all members of staff a personal extension line.

      An example of this is giving someone 2234 an extension, if you hit the transfer button it will give a loud beep and keep going until the intended employee picks up the call and then you can put the receiver down. This is also handy as it shows who is sending you the call in the room and you can first of all say to them 'so and so is on the phone for you' and then put the receiver down and it will connect them with the necessary caller.

      The transfer feature is really useful and I find that even if you allocate a lot of people an extensions, there is room to write on the handset a list of numbers so that you know who everyone is. Also the phone extension for each employee will show on their own LCD phone screen so that they can tell they are on the right phone. These are really good phones for any business and you can add as many as you want into an office.

      We use these phones all day and never have any problems which is great. They are used to transfer client calls, receive all incoming calls, we also do conference calls on them and never do we have any problems with them. They are reliable phones and look nice in the office and have every feature we could ever need for an office phone. Samsung are a really good brand and if you need new office phones, I would not hesitate to recommend this model to anyone.


      These phones can be purchased from a number of online retailers. thetelecomshop.co.uk are selling this model of phone for £40 exc. VAT which is about normal. The rates do vary but some places are going over the £70 mark so this shop seem to have the best going rate.

      To get more information on the phone go to Samsung's official website at http://www.samsung.com/uk/


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