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Siemens Gigaset C38H

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    1 Review
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      11.10.2011 22:46
      Very helpful



      Not my best buy but overall it was worth the price i paid and i have no major problems with it.

      I am quite reliant on my house phone and use it constantly throughout the day. As I work from home and am also a mother, I am home a lot and find it easier to use a house phone rather than my personal mobile phone. My previous home telephone was a corded one which meant I couldn't walk around and do chores etc while I chatted. In this day and age, corded house phones are quite rare so I needed to get with the times and update my telephone, for convenience more than anything.

      **Siemens Gigaset C38H**

      After much deliberation in Sound-Store, I chose this particular phone. All handsets were fairly similar, with similar features such as being cordless with a hands free option and caller i.d features. Siemens as a whole have a wide range of similar handsets so it was actually hard to choose. My final decision if I'm being honest, did come down to price. As a mother of two, budgets have to be made.

      I paid 95 Euro (80£ sterling approximately) which was the cheapest out of all the other options of similar handsets. I couldn't even remember what price I had paid for my old telephone, it was that old.

      As well as the cordless feature, which is the main advantage to me and my situation, there were many other features that make the phone even more special. The caller i.d shows immediately who is calling before you pick it up or it shows who called, if you are after missing a call. Although my answering machine does the same, it is handy to have it on the phone itself also. It has a hands free option so that you can speak to somebody on loudspeaker if you wish, or if there is more than just the two people in on the conversation. This button is quite awkward and i find myself pressing it by accident when i pick the phone up, but if you need it, it is easy to use. The back-light and lcd display means its easy to use at night and the memory allows you to hold over 100 numbers in the phone storage. It does have a voice mail option but I actually haven't used it because it is connected to my answering machine which does the same thing.

      I got a two year guarantee with this purchase and although I have only had it six months, i have had no problems. It has even been through a lot, it gets used numerous times a day and my toddler has even dropped it on occasions. It has a few scratches but it is still standing strong. The design is pretty standard of handsets. I got a silver, titanium colour with a black background and black holder. The holder has a loudspeaker button and it is a charger with plug attached. The buttons and numbers on it are around the size of a letter on a keyboard if that makes sense. They aren't huge but they are easy to press and see.

      It was a good purchase if I'm being honest as I have gotten a lot of use out of it and haven't had any major problems. The only disadvantage to it is that if it is out of the holder/charger for a while (three days or so, which in comparison to others...or if the reviews are anything to go by, this isnt very much) while being used, it will go dead and need to be left to charge for 12 hours or so.


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