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Siemens Gigaset C475

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    2 Reviews
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      10.09.2009 20:48
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Sleek, functional and easy to use triple handset phone from Siemens

      Not long ago, I wrote a review of my BT Synergy Quad phone set, stating how happy I was with it. And I was happy with it, although I did state that the battery was starting to give me problems periodically.

      Now I could have gone on using my Synergy set for some time, but the battery issue was starting to get me down...occasionally I would be chatting away on the phone only to have the line and phone go dead in mid conversation.

      I had already decided that when I replaced the BT set, it would only be for phones with colour screens and I shall unashamedly admit this choice was made on aesthetic grounds rather than through thorough research.

      My mind was finally made up when I received a VIP invite to the Next summer sale online and spied upon the Siemens Gigaset C475 Triple available for the bargain price of £50 - so far as I was concerned this set had my name on it, and it was duly snapped up.

      ~~Setting Up~~

      This was relatively straightforward - firstly I inserted batteries in the handsets and decided where I was going to locate the main base station, then I connected the base station to both the mains and the telephone socket, and charged up the main phone.

      The two secondary phones sit on charging bases and are not connected directly to a telephone socket so I just plugged them in and then registered the handsets, meaning that whenever I get a telephone call, all three handsets will ring, and it also means I can telephone another handset internally. Registration is very straightforward - it happens automatically when you sit an additional handset on its charge base, or can also be done manually if you encounter any problems.

      The initial full battery charge takes five hours, so it's a good idea to set this up just before you go to bed, as there's less chance of the phone ringing then and you finding the handset doesn't have enough power to handle the call.

      ~~Using the Phones~~

      Making a call on these phones is relatively easily, and if you use a mobile phone regularly, you will notice that much of the features and functions on this landline set bear more than a passing resemblance to your mobile.

      Like most mobile phones it has a main control key in the middle of the keypad and this will link you to most of the phone's features including phone directory, SMS, set up and display options and an alarm clock.

      This set also includes an answering machine so if you desire, you can record an outgoing message too.

      Making a call requires you to dial the number or choose it from your directory, and then press the obligatory "green phone" button you find on all phones these days to dial the number. Similarly, to end the call, you use the "red" button.

      I have found the sound quality when using these phones to be excellent - I have been using DECT phones now for some years, and I would say the sound on this Siemens set is marginally better than that I got on the BT Synergy set. There is a useful loudspeaker function and each handset also has a headphone socket for 2.5mm jack connectors, which means you can be as public or as private as you want when making a call with the set.

      I have also used the phone to send text messages on occasion, although given my mobile phone contract gives me a large number of texts included, this is something I do rarely. However I have found the process to be very straightforward however it's worth bearing in mind this phone doesn't have predictive text capabilities so it will take longer to input your message if, like me, you do all your texting using predictive text on your mobile.

      Similarly, adding numbers to your phone is a piece of cake - you can add them manually or just assign a name to a number after you have received a call from someone.

      ~~My Opinion~~

      As you can probably ascertain from what I have written, I really like this phone set, particularly given the ease of set-up and use.

      I do have to say however that the colour screen is a bit of a disappointment - yes it's easier for me to see the black text on a white background, but compared to the screen on my Samsung Tocco mobile phone, this is really rather basic, and harks back to my first colour screen mobile phone which I owned about seven years ago. That's what I get for being so shallow when selecting the phones I suppose.

      I also am a bit unimpressed with the choice of ringtones - they remind me of the earliest polyphonic tones. I remember being really excited at the prospect of polyphonic ringtones when they first became available but now they just seem ridiculously old hat. As a result I just stick to a boring tone that rings continuously and doesn't play a twee melody. Do bear in mind however that if twee melodies float your boat, they are here in abundance.

      Where this phone really beats the BT Synergy however is in battery life, and I feel vindicated in purchasing this predominantly for shallow aesthetic reasons because of this.

      I can have this phone off the base for a week and find the battery is only half used - and I tend to chat to my sister on the phone every night for at least 30 minutes. If my daughter uses the phone you can double that.

      The phones need 2 AAA NiMH batteries and fit easily into the battery compartment on the handset. I do find it a little fiddly to remove the battery cover on these handsets but would add that in comparison to the BT Synergy handsets they are once again a walk in the park. However it's worth pointing this out, particularly if you struggle with fine motor skills.

      If you receive a message on the answering machine a red light flashes on the handset's message button, which is something I find particularly useful after years of using BT's 1571 service and having to rely on a different ringtone to see if I had a message. Needless to say I missed several messages as a result. This should not be a problem using the Siemens set and message retrieval is quick and easy.

      As is always the case with these phone sets, they will not work in the event of a power cut and I always advise people to have a traditional plug in corded phone kept in reserve for this eventuality.

      Overall I would highly recommend this set, and while I openly admit I got a bargain, even for the recommended retail price of £99.99, I think this set offers excellent value for money for a home phone set which is both stylish and functional.

      I am reviewing this phone as the triple set, however you also purchas it as a single, double or quad set. Additional handsets can also be purchased separately, so if you decide you want to put a phone in another room at a later date, you can do so for around £35.


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        19.02.2009 21:08
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great phone

        Hello everyone and welcome to this review!

        Well I am a fan of Siemens phones. A year ago I bought a two handset system which I was over the moon with. But! We had used them so much that they had seen better days and were in need for replacement. This is where this lovely handset came into my life:)

        We have to own a cordless phone in our home. If we had a wired one then it would quite honestly never get answered!! We are that lazy.
        I bought this phone in Swansea market at a phone store Brand New for £49.

        An okay price I suppose but I like to support the smaller businesses around where I live so ofcourse - I had to get it from the market.
        When I got this home I was sure I had bought the right phone for our needs because it felt quality before I even opened the box.

        In the box I found:
        One handset
        A fancy looking base station
        A telephone Line cord
        A Rechargeable battery
        A belt Clip
        Power adaptor
        And instructions.
        This phone came with a 1 year gaurantee so im covered for the year before we replace this again. We change our house phones every year.... Its always nice to have a change eh?

        I must say I was very pleased with the quality of this handset once opened.. It felt lovely to hold and it is very light.

        So it was time to set up this lovely phone. First of all the battery must be charged as with all cordless phones for 24 hours prior to use. Soooo our lovely old Siemens still had a days use to go! aww poor things. We really do over use our phones. A family of 6 and free phone calls..... and teenagers, haha.

        Well 24 hours later our old phones were ready to retire to upstairs and our new one was sitting proudly on the table by the door:) it looked much nicer than our old ones.

        Well 5 minutes after plugging the phone in, it rang. The ring tone is extremely loud and can be heard throughout the house with ease. So I will not be missing the phone ever again. My gosh! For once the phone was for me:) So I had first use of this phone. I must say I noticed how good the sound was when I picked it up.

        In the instructions there is a section that describes siemens new sound and microphone system. It is described as HD Sound and believe me! It is pretty good.

        The battery on this phone is said to last 12 hours and I do believe this. It is in use throughout the whole day and at night it still easily has a bar of battery remaining. I admit that the battery is not as good as our old phones but maybe it needs some settling in, well it has got a colour screen which could drain it slightly faster.

        Yup! This phone has a colour screen... Gone are the days of the non - attractive black and white screens... But I did actually prefer the older screens, not a huge problem though.

        Phones Features

        This phone has many great features:
        Answer machine - The answer machine is really great. I have tried BT answerphones in the past but I found the ladies voice so boring! Gosh I am fussy haha, but the Siemens lady is so much more interesting.... It does not sound like a robot! more like a real person. The answer machine has a recording time of 40 Minutes! WOW thats one long message. Gone are the days of deleting my messages when my 10 minutes are full:) Yay

        Colour screen - This colour screen really is quite good quality. Although I must be honest I do not think there is much it is useful for. The phone does have some games on it - Tetris , Bongo and run chicken. I have no idea what they do as I never play games. Especially on a home phone!

        ECO Dect - Did you know that your cordless phone... even in standby mode is pumping radio waves throughout your house 24/7?! These waves are thought to be harmful but Siemens has helped this.. When your phone is not in a call or on the docking station the Siemens lowers the output of waves by 75%!! Great, a healthy phone:)

        Phonebook - Store both names and numbers on this phone! Shows who is calling when it rings. Very handy!

        Handsfree speakerphone - This is great, I can now use the phone while cooking, just plop it on the work surface and talk as normal. The sound is great and it is very loud.

        300 metre range - Easily use your phone around the home and garden with no static or noise at all. Just as clear as a corded phone!

        Overall this phone is fantastic, just like my old Siemens but even better! You can also easily add extra handsets with a press of a button. Great if you want more phones around the home.

        The buttons are also very sensitive on ths phone. Great if you like to dial quick)

        5** From me
        Hope this has helped you:)


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