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Siemens Gigaset S680

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    1 Review
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      12.08.2009 00:30
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Overall a great piece of kit.

      I've been really pleased with this phone that comes with built-in answerphone and four handsets with their own chargers.

      The system is easy to set up with a good, fairly clear and detailed instruction book, all in English which makes a change. It has all the functions you need, ie it works as a phone and an answerphone. There are endless useless extra functions.

      The especially good points for me are the message button; that you can copy names and numbers from one handset to all the others; that reception and clarity are excellent and that the range is good.

      The only bad points are that I cannot get the ring volume loud enough, that the screens aren't very bright, bit of a problem in daylight, and that there could be a much brighter flashing warning light on the base unit if there is a message.

      The base unit is neat, silver and a handset fits upright and snugly. In addition to each handset it also rings. There is decent length mains lead and a lightweight integral plug/transformer. The phone wire is also a generous length. Ours is in the hallway so we can see it when we come in but, as mentioned, the warning light of a message could be more prominent.

      Individual handset charger units are also very light, verging on flimsy but the phones sit surprisingly firmly on them. Once the phone has initially charged and discharged a couple of times apparently it is alright for the phones to live on the chargers without damaging or reducing battery life.

      Handsets are quite nice to hold, very light though they could be rougher so less easy to drop them; the sides are very shiny plastic so hands can slip. The screen is good size with six lines of text available, it lights up you when touch any button, and to save battery life dulls a bit after a few seconds.

      Overall the layout is same as a mobile handset: couple of programmable "soft keys" and a four-way rocker with set functions surrounded by four function keys: hands-free, message, connect and disconnect. Below are the usual number/letter and symbol keys and a couple of extra ones for functions I haven't puzzled out. Buttons are decent size, have a good firm feel and well spaced.

      The basic display consists of three symbols across the top: signal strength, tape symbol (with a number below if any messages) and battery strength. In the centre of the screen is the handset name that you can set up to be called anything you fancy; at the bottom is the date and the time, and below this the soft key functions that you have chosen.

      Worthy of note is the messaging function. One press and it will tell you the last 30 incoming calls if you subscribe to caller display - then press the right soft key and they are all listed out with caller name and below each one, date and time.

      If you have any messages these are shown under the number of incoming calls, scroll down and press OK and the message is played with the hands-free speaker which you can then keep or delete. You can see this same message info from any handset, and recalling callers or messages or deleting them adjusts the details on the other handsets.

      Initially setting up your phone book is a pain like any new phone. This phone has a bluetooth function but whilst I could get it to "see" my mobile phone I couldn't successfully bluetooth my mobile numbers to it, wrong format apparently, so not really sure what the bluetooth function is for, neither could get it to display any images - I gave up, don't need the phone to do anything except work as a phone anyway.

      The other excellent function is that once you have set the phone book up on one phone you can copy them to the other handsets with a couple button presses. Great if you "catch" a new caller's number and insert their name on one handset then just copy it across, so their name comes up on all handsets next time they ring.

      Overall a really good phone, recommended.

      The only other downside is that despite having four handsets I still can't find one when I need it.


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