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Topcom Butler 4056 Deluxe

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    1 Review
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      15.04.2008 23:29



      Dont buy this phone

      I have never written a review before today. But I have to write a review about this phone because it is undoubtedly the worst product I have ever purchased.

      Alarm bells should have started ringing when I got it home on the first day and whilst trying to record our answer machine message found there was one already there for a pizza delivery service.
      Whilst the phone is packed with features that when you read about them you think "wow sounds great". When you actually confront the manual you feel like you are trying to read one of those miniature bibles with size -100 pt text and trying to understand the meaning of life.

      If you don't turn on the answer machine when you go out and someone calls eventually the answer machine says "sorry please try later", result we have never used this function which is why we bought it.
      The buttons are too small and so multi functional that you cannot get the function you want.

      But worst of all it takes about 5 attempts to dial a number. I call internationally quite often and use a service that gives cheep calls when I put a 4 digit number before my intended number meaning I have to dial 17 digits (you might be thinking why don't I program these numbers in) well because I have to call different numbers and besides the phonebook function is pants not to mention the display that displays useless information. Anyway if you enter the number too fast or press call too fast after entering the number it simply resets. If you take too long it times out and the window of time you have seam's to be about half a nanosecond.

      If the battery is low the only way you know is by looking at the tiny tiny symbol on the lcd display. If you don't look at this the hone will ring not giving any warning that when you pick up it will immediately hang up on the caller.

      We still have this phone as but now we now use VOIP.


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