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Wharfedale Orb Telephone

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    1 Review
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      29.11.2012 13:49
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      Excellent phone from Wharfedale.

      In my house we seem to get through digital cordless phones at an alarming rate, the Wharfedale Orb is the third cordless phone I have owned (and second I have reviewed) in the last three years. Things just don't seem built to last (tut tut).

      The Wharfedale Orb is quite a handsome little phone and he came to us second hand as his previous owners had given up on him as he was displaying the battery error sign. I gave him a quick wipe over with a Dettol wipe and popped some new rechargeable batteries into the compartment on the back and he was as good as new.

      As I received the phone second hand I am without user manual and all the links on the internet to find a manual seem a bit dubious so my experience of using the phone is all hands on.

      The Wharfedale Orb (Orb for short) is a good looking phone, it is stylish and modern. The base is half a white sphere, the flat side sits on your table (obviously) and the orbed side has a slot for the phone to sit in and recharge his batteries. It looks exactly like the DooYoo catalogue picture (which I provided). The base has a power cable and a telephone cable that both need plugging in to the appropriate outlets (or is it inlets). The base has minimal clutter compromising only of the charging slot and a button that is lit red to indicate power and flashes when there is a message.

      The base can stand on a table or desk and it has the ability to be wall mounted, the silver ring around the charging slot can be turned around enabling the phone to sit in the base when it is wall mounted.

      Due to the lack of buttons on the base I wrongly assumed there was no answer machine facility on the phone. Once I started scrolling through the phone menus I soon discovered the options to record messages and turn the answer machine on and off.

      The handset is quite a chunky little thing with a small digital screen and sturdy raised buttons. My previous phone was quite a slim line thing with flat buttons and I welcome the addition of buttons that I actually can tell if I am pressing. (Sounding old now). The phone has the usual number buttons 1 to 9 and a speaker phone button, an internal call button which is not necessary as the phone is a singleton, a green answer/dial button and a red end call button. The other buttons are for accessing the menu and scrolling through sub menus.

      As I don't have the manual I had to muddle through the phone and after a few minutes I could soon see how to add names and numbers to the phone book, this is great for caller display, if you have it, as the name and number of the caller will be displayed. There is also the ability to add individual ring tones to the names in the phone book so when a person calls you will get an individual melody of your choice, I find this great for adding to people I don't always want to answer the phone to so I know who it is without having to check the phone. There are 10 separate melodies so you can only give 9 separate melodies to names as you need to save one for everyday incoming calls. I think 10 melodies are more than enough to choose from but if you want to get a bit more organised you can separate people in you phone book up into calling groups and then add melodies to the groups. Things can be as easy or as complicated as you want with the Orb.

      When buttons are pressed on the Ob the screen lights up a nice relaxing blue colour, it also does the same when the phone rings. The buttons also bleep, this can be turned off in the menu if you so choose. But I like the bleep as it reassures me I have correctly pressed the button.

      The date and the time are easy to set, which is handy if you want to know when someone called you. You can scroll through the last ten callers or the last ten numbers dialled via the call log in the menu.

      The answer phone is very easy to use and it is simple to record an outgoing message, or you can leave the factory set one on. The menu's on the phone guide you through the process of recording a message or setting the phone to the various answering options. As there are no buttons on the base all control of the answer machine is done through the handset.

      There are various locking and baby-sit modes that are on the phone but I have not ventured that far as all I desire from a phone is the ability to make and receive calls and do not wish to lock myself out of the phone. The Orb has no text messaging facility, which I don't mind as I very rarely want to send messages via my landline.

      The sound quality from the phone is excellent as you would expect from something made by Wharfedale. During a call I can clearly hear the caller with no interference and they can here me. I did expect more from the ring melodies but saying that they are nice and clear and loud.

      As the phone is quite a simple style of phone I am happy with it, I have had phones that can do a million and one things and can honestly say I prefer the simplicity of the Orb. It is comfortable to hold during calls and the proper buttons are great for functions like telephone banking as I can tell when I have pressed a button. The call quality is excellent and the ring tones are clear and loud.

      The Orb only seems to be available in white and can also be brought in multiple handset packs. I have had trouble tracking the phone down on the internet and it appears to be out of production. If you can get your hands on a pre-loved one as I did then I recommend you take it.

      Thank you for reading.


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