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Bushnell SkyTour 114x900

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Brand: Bushnell / Type: Reflecting telescope

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2009 10:09
      Very helpful



      A really useful telescope which will keep you occupied for hours.

      ~ My Personal Experience ~

      Well after shelling out quite a bit of money for this telescope as I love to look at the sky at night I would fully recommend this lovely telescope. I love to look use this mainly at weekends to look for new constellations and view stars or planets. I know it might sound boring to some but once you get into this you really do get addicted to finding as many different things as you can, the sky is a big place!

      If I were to describe this piece of equipment, I would say that it looks like a tube of Pringles with a microscopic lens attached. It is very shiny and looks quite striking to the average human eye.

      ~ Telescope Specifications ~

      The telescope comes with a really useful handset which talks you through a tour of the night sky which I found really useful when starting out as I am a real amateur. It also comes with a smart mount guide which directs you to objects highlighted by the handset. The telescope itself is good quality and will not buckles as it is quite robust.

      It also has an amazing red dot finder which really does help you find objects highlighted by your handset, it is quite handy. It also comes with a large eye piece which is quite comfortable when viewing objects through the telescope. It also comes with a 114mm reflector with an illuminated mount.

      ~ Why buy a telescope and tips? ~

      Basically if you do need an initial interest in astronomy, because if you don't some people can find a little boring. Anyway a telescope is a special piece of equipment and just requires a bit of tweaking to get the most out of it.

      One of the most important things you have to think about when using a telescope is the site you use in order to look at the night sky. I would recommend you first use your telescope outside on a clear night and just taking a look around. When choosing your site I would make sure that it is completely dark and nothing is obstructing your view e.g. UFO's.

      You will gain experience over time and this will be the best way of teaching yourself what sites, positions and times to use your telescope. Moon lit nights are not always the best nights to look at the sky unless you plan on looking for cheese on the moon itself as it does tend to light up the sky and can affect when things you can view e.g. galaxies.

      Another tip when using your telescope that I would recommend is that you should align the axis to the pole star, if you have a mount which has equatorial capabilities. Certain mounts will not require this. Always remember to take off your dust caps as I have forgot to do this sometimes and wondered why there are no stars in the sky! (easily done!).

      Make sure your tripod legs are locked in securely and focus your lens and then go to the eye piece and off you go.

      ~ Interesting Facts ~

      1) The very first telescope created was supposedly in the Netherlands at the beginning of the 17th century.

      2) The word telescope was created in 1611 by the geek mathematician Giovanni Demisiani for one of Galileo's instruments.

      3) The largest reflecting telescope in the world is based in Arizona (USA). It is called the LBT and has an effective aperture of 11.8m (2x8.4m) and uses multiple mirrors. The sponsors are USA, Italy and Germany.

      ~ Price & Shop ~

      After extensive searching on the web I bought my telescope from the website www.mynewcheap.co.uk. I paid around £300 and after revisiting the site it seems to be in stock and at the same price. I also paid around £20 for shipping costs and postage which isn't too bad at all considering the weight and size of the product. It took around seven days to get to me which was great in my opinion.

      There are other ways to pay for the product too, so if you want to pay so much per week you can do so, which can be helpful, especially for expensive items such as this.

      ~ To conclude...~

      This telescope does not come with any accessories but many can be found on the internet such as a camera adapter for taking pictures, different size eye pieces and different types of filters. As a big science addict I love looking at the stars and wondering if life exists elsewhere as well as looking at the variety of stars and planets that exist in our galaxy.

      The price is about right for this type of telescope and comes with a really useful tool (handset) which gives you a guided tour of the stars and how to find them from your bedroom/loft. If you are like me then I would also recommend you buy a map which maps the stars and constellations in the night sky, and then you can add a pin when you have found them.
      ~ Ratings ~

      Telescope sight: 4/5
      Guidance: 5/5
      Quality: 5/5

      Overall: 5/5


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