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Celestron Advanced C11-SGT

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Brand: Celestron / Type: Reflecting telescope

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    1 Review
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      13.05.2012 15:19
      Very helpful



      A fantastic Schmidt Cassegrain

      The benefits of the Schmidt Cassegrain telescope include the ability to reach incredibly long focal lengths with a comparatively short tube length, the C-11 manages to do this while delivering spectacular views using Celestron's trademark Starbright XLT coatings.

      The C-11 is very nearly the greatest planetary scope for both visual observation and ccd astrophotography, it's got an extremely long focal length of 2800mm which means you can get some serious magnification and can get a decent sized image when using a camera even without the use of a barlow.

      The optics are first rate, viewing Saturn at 700x and having it remain sharp and crisp was simply astounding, with the subtle banding of its yellow hued atmosphere being easily discerned. On the moon I pushed the magnification upto 1000x just for a laugh and was blown away to see that in moments of excellent seeing the optics were still holding up, rilles and craters snapped into sharp and contrasty view. Although I haven't yet had a chance to use the scope on Jupiter I suspect it will be awe inspiring when I do.

      The focuser is nice and responsive and takes a fair bit of weight (especially handy for astrophotography) and the 9x50 finder scope works well.

      Although there's no doubt that the scope is predominantly a Lunar/planetary performer, with its 11 inches of aperture you will be able to observe a few of the brighter DSO's (deep sky objects), planetary nebula are ideal due to their small and bright nature, M57 being perhaps the brightest.

      As well as being a phenomenal performer optically, the C-11 is very portable, all its magnificence is crammed into a mere 60cm of tube length and it weighs just over 90lbs (not the lightest of scopes but certainly manageable even by a single person).

      Combining functionality and superb optics with portability is a recipe that can only prove successful, the C-11 is breath taking and while not cheap (£1600-£2000) it is worth every penny if you can afford the initial outlay.

      Recommended highly for its ease of setup, transportability and above all its fantastic optical quality which delivers mind blowing, high powered views of the solar system


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