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Sky-Watcher 2 Inch ED Deluxe Barlow Lens

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Brand: Skywatcher / Type: Accessory that doubles magnification of eyepieces

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    1 Review
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      07.05.2011 18:37
      Very helpful



      A great Barlow for a great price

      A good Barlow is a wonderful thing to have, a very important piece of kit for the casual and die hard astronomer alike. For you see, it has the invaluable effect of saving you money in the long run and in a hobby that's a notorious drain on resources, this is a very welcome effect.

      The Barlows primary function is to multiply the focal length of any eyepiece inserted into it by the specified number. In this case the Barlow offers x2 magnification, this effectively doubles an eyepiece collection, one eyepiece can now yield two magnifications.

      As well as instantly bolstering the number of available focal lengths by a factor of two, the use of a Barlow allows you to retain a comfortable eye relief, even at high magnification. In plain English, that means you don't have to push your eyeball right up close to the lens, thus avoiding potential headaches and eye strain.

      I have owned several Barlows in my time and must admit that on occasion I have fallen into the trap of buying cheaply, there are numerous examples of dreadful Barlows that litter the market which makes the likes of the Skywatcher ED Deluxe even more special. A mid priced magnification solution that delivers on every front, while it may not measure up to the mighty Televue, at less than half the cost it certainly justifies its own existence.

      Using a glass with particularly low dispersion means Skywatcher have avoided the most common complaint, inherent in lower quality Barlows, that of false colour.

      Lower quality systems use lower quality glass which seperate the different colours of the spectrum into their constituent parts, the result is spurious red and blue light eminating from the observed object.

      This is not the case with the ED Deluxe, colour fidelity remains true and objects display colour naturally. Views are sharp & solid and remain so throughout the entirety of the field of view.

      As well as being a great optical performer, with a quality lens system the ED has some nice practical features that aren't seen on every Barlow. Namely it features a copper compression ring rather than the more traditional system of metal pegs that can marr or blemish your eyepieces as they are crudely anchored within the Barlow. The ring means eyepieces remain unmarked and present themselves flatter to the optical path which makes for a more even field of view.

      A textured rubber grip circles the body of the Barlow which is handy as it is heavier than you might expect, due to its 2 inch size. It's not weighty enough to produce significant balancing issues when removed though and it comes with a 1.25" adapter so it will cover your whole ep collection.

      A definite recommendation, no false colour, reasonably priced and can accept both 2" and 1.25" eyepieces. A quality accesory that is well worth the purchase.


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