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Alba 40"Full HD Digital LCD TV

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    1 Review
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      15.03.2012 19:45
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      Can't go wrong for the price

      Got this TV about a year ago after the old CRT TV broke on us,

      We was looking for the cheapest option really but with a decent enough size screen, our budget was £300 and at the time the biggest size out there was 32 inch TV's which we was considering getting, then through the power of eBay deals we came across this alba 40 inch TV, had a quick look at the specification and all seemed promising, so the order was placed and we waited for it to arrive

      On arrival we was presented with a humongous box! still excited with the anticipation of a giant TV and being naturally curious we dived straight in!, wasn't that simple though as there was lots and lots of protection, foam, bubbles ect.. I complained at the time haha but looking back I can see it was very well protected during transit.

      After getting the TV out of the box and placing it on our TV unit (which only just fit) we plugged it in and then eagerly awaited the picture to come on... Nothing!! a blue light had lit up on the front of the TV but what we didn't realise what that you have to wait a couple of seconds from pressing the power switch on the side then press the power switch on the remote, few.

      When the TV was up and running we was presented with a TV Start up wizard which was mainly just to tune the free-view, the screens looked a little complicated and old fashioned but then again its something you only need to see once.

      Then the magic began, the TV started up, presented with channel 1 we decided to flick through the channels to see what we had, and we were quite impressed as we had several new channels we couldn't get signal on with our old digital receiver box.

      The picture looked "okay" nothing amazingly special, and the sound seemed a little distorted compared to the older CRT TV, but naturally being a Man I took the remote and started playing about with the picture and sound settings, and I was very impressed, there is a lot of tweaking and adjusting possibilities with certain pre-sets programmed ready to use such as "dynamic" or "game" mode, and then your normal colour contrast brightness sharpness ect.

      The sound adjustments were equally as good, changing the Echo, sound type (not sure what this actually is but you notice a difference) and various other settings, currently when watching films certain sounds appear as if they are behind you (this took some getting used to!).

      I currently have plugged my surround sound speakers into the TV as well for an even more dramatic sound environment.

      Games consoles such as the Xbox and Nintendo Wii look amazing on this TV when displayed Via one of two HDMI sockets, however I did find I had to turn the sharpness up a little for the Xbox, but there is no need to adjust it back again as the TV stores the colour settings to the port which is very useful.

      The TV itself is quite bulky and quite heavy but then again its a 40 inch so its not exactly going to be featherweight!, I do sometimes take the whole lot upstairs though and watch it in bed :P so its still very manageable. it has a lovely Gloss black finish which looks very smart.

      The stand provided with the TV is very supportive, holds the weight of it perfectly, and is very slightly adjustable, the TV can also be mounted to the wall but this isn't an option I ever looked into doing.

      If you ever loose the remote then most functions are accessible on the control panel on the side. however most people tend to have sky, but being a well known brand programming the sky remote is a easy task!.

      The only negatives for this TV is that I wish it had a DVD player built in!

      Other than that I would highly recommend this TV to anyone looking to get a TV in this sort of size and price range. I believe they can be picked up for around £275 now which is amazing!.


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