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Beko 32WLU530HID

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    1 Review
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      22.07.2010 15:44
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      If you are not a hard-core TV watcher this TV is for you

      We renovated my room a few years back and I designed it to be "TV ready". There was a big void (suitable for 32" television) in the middle of my closet space for a long time. Finally the time came - I decided I must buy myself a television. Keep in mind I am a student and buying a television was not the easiest thing to do financially and since my family is a normal one they decided that TV is not a necessity but a luxury for my room so I had to pay it myself (they never wanted to raise a spoiled brat, and I would not want it the other way). So a few part time jobs and denied treats later I was in an electronics store staring at TVs. Before I went to the shop I was partly decided that I will be buying a Samsung television since I knew they are not expensive and are of good quality. But when I was there I noticed this BEKO 32" television (before that I did not even know that BEKO makes televisions). The thing that caught my eye was the price to be honest, it cost the same as did the Samsung 26" TV. I don't know about you but with me in this case size does matter.

      I asked the department advisor to give me more information about the TV and if it is worth a buy, he gave me a short detail list (all is always good on paper) and said that he bought one for himself and that it is good enough. Well if a person that is a TV guide bought one for himself then it mus be OK I thought. As you can assume I bought it.


      Fancy. Front side is completely flat, there are no buttons, there is only a white light - it is brighter when TV is off, a bit too bright in my opinion, especially if you have the TV in your bedroom (I does not bother me that much but my better half hates it), button are situated on the right side (you have your basic button selection - programme up, down, volume up, down, switch on, off, AV button) so they do not interfere with the look. All the plug ins are in the back of the television and many there are; 2xHDMI input, scart input, S-video input, VGA/PC input and more so you really don't have to worry that you will have to switch between devices.. The frame is black and the surface is really smooth, you would think that it will get dirty (fingerprints, dust..) pretty quick but it seems that it is "dirt resistant", I rarely clean the frame or the screen for that matter. Funnily and sadly enough I only have to clean cat paw prints off the frame and screen since one of my cats has some sort of a problem with the TV (they probably had some kind of an argument) so the cat climbs on the television, battles the television and tries to demolish it in any way possible - I have seen the cat use claws on the screen (BAD CAT) but luckily enough the TV is quite resistant and there were no trace of scratches anywhere. This experience also shows that the TV and the stand are stable enough, TV won't fall that easily.

      The only thing I have to clean regularly is the bottom of the stand. It also has a smooth surface as the frame but the material is different. Anyway dust does love the stand, so a whip will be needed here and there. However if you will hang the TV on the wall you omit this problem.

      In conclusion this is a stylish all black TV with all the buttons moved to the side to ensure the classiest look possible.


      The remote control only has a basic range of buttons so it really is not hard to use, it works well, response is quick for most of the time, I only noticed problems here and there when I turn on the TV - sometimes I have to press the on button two or three times, other than that all is fine.

      You set the TV by pressing the menu button, there you can search for programs (you can save up to 100 on the TV), set language, adjust picture, set the timer, child lock well all the basic functions. Navigation in the menu is really easy.

      There is a problem with setting the timer - if it is before midnight and I set the timer to turn off the TV after midnight it does not work as it should - either the TV shuts down before planned or it does not turn of at all! With exception of that it works well, I usually wait till 00:01 before I set the timer and this solves the problem - it can be annoying though.

      I need to mention that on this TV you can only watch one program at a time, it does not have picture in picture (I always wanted that), I can live without it but would not mind it really.


      Picture is good enough, it is quite sharp can't complain about that. Colours are clear but black is not all that black. This makes watching the TV in strong light less enjoyable. Here are some informations:

      Brightness 1000cd/m2
      Contrast Ratio 4000:1 contrast
      Resolution 1366x768
      Widescreen 16:9

      Television is HD ready which means it is ready to accept HD signal but will not necessary be able to display at full HD resolution (which is 1920x1080 if I am not mistaken). I can't tell you more about this since I use the TV mainly to watch DVDs and 3 channel I get using my room antenna. So I advise caution - you should get further information with your TV programme provider on resolution, it also won't hurt if you ask the salesman in the shop what are other costumers opinions about this television in your region.

      Sound quality is good, there are no noises in the background. It has a wide volume range, you can set it to be really, really silent or really loud - the quality at all levels is the same.


      I can say that I am satisfied with this TV for the price I got it (it was around £350 when I bought it, you can get it for less now - I checked on-line a bit the price is under £300), it has its glitches but again for this price you can expect some, they are all minor. I can say that in the future I will also consider Beko when buying a TV (this moment probably won't come for years but still).


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