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Bush 19 Inch HD Ready LCD TV/DVD Combi

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    2 Reviews
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      19.12.2012 20:20



      A good price set with DVD included, would be a bargain if the DVD worked better

      What Is The Product

      A 19" HD ready Freeview TV/DVD combo, it is black. The DVD will eject out of the right hand side of the machine. It comes with a stand but can be wall mounted if preferred. It is quite lightweight.

      My Opinion & Experience

      I bought this about a year and a half ago to go in my bedroom, just a small, relatively cheap Freeview box was required to watch in mornings and before bed. Having the DVD built in was a good idea as it saves on space.

      For about a year this worked just as expected, the Freeview worked as well as our external aerial would allow and DVD's played without issue. Then the DVD player started to play up, it started with skipping during playback, then it would sound like it was scratching the disks and sometimes not play for the first couple of attempts. In the end it took far too much effort to get a disk to play that it was just not worth it. Rather than buy a new TV we just got a very cheap DVD player and have connected it via scart plug and so far this has worked fine.

      I'm not sure of what the issue with the inbuilt DVD player was, I used a cleaner DVD and that did little good, all DVD's were either new or played perfectly well on other devices.

      The freeview works fine and I love the design of the set, rounded corners and is quite sleek, just a shame the DVD stopped working.


      I am not sure it's necessarily a Bush problem, it could well be a one off, the television has continued to work well. I can't therefore recommend it but for the design and everything else about it I can't say it's an awful set either.


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      13.07.2012 14:18
      Very helpful


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      great for a kitchen or bedroom!

      I will start this review off by stating that this TV is in no way a 3D TV - not sure where dooyoo gets this information from?


      Before me and my daughter were due to move into our new house in Jan 12, along came Christmas, and on top of her list of things she wanted a TV for her new bedroom was at the top. The only requirements that we needed was that it could be flat screen (so we could wall mount it), have a DVD player built in (so she can watch her many disney films from the comfort of her own room), be easy to use (since she is only 6) and have built in digital TV so she can watch the channels.

      This was the one TV to catch my eye in the Argos catalogue - mainly because it comes in pink which I was going to purchase to go with my daughters room. In the end I opted for black in case she suddenly decides she hates pink in the near future and had to buy another. In writing it looked great - flat screen LCD, built in DVD combi, built in digital and looked fairly easy to use. As a Bush model it was also one of the cheapest, but I don't have any experiance with BUSH items and there is a 1 year guarentee offered from Argos so thought it would be worth a go...


      What does it look like?

      One thing that attracted me (as well as the low price!) was the good looking design of the TV itself - it rounds itself at the bottom of the screen where the large speaker is. I am not a huge fan of very square looking TV's.

      The whole TV is black in this colour - not sure if the pink one has bits of black - and under the screen it gives you the BUSH logo.

      The DVD combi is situated to the right side of the screen and has a simply "flick" button to open and close the slot.

      There is also a removable base that you can use to stand your TV on a unit - in my opinion from looking at it it looks a bit feeble and can be easily snapped but being honest I havent used this as the TV has always been wall mounted with a suitable bracket.


      How much room does it take up?

      The TV is 19inches in total so as you can imagine it is quite small but the exact dimensions are :

      * H34.7, W48.3, D6.8cm

      ... And also the weight only comes to 3.6 KG - so very lightweight as well as small which makes it even easier for wallmounting without hurting yourself!


      Sound features

      The exact sound spec is :

      * NICAM sound system.
      * 2 x 1.8 watts RMS power output

      I know nothing when it comes to judging sound spec on TV's but what I can tell you is that it gives out a bit of sound and on occasion I have told my daughter to turn it down as it comes across as quite loud! It is situated opposite her bed just a couple of meters away and she never has any issues with the sound. From other reviews I have read on this TV, others do not think the sound is very good. However what you pay for is what you get, and if you are going to stick this TV in a large living room, then of course, it isnt going to give the best sound. It is definetly made for a bedroom or a kitchen in my opinion.


      Picture features

      The exact picture features are as follows :

      * HD Ready display resolution.
      * Freeview digital tuner.
      * 19in (48cm) widescreen TV.
      * Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels.
      * Refresh rate 50Hz.
      * Brightness 250cd/m2.
      * Contrast ratio 400:1.
      * Response time 12miliseconds.
      * Viewing angle 150/150 degrees.

      ... And again like many females I cannot tell from the above information the the picture qualities are impressive! So I will just give you information based on our experiances with the TV!

      The screen in my opinion is brilliant - not distorted or hard to see at all. But as I have stated above this is situated in front of my daughters bed so if you are trying to watch something from a further away distance this may not be the thing for you.

      We don't use the HD feature at the moment as she doesn't have any HD films or play any games console, but I like that the feature is there (with an HDMI socket located at the back) in case the feature is needed in a few years. Its advertised as HD Ready and can display a picture at a resolution of up to 720p.

      I also can't comment on glare from sunlight on the screen as the TV is situated on the same wall as the window but from what we have seen it doesnt seem to cause any problems.

      There is not actually a built in ariel to this TV but ours is connected to our main ariel in the attic and to date this has never caused any issues with the picture.



      As well as the HMDI socket which is situated on the back of the TV as I have previously mentioned, there is also a Scart socket, a component video socket, a headphone socket and an AV socket. For a little cheap TV I think it does have a lot more inputs/outputs than you would expect although to date none have been used I believe they would be handy in future.


      Other features

      Like all good TV's this one does come with an easy to use and easy to set up remote control - which is for all your usual features from setting up your freeview to changing the channels and adjusting the volume. Very easy to use, if my 6 year old can do it I'm sure other people can!

      I do also love the fact that you can set a parental lock on certain freeview channels - more information can be found in the manual regarding this issue.

      There is also a sleep timer built into the TV incase you need this.


      Energy Information

      It doesn't seem to be a big eater of Electricity but the argos website states the following information:

      * On mode power consumption 32.5 watts.
      * Standby power consumption 1 watt.


      Would I recommend?

      Definetly, I am so pleased I bought this one and not a more expensive TV because so far so good - not had any issues at all. In fact I am soon to be purchasing another the same to place in my kitchen I am that impressed!

      As previously stated this is likely more suitable for a bedroom or a kitchen and the features that appeal more to me are the parental lock, easy to set up freeview, easy to wall mount, just the right size and the prize is just brilliant!

      I would say the only thing I hate is the TV stand which is very flimsy but as mine is wall mounted this is not an issue to me.


      I purchased this TV for £119.99 from the Argos catalogue but at the time of writing Argos have reduced the price to £99.99. If you are interested, get it now at the lower price!


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