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Bush 19 Inch LCD TV/DVD Combi with iPod Dock

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    3 Reviews
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      04.07.2012 16:06



      Good TV, the problems i have discovered may just be due to where i live.

      I got this television for my bedroom as my other decided to take a tumble off my top shelf...
      At 19", i thought it was a fair enough size to have in my bedroom as i didn't want a massive one which took over my room.
      The built in freeview was great as it saved space due to the fact that you don't need to buy a separate freeview box.
      The picture quality of it is fine, you have obviously got custom settings which allows you to change the brightness etc, but i found i haven't needed to use these as the picture was already fine.
      The TV is easy to set up, you can't go wrong if you read the instructions.
      You don't need a dvd player, as the television has it builty in, all you need to do is push the dvd into the designated side- easy enough to do.
      The TV also comes with an ipod dock- which can be accessed and controlled through your tv remote, so you do not have to keep getting up to your ipod to change songs etc and the dock itself also charges your ipod/iphone.
      The TV is very light, so it is easy enough to move around, and reassured me that it wouldn't fall off my self like my other TV...
      However, the one problem with this TV is the signal. It comes with a built in arial, however found that certain parts of my room caused the TV to jump and disrupt it. Therefore i invested in a separate arial which you connect to the TV and plug into a socket- yet this hasn't really helped. As a result, i have just had to work out where i can and can't sit in my room in order to watch a programme without it being interrupted.


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      20.02.2012 10:50
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great combi TV!

      We needed a TV for the bedroom that was small and compact with both built in Freeview and a DVD player to save on room. When we saw the Bush 19" TV in Argos it looked ideal and had an added bonus of an Ipod dock. As 'Apple' lovers we both had an Iphone and an Ipod each so this was well worth it! The TV was on offer at the time for £115 (think it is cheaper now) so we decided to bite the bullet.

      The TV has a 19" HD Ready LCD screen with integrated Freeview. The TV has a black gloss frame and an oval base. It sits compactly on a small surface and is provided with a table top stand. It has a sharp bright picture and clear crisp audio. The TV has an inbuilt DVD player which loads from the side. This plays DVD's and DVD-R/DVD-RW. The Ipod Dock is built into the base of the stand, and forms an oval speaker around the dock. The sound quality from the TV is surprisingly good!

      The TV has an easy to follow set up and the setting and TV guide are accessible from the remote. These are easy to use and follow. From this remote you can also control the DVD player and Ipod Dock. The nice feature about this is the Ipod Dock as you can access the Ipod/Iphone music menu/albums and songs and control the Iphone/Ipod all through the remote. The TV is compatible with the Iphone 3/3GS/4 and 4GS as well as the Ipod Touch, and 4th and 5th generation nano. It also charges these whilst they are docked.

      The TV has one HDMI and 1 Scart socket, but as the Freeview and DVD player are built in these 2 sockets are more than enough. The TV weight around 6 kg so it light enough to manoeuvre but as it has the nice solid base is not top heavy at all.

      This TV is wonderful; it suits our needs and provides a quality viewing experience and a great sound system. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a small compact TV for a bedroom, kitchen of office!


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      28.09.2011 18:10
      Very helpful



      A versatile product

      ~Going Digital on the cheap!~

      When looking for a cheap but reliable digital tv that would see me through the digital switchover without breaking the bank I came across this all in one tv, dvd combi unit that seemed on paper to have lots to offer. Having looked at a wide range of other products which ranged from £130 to £300 for the same sized 19 inch screen, I soon realized that this particular model/ brand compared rather well in terms of what it had to offer, even though it was at the lower end of the price range I was looking at.

      When I picked up my shiny new 19 inch Bush tv, I was surprised at how light it seemed, as it came in a mid sized cardbord box that held some extra packing to keep everything safe and sound during transportation from store to home. The box itself was of a size that could be carried by one person and placed with ease in to the boot of an average sized family hatchback and I feel it did a good job of protecting the tv from any damage. There were a number of details printed on the packing which showed what the tv could do which I found helpful.

      The details included the size of the viewable screen (in this case 19 inches) and info on whether the product was HD ready (which I am pleased to say it is), along with short descriptions of the features included with the model. I made sure to check for the digital logo on the product box so that I was 100% sure it was ready for use once unpacked, without the need to buy an additional product/ set top box. Over all the product seemed like a well thought out budget branded item that promised a range of useful features at a fair price.

      ~Box fresh~

      Once out of the box I was pleased with how sleek and minimal the tv looked and I felt that it certainly looked as good as some other more expensive products I had considered. When suggesting this as a review subject I provided a link to the most recent model rather than the older style product shown here which I feel has a slightly dated look when comparing it to the updated tv I purchased. The tv I have has a matt finish rectangular screen and a simple black plastic slightly glossy housing that runs around the screen on all sides, which I feel looks more in keeping with the design of most modern digital tvs, making it suitable for use in any room scheme as there is nothing too frilly about it's look.

      There are speakers at the base of the tv stand rather than on the frame of the tv and these sit to each side of the tv stand with the ipod dock in the centre of the base. Once again the base does differ from the image shown here and I feel it is much more modern and minimal with a neat shape that is slightly rounded off to allow it to sit well when in place yet not take up too much space. The base has a weighted feel to it which means the tv unit sits well when in use without it ever feeling like it may topple over due to poor balance.

      The tv came with all the right leads , including the power lead it needed in order to set it up for use without having to add anything extra. The only thing I had to connect which was not part of the product was the tv aerial cable which slotted in at the side of the tv rather than straight out of the back of the product, which allowed the cable to be sited without too much fuss. The remote control unit that came with the tv had a set of batteries included ready for use and the information pack that came with the product included an easy to understand manual that I found helpful.

      ~Ease of use and main channels~

      Once the tv was connected to a power source it was easy and quick to set up. I read through the set up guide and followed the instructions on the tv screen that came up as prompts in a set order, which allowed me to be guided through the process with ease. After having selected a region and language for use there was a set up screen that prompted the tv to search for channels on it's own. The channel search facility was very simple to use and as soon as the ok button had been pressed the process of searching and ordering channels began. In the first instance this took a number of minutes and as the digital switchover was not fully complete at the time, the channel search facility was used again a month or so later so as to pick up any new channels.

      Once the channel search was fully finished after the second use there were a good number of channels available such as BBC1,2 3,4, ITV1,2,3 and plus one channels, 4, 4 plus 1, more 4, 5, 5 star, 5 USA etc all came up with good pictures on the screen and no fuzz or interference. A number of other free view channels are also viewable such as Challenge etc, when using this model although these channels may not be available in all areas until next year when the digital switchover is 100% complete. The tv can also receive digital radio signals and if using this feature the channel and details relating to the show you are listening to will be displayed on the tv screen.

      The only issue of any note when switching from one channel to another via the tv remote control unit has been that it seems to take a second or so when moving from one to another which is something that you do get used to over time. Over all the tv is easy to use with a simple menu that pops up to allow you to see what is on at a particular time. There is an info button which feeds through a short description of your viewing choice is about and the start and finish times of your selection are displayed in an easy to read format. The remote control unit has rather a lot of small sized buttons on it which may make this product unsuitable for anyone with limited hand control, as each button is placed quite close to the next one. This can make it hard to press/ select the right button sometimes.

      ~Using the dvd player~

      The beauty of this product is that it offers the user an all round product at a greatly reduced price when comparing it to the price of buying a tv, a dvd player and an ipod dock. What the product lacks in luxury finish it makes up for in it's range of abilities, as you can quickly switch from watching digital tv, to using the ipod dock to listen to music and then switch to back watch a dvd when ready. The only thing that lets you know this is a budget priced product is the black plactic dvd holder that is sited at one side of the tv screen, being slightly hidden from view when not in use.

      The feel/ finish of the slide out dvd disc holder is very light and plasticy and although it does do the job it was made for it does have a very light and slightly flimsy feel to it. In use it works well enough and slides out for you to insert a dvd onto the holder, which then has to be pushed back in to place ready for use. A small clip style fixing is the only thing that stops the dvd holder from sliding back out and this again does have a cheap and light feel, although it does work well enough when in use if handled with care. Dvds play as they should and can be fast forwarded or paused as required and it is easy enough to use the remote control to select the functions you require once you get used to what each button does.

      ~The ipod dock~

      The ipod dock dock works well when used with an official Apple ipod product and can be used with a number of ipod models both past and present. The dock can also be used with an iphone for use as a charging base if wanted and when using the dock with an ipod it automatically charges the product as you use it, but can be left in place if wanted for you to charge up the ipod when it is not in use and the tv combi unit is left connected to a live power supply. The ipod dock is easy to use and connect up when needed and the tv remote control unit can be used as a controller for use with your ipod, to allow you to scroll through artists and tracks which appear on the tv screen ready for you to select from.

      The ipod dock allows you to use your ipod as and when wanted with ease and the sounds produced from the small built in speakers offer a good degree of clarity with a nice balance of base and treble. The unit can play your ipod music as well as allow you to watch films stored on your ipod on the tv screen, although this cannot be done at the same time, as you must select one of the options not both. I feel that this tv combi is a well thought out product as it allows you to switch from tv, to ipod and dvd as wanted without having to clutter up your home with too many gadgets.

      ~Main features~

      HD ready digital tv with integrated Freeview tuner
      19in (48cm) widescreen TV with 47cm visible screen size
      Screen resolution is 1328 x 768 pixels
      1 HDMI socket, 1 SCART socket, 1 PC input socket, headphone socket, rear AV socket

      Speakers in base unit - 2 x 2 plus 5 watts RMS power output
      Digital audio broadcasting (DAB) and digital video broadcasting (DVB)
      Quick auto set up with auto scan for new channels
      Easy to use now and next 7 day programme guide
      UHF tuner, sleep timer, child lock

      1 x remote control which works all features included with 2 x AAA batteries
      Comes with compact weighted base/ tabletop stand. H45, W48, D21cm
      Unit weighs 5.1kg including stand

      DVD player offers Nicam sound/ 2 channel stereo.
      IPod dock is compatible with Nano, Classic, Touch and Mini
      The unit allows the user to listen to music, watch video and photos via the TV screen
      You can control your iPod using the tv remote control and charges your iPod whilst docked
      Standby power consumption is 1.5 watts.

      ~Summary and price~

      As a small tv, dvd, combi unit for use in a bedroom this is ideal as it is versatile and well priced with a good range of features. There a few down sides to the product such as the remote control unit buttons being close together and the dvd holder being a little flimsy, although over all when thinking about the price paid for the product verses it's range of features, I feel these can be overlooked slightly in this case. For those looking for a flashier product with a slightly better finish to the outer casing and a more robust dvd housing I would say this isn't going to be the right product as it doesn't have that luxury high end feel that many people enjoy.

      For anyone wanting a good range of abilities from one compact and versatile unit at a fair price then this product does offer all that you might need/ want for around £149 to £139. You can watch tv, listen to the radio, play dvds and listen to your ipod with this and I feel that this product really does offer good value for money based on what it can do. As the unit has been reliable in use so far I feel it is worthy of a 4 star product rating as it offers good value for money.


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