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Casio TV-880

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2001 18:14
      Very helpful



      Recently my wife has bought me a pocket television as she feels very bad when I miss out on watching television when she get her nails done. Now when she gave me this T.V I thought brilliant now I could watch all my favourite programs whenever I like. It’s a really brilliant idea for people who lives are always on the go and never get any time to relax. SCREEN -------------- The actual screen size is about 2.3 inch and is quite a nice size to have without straining your eyes out. There is about 39,600-pixel count that gives a nice clear image on the screen. If your watch a channels with really small writing then it will defienlty will not be any good to you. But if you’re like me and watch East Enders or the bill and formula 1 then that is fine (and any other programs like them). What I have noticed is that bright light like sunlight from outdoors can reflect on the screen that makes it harder to view the picture. You can purchase an anti-glare screen, which sit in front of the T.V screen and gives great results. WEIGHT AND DESIGN -------------------------------- The unit is extremely lightweight, and fits easily into a jacket pocket. The unit is somewhat ergonomic and has a great feel in your hand. There is also a small stand on the back that allows the unit to stand upright so that you can place it on your table at work. The actual design would not win a beauty contest, but are not necessarily unattractive. The antenna folds down beside the body and fits snugly, so it won't snag on your clothing. Casio has made several pockets T.V and you will notice that the more expensive models have more of a design. But don’t look to deep in design, as many of the expensive models are weaker in areas and have a lot of problem! (So I have heard)! SOUND QUALITY ------------------------ The sound out of this unit is really load. Just im
      agine that there was no screen what would you get a radio. The sound signal come through the unit very strong and can be adjusted by a small dial on the right side of the device. Also you don’t get a sound when tuning the system which can be some time annoying when you hear that shower noise. Overall the sound is what you would expect from a unit of this size and is not disappointing in anyway when you have a screen as well. CONTROL OPERATION --------------------------------- This unit operates on four AA Batteries, which are placed in the lower portion of the unit (one in front and three in back). The bottom portion of the unit separates for installation. Pressing the two-directional arrow pad on the front of the unit scans the channels. When the button is pressed a red or green line that indicates the current channel will scroll in the direction that you indicate, until a signal is detected. Once the unit detects a signal “even weak ones” the unit will stop scrolling. There is a numeric chart below the screen that indicates which channel you are on. I would say that the controls are very easy to uses regardless on what level of technical understanding you have. (You don’t have to be a genius to uses this unit). RECEPTION ------------------- There are many factors that can affect reception, like the distance between you and the signal tower. If you live in a remote area, reception will be significantly reduced regardless of your technology. The reception on this television is comparable with the reception that I get from my standard televisions. ACESSORIES ------------------- You can buy many accessories for this unit from Casio her is a few list of the one you can get. AV-IN AV Adapter - Lets you connect your TV to a video deck like a VCR or camcorder and if your like me and have the earlier Playstation you can connect that as well.
      TV Case - Give you the carrying power to put your cables or even extra batteries when wondering around. Headphones - Give you the personal effect so that you don’t disturb anyone else. Main Adapter – Allow you to uses the power from the mains rather than wasting battery life. Car Adapter – Allows you to use the battery of the car to run your unit. It is always recommended to buy original accessories from Casio, as it has been test and will still keep your unit in warranty. (Always keep this in mind!) OVERALL --------------- I really loved this unit and it has become a great tool to my daily life. Since I’ve got this unit I have no problems going with my wife to her nail appointments and wait in the car watching my entire favourite channels unit she has finished. I also take my unit to work over the weekend and watch the formula 1 grand prix on ITV every Sundays. I normally kept on missing out on this but not any more. The reception does vary on you location as I have explained above but I guess you can’t have everything. The battery life is around 4 hours or more during continues play and has indication when the battery is low. (Screen brightness drops). The actual price is around 60 pounds, which is absolutely great value for money, I don’t know but I was really impressed by the capabilities of the unit. I’ll give this product thumbs up!


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