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DMTech LM Series LM20XV

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2008 19:26
      Very helpful


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      Great TV

      I just received my TV today and it looks great, The slimline design with the one Power switch on the front and speakers built in looks the part. The 20-inch screen is really good quality and is perfect for a kitchen or a bedroom but is too small for a living room.
      The sleek design is perfect for modern houses or old houses that are going for a comtempery look, my house was built in the 1800's and it looks great in the modern sun room.

      The TV is black and silver in colour and a blue light surrounds the power button when it is set on standby. Great for people who want to save energy as it helps let you know that it isnt fully switched off.
      It has a built in DVD player in the side that you just slot your disk into and can play DVD's and CD's containing pictures. The picture quality is just great for a small TV and I would really recommend it to everyone.

      NOT ONLY does I have a DVD player But it also has a built in freeview box which is extremely uncommon in small TV's but yes this one has it.
      This is really great as everything is built in saving space, and un-cluttering all the annoying cables and separate parts. The only Thing This great TV doesn't have is HD, but don't let that put you off as HD doesn't affect a small TV that much (it only really effects the picture on larger TV's).
      It is very Easy to install (if the Arial cables are already in place) Basically you just need to plug it in.

      It sits on a swivel stand so you can move it to face any direction you wish-I use this all the time as i can watch it while eating my tea or i swivel it round for relaxing on the couch.
      The remote control has loads of functions like wide screen etc that are so easy to use and easy to find on the remote unlike others I have seen. The channel guide makes it easy to look at what is on at the moment and what is coming on later so it is easy to decide what to watch without the need to buy TV listings magazines.

      On the back of the screen there are a number of ports for headphones, Handy for when other people are asleep. VCR, Which can be picked up really cheap now (if you don't already have one), for all those great films that aren't on DVD yet. And a port for external speakers such as surround sound or home cinema systems, which would really add to the effect of a great film. Personally I think the speakers that are built in are great for where I have mine.

      On the down side there is a really annoying beep/chime when you switch it on or off, i really cant find a use for this and it just gets on my nerves. Apart from that i dont really see much else that has gone wrong or that i dont like since i got it.

      If you are looking for a small TV then this should be a serious competitor and is well worth looking at.
      Over all this is a great TV with almost everything you would ever want in your kitchen or bedroom. Great picture and nice design
      Pure brilliance.


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