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Goodmans LD3266D LCD

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    1 Review
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      22.10.2011 11:25
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      LCD TV from Goodmans

      Goodmans LD3266D

      I purchased my Goodmans TV a couple of years ago when it was on special offer at just under £240.00, I bought it to replace an old CRT set which had well and truly seen better days and chose this model from Goodmans simply because of its price. 2 years on and my set is still going strong and is as reliable today as it was when I bought it, the 3266D is still available to buy online if you look around for it but as this review will hope to explain it wouldn't be a TV to rush out and order, here's why...

      How it Looks

      The 3266D from Goodmans has the appearance of countless other makes and models of TV's available nowadays, it has a piano-black glossy frame and sits on a fixed stand. It has a thin profile when viewed from the side and takes up little space in the corner of the room where mine is located although can be wall mounted if so desired. It's HD ready meaning that it can display images at 1080 resolution if you have a Sky HD box or a Blu Ray player and has a inbuilt digital tuner already installed for Freeview so a separate set-top box is not needed. The TV is not very heavy, probably a couple of kilograms in weight and can be lifted and moved easily enough. A single long speaker runs from one end of the TV to the other on it's front panel which produces a nice, clear sound and at the back of the TV are sockets for a single Scart and HDMI cables which I find to be a disappointment as I will explain later. As the model number suggests this has a 32" screen which I find to be just the right size for my room and comes supplied with a remote control although there are manual controls also located on the side of the TV if needed. It looks well made I have to admit, it has a sleek design which I like and although Goodmans may be considered to be one of the lower-end 'budget' brands this TV does have a look and feel of quality to it and it has been carefully constructed with nicely rounded edges and a high class finish.

      All in all for a £240.00 television from a known brand name I don't think the 3266D represents terrible value for money at all and for many people this would be ideal for their needs but for me I can't help feel a little bit disappointed by it. It's a lovely television to look at I must admit, it looks very stylish and modern and fits in well with the other items in my room - it's thin profile means that it doesn't take up much space and I do like the fact that I can move it around with little effort however I do think it's a shame that Goodmans decided to skimp in the connectivity area of the television as these days a single HDMI socket is nowhere near enough.

      My Thoughts

      The whole point of buying a HD ready television is that it allows you to watch films or TV programmes in high definition. right?, now this may be an obvious statement to make but the 3266D only allows you to connect 1 HD piece of technology to it. I have a BluRay player, XBox 360 and Sky HD box which have to be connected to my television for me to be able to watch or play and this television as it stands does not allow me to do this. I managed to get round the problem by buying a HDMI switch box which allows me to connect all 3 devices but realistically Goodmans should have provided more HMDI sockets in my opinion and this is the area of the 3266D which is a major let down for me.

      Everything else about the TV is fine, the picture quality is fantastic and the sound it produces is crisp and clear. Setting up the TV is easy, on screen menu's walk you through the process and the integrated digital tuner found all of the available Freeview channels in a matter of minutes. The supplied remote control looks of decent quality if not a little on the light side but it works fine and the tv responds to it without any issues and overall the 3266D does have a lot going for it. It's reliability cannot be questioned in my experience with it, I've had mine for a couple of years and it has withstood being moved from one property to another so it does travel well. It has been used every day, provided thousands of hours worth of viewing and is a nice television to look at and had it not been for the lack of HDMI inputs then my overall rating would have been higher and my recommendation of it would be been a lot stronger, sadly it's not perfect and my score here reflects my disappointment of it as a whole.

      That said for the price this TV costs nowadays (around £150 - £200) other people may find it to be a great buy, it's a stylish looking TV, it offers the Freeview channels without the need of a separate box and is HD ready so if you don't have the problem of needing multiple HDMI sockets then this could be a TV to consider. By the looks of things it is a discontinued model now from Goodmans so availability will be restricted to independent electrical stockists rather than the likes of Currys or Comet or there's always Ebay if you don't mind buying second hand.

      All things considered 3 stars seems a fair rating from me, I would have liked the TV to have had more HDMI sockets but the switch I bought has resolved that issue, for reliability and the sound and picture quality the 3266D gets the thumbs up from me and overall I do think that mine was a good-if-not-great buy.


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