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Hannspree Xv 37"

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    3 Reviews
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      07.06.2009 02:41
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      Don't be afraid to buy Hannspree

      I bought this LCD TV about a year ago and it's an absolutely brilliant TV. Firstly, not many people know that Hanspree or HannsG are a very large, international company. This company is owned by Hannstar (Currently ranked globally as top 7th TFT LCD panel manufacturer since 1998).This really shows, not only with the quality of the TV, but also the huge aftersales warranty that they offer (3 years, pick up and deliver to your chosen destination).

      I have not had any problems, whatsoever with the TV. In fact, I find it to be very user friendly. Besides all the usual TV features that you get, such as auto tuning etc, this model has built in Freeview and is HD ready (720p) and is able to upscale to 1080i with supporting hardware.

      The picture quality and sound (from 2 speakers is superb, 10 watts each) are outstanding. The 8ms response time, which makes for a much clearer, sharper image for a TV of this size and of this budget. Apparently, the quicker the response time the less chance there is of ghosting images on the TV.

      The stand is very sturdy, with a nice brushed metal feel. Installation is a doddle, just a few clicks, and you're ready to go. The remote control is very easy to use and you can get a replacement for £9.99.

      Pricewise, this is an absolute bargain. At the time, I got it for under £400 when they came out. Now you can get yourself one for in the range of £387-574 at directtvs.co.uk and dealtime.co.uk

      In terms of connection there are 2 HDMI, scart sockets, 1 Component In, 1 Composite In, 1 S-Video In, 1 PC/VGA In, 1 Headphone Connection. Some of these have been really useful, for example, when I wanted to connect my laptop to the TV.

      On the downside, picture in picture would have been a useful feature, considering the screen size. Also, the TV is heavier than some other 37inch TV's but I did not find this to be a problem. The TV does heat up after constant use, I wonder if that's a safety issue - especially if you're considering hanging it on the wall.

      All in all, a great buy, especially if you're on a budget and want some luxury.


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      09.03.2009 14:20
      Very helpful



      Read recommendation above

      This was my first HDTV, before I bought my KDL-32V4000 and to be honest, I'm surprised at the other review on this site... and it got a crown award!

      I would not recommend this set and I will explain why.

      It's big. Don't expect a light and slim flat panel to sit nicely on your stand as this simply won't. It's very heavy and the width is greater than I would have liked.

      In terms of gaming, this TV performs reasonably at best. It's definitely a lower end LCD in terms of picture quality. I had to do a fair bit of tweaking before I found it acceptable, but even then it still didn't look great. If you are thinking of buying this to watch Blu Ray... please re consider as you will be very disappointed and won't be able to appreciate the Blu Rays themselves.

      Looking back, I should have gone for quality over quantity and bought the KDL-32V4000 straight away instead of going through the hassle of taking this back to exchange it. They cost me around the same (got the sony in a sale), but the difference between this set and that... is HUGE.

      The worst aspect of the set is probably when using SD sources. Freeview looked terrible. The image was highly fuzzy and not what I was hoping for. Another large problem is only having one HDMI port. I had to keep switching over between my equipment which got tiresome.

      My recommendation: stay clear and buy a high quality 32" for the same price instead of this low quality 37".


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        06.09.2008 10:07
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A fantastic tv at a fantastic price!

        Having been on the lookout for a good LCD tv for some time, and being on somewhat of a budget, I came across the Hannspree XV LCD HDTV. I fancied something a little larger than my old 32", so I opted for the 37" version. I was a little nervous about spending so much money on a relatively unknown brand, but I had bought a Hanspree monitor a few months befoe, and had been very impressed with it, with no problems whatsoever. I had also done quite a lot of research online, and had yet to find a bad word said against them.

        I bought the tv for just under £400 from Amazon, towards the end of last year. At the time, LCD tv's were pretty much still being sold for well over £500, so it really did seem like a good deal. By now however, LCD tv's have decreased in price significantly. The tv arrived within a couple of days, as always, with Amazon's excellent delivery service, and came well packaged in an extremely large box. The tv was very heavy, and lifting & positioning it was a two man job. The set-up and installation process was very easy, and I had the tv up and running within about 15 minutes.

        The tv itself looks fantastic. It comes in a sleek black glossy finish, and has a high quality design that is very similar to the brilliant Samsung tv look. The speakers are positioned horizontally across the bottom of the screen, and the manual control buttons are placed on top of the tv. The picture quality is outstanding. Being that the tv is not a top branded make, I somehow expected the picture quality to suffer a little, but I cannot fault it one bit. Even now, nearly a year on, the picture quality has not deteriorated one bit. I have seen HDTV's that actually reduce the quality of standard definition pictures, but I can have no complaints about this picture.

        For anyone unsure about upgrading to a 37" from their old customary 32", let me tell you, a 37" tv looks fantastic. If you have the room, and your living room isn't too small, then a 37" is a must. The size of the screen simply blows you away, and watching movies or sport on a stunner like this is awesome. I had reservations at first, but having gone for a few trips to some high street shops to take a look at a few, realised that it would not look silly, or out of place .. and I wasn't wrong. Going for a 37" was the best decision I believe I have made regarding the tv, as this model does also come in a 32".

        I am not much of a spec guy, but they are very important to some people nevertheless, so here goes. The tv has a very good 1366 x 768 pixel resolution, which in turn outputs a nice 720p crisp, flicker free picture. It has a contrast ration of 1200:1, which is decent, but very good for the price. The 8ms response time means that blurred pictures or ghosting is kept to a minimum. The tv has plenty of input / output ports, including 2 HDMI ports and 2 scart ports for all your dvd & gaming needs, and even has a pc input port that can turn the tv into an enormous pc monitor.

        The contrast ratio is very important, and I find that in order to get the best picture available, tweaking the tv settings is a must. This tv has, as you would expect, all the available settings you need to be able to adjust the picture for optimal performance, such as contrast, colour, brightness etc. There are many internet sites with guides available on how to ajdust your tv's settings to find the best picture, even using a normal dvd to help. I always do this with a new tv, and having done so extremely easy with the Hannspree, found the picture to be excellent.

        The majority of my viewing has been done in standard definition, since I don't have a HD subscription through my Sky, however I have played many HD dvd's and the picture is superb. Being that this is my first HDTV, it's difficult for me to compare the tv's HD capability with any other, but all I can say is that the HD picture produced by this little gem nearly had me in tears. The tv does have a downside though, since it only receives an analogue signal, not digital. Personally, this has no bearing on myself, since I have Sky, however this is certainly something worth noting should you wish to buy one. If you do have Sky, or a digital set top box, then this shouldn't matter too much. I cannot comment too much on the sound quality, as I have always used my surround sound system instead of the tv's speakers. However to get optimal sound performance from any tv requires 5.1 surround sound.

        I have yet to find a bad review on this tv, and you certainly won't get one from me. A disadvantage that it does have possibly, is that it is not a new tv. It has now been around for some time, and as you will know technology seems to improve each day. However, this tv can now be bought for under £350, which for a 37" LCD HDTV is some bargain, and probably one of the lowest prices available for this kind of tv. This tv has appeared in numerous best but articles, and also on HotUKdeals.com. This is a quality tv, and I would not let the brand put you off. Hannspree are a top quality manufacturer, who make top quality products .. this tv is proof of that.


        Product Description: Hannspree Xv 37" LCD TV
        Product Type: LCD TV
        Diagonal Size: 37" - widescreen
        Dimensions (WxDxH): 94.1 cm x 29.5 cm x 72.6 cm
        Weight: 25.4 kg
        Digital Television Certification: HD ready
        Resolution: 1366 x 768
        Display Format: 720p
        Input Video Formats: 720p, 1080i
        Video Interface: Component, composite, HDMI, S-Video, SCART
        PC Interface: VGA (HD-15)
        Technology: TFT active matrix
        Progressive: Scan Yes
        Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
        Analogue TV Tuner: PAL, SECAM
        Sound Output Mode: Stereo
        Speaker System: 2 speakers
        Remote Control: Remote control - infrared
        Power AC: 120/230 V

        Many sites have dis-continued selling this tv, due to a newer, more expensive model having been released by Hanspree. However, there are still some sites that do still stock it, and here are some of the best prices I have found for it:

        www.kikatec.com £317.91
        www.xcase.co.uk £339.00
        www.advancetec.co.uk £345.00
        www.saverstore.com £348.73
        www.pyramid.com £349.00


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