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Hannspree Xv HT09-28E1-000

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    1 Review
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      12.06.2010 13:10
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      A Fantastic Television From Hannspree At A Fantastic Price.

      After much deliberation last year I decided to purchase an LCD HD TV. As we currently live at home I wanted something that was going to be large enough for us both to comfortably watch from bed and yet not so large that I had a constant headache from the huge lights and picture that my previous 40" inch TV seemed to give off.

      I purchased a full HD 1080p LCD TV from Hannspree with built in Freeview and paid £309.00 at the time although this particular model is now available from Amazon for just £249.08 (down from it's usual price of £299.00) which makes it an absolute bargain. Although I did think the price I paid was a bargain as while this is 28" and not 32" inch it was over £100 cheaper than the next model with all the features that I wanted (1080p rather than 720).

      When I received my TV it was well packaged in a box, stood upright, with lots of polystyrene and a cellophane cover all over the TV covering the front, back & sides. The only minor snag I had was that when I removed the cellophane a very small piece got caught under the stand and has remained there ever since despite numerous attempts to remove it with tweezers (under fear of scratching the TV).

      The setup was very simple, I literally unpackaged the TV, placed it on my desk, plugged the power in and turned it on. Upon turn on I was invited to search for and install the Freeview channels which I did. I picked up all of the channels that I am always able to pick up with no problems at all and everything was promptly installed and ready to use in the correct order that it should be. I have found with previous separate Freeview boxes that I have used that the channels are not always in the correct numerical order and I find this quite frustrating when trying to look for the usual Analog channels and never knowing where in the list they are so I can see at a glance what is showing on each of my favourite channels.

      The dimensions of this TV are (Width - Depth - Height) 67.3cm - 8.9cm - 49cm and this is without the stand (as I use it) you could purchase a stand or a bracket for this but I have never bothered because it sits comfortably on the top of my desk and is out of harms reach there if anyone comes in to my room crashing around. I will eventually purchase a stand for this once I have a new flat and these are currently available for around £45-£50 which is quite reasonable as they tend to have room for other items such as Xbox & DVD etc. I believe the weight of the TV is around 8kg and again this is perfectly reasonable as I was able to pick up the TV and move it myself with no difficulty at all.

      There are 2 HDMI ports, 1 VGA port, 1 Scart port, 2 audio line-in ports (RCA phono x 2 & mini-phone stereo 3.5mm), 1 headphone jack, 2 composite video input port (RCA phono & RCA phono x3). This means we are able to have the Wii, Xbox and a laptop all connected to the TV at one time without having to move wires and keep moving the TV to unplug things whenever we want to use something different. The input video formats that are supported are 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 480i, 576i and 576p so this should support all of your video related needs whether it's working your Wii, Xbox or streaming live video from your laptop to your TV screen for the whole family to watch (Windows 7 PC may be required for wireless use).

      There is a remote provided with this TV and it has all the usual features you'd expect, turn on/off, change input channel, select channel number, menu, text, mute, sound change, volume up/down, programme up/down, hold, reveal, subtitle, favourite, freeze, aspect, picture size, sleep, index etc. There are lots of features that work very well with this TV and one of the ones that I have used frequently over the last year is the sleep function which enables you to put the TV on to standby after an allotted time. I have found this useful when I feel tired at night and I don't want to leave the TV on all night yet I know I am going to fall asleep before I actually want to get up and turn it on. The increments are 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 and 120 minutes which should be enough for all your needs and this is a fantastic way to decide how much more television your children or nieces & nephews (in my case) can watch before the TV turns off and both the remote and the buttons on the side of the TV are out of reach. The subtitles function is another fantastic one as I can just press the button and the subtitles will be turned on instantly rather than loading up teletext and then selecting page 888.

      Overall I have been very pleased with the quality of this television, the setup was simple, the Freeview installed well and it seems to have ports for everything that I have purchased to use in conjunction with it in the past year. I don't have to keep unplugging everything because there are lots of ports for all my needs. The picture quality is fantastic and while we do not actually watch lots of high definition programmes at the moment we do watch some high definition and blu-ray films on this and find the quality to be mindblowing. I have also found that the usual analog and Freeview channels have a far clearer picture and the sound quality is much better on this than on my previous television. The design of the TV is quite nice with it's shiny black edges and a long silver section along the bottom which means that if I do knock the TV with anything on my desk it does not show up scratches or marks. I find this very easy to clean as well as I just use a polishing cloth over the front of the screen and on the sides and this is good enough to remove any marks and keep it shiny and dust free.

      The price of the TV was initially enough to make me a little bit suspicious of purchasing it just because it was so much cheaper than the other brands out there and was not a brand that I had actually heard of before. After a whole year of using this television I have had absolutely no problems with sound or vision and it does get used most days for several hours, sometimes a lot more depending on what we are doing at the time. I have used two laptops, an xbox a wii and my digital camera with this now and I have never had any issues using these either. When I plug one of my laptops in to this it runs from a HDMI to HDMI cable and this allows the sound and picture to come through the television with just a seconds delay, the other laptop runs wirelessly through the windows media centre in conjunction with my Xbox 360 and this works snag free and with no lag at all which is very pleasing. I find that documents are displayed very well on the TV from my laptop and it makes spreadsheet work a lot simpler for me if I don't have my glasses with me or just don't want to put them on.

      If you are looking for a reasonably priced second TV or even a TV for your lounge then you really can't go wrong with this product by Hannspree as it usually comes with a 2 year warranty as standard although I cannot comment on this as I have not needed to make a claim. I have not had any stuck pixels over the last year either which is fantastic as it is quite well used.

      The only minor niggle I have is that when you turn off the TV it remains on standby which uses almost as much electric as being left on continuously. I find myself getting out of bed to turn off the extension lead that it runs from just to prevent me worrying all night about electricity bills or the TV catching fire. Although I must add that I have left it on plenty of times and there have been no problems at all with it.

      One comment that I must add is that this TV is quite light when unpacking it and it can take you by surprise if you have recently lugged your old large TV down the stairs! Take care when unpacking this as I did read a few reviews before purchasing where people were complaining about how light this was and how they tipped it over when unpacking it. I did no such thing but then I was prepared for it to be very light after the comments I had read. As this is designed to go on a wall bracket it's fantastic how light it is as you won't be worrying about it falling off your wall all the time.

      This TV gets a firm 5/5 for me as it fills all the criteria that I needed at the time, size, weight, price & features. I have had no problems with the television at all and it is being watched as I write this review. I would firmly recommend it to anybody who is in the market for a new LCD HD TV as the picture quality is fantastic with resolution of 1920 x 1200 and this TV really was one that covered everything I was looking for and has been fantastic for us and we will continue to use it until it can go on no more. I do think that'll be a while yet though based on the first year of use!

      I must add that there was a manual provided with this TV but I never read it so can't comment on the quality of the instructions.


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