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Hitachi L32VP03

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    4 Reviews
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      02.10.2013 14:32
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      works as well as it looks.

      When setting up home with my hubby one of things neither of us was a decent telly so it was one of the things we wanted to buy. We needed a shiny new telly for our shiny brand new home. We ended up with this Hitachi model.

      We paid around £400 for this television in currys and also bought a matching television stand in black glass to go with it as at the time they had a deal on when you bought both.

      I was sold as its black and shiny looking which went with my front room and hubby was sold as it was HD ready with built in freeview and full 1080 HD. Typical male/female view point I tend to find! I was also happy as at 32 inches its not too big that it takes up my whole wall but its big enough that you get the benefit of the high definition.

      The television came with the screen, a remote, batteries for the remote, a quick start guide and a built in stand for the screen (the tv can also be wall mounted. ).

      The television was really simple to set up once everything was plugged in. It quickly scanned for all the channels and set up freeview for us and we were ready to go.
      The remote is easy to use and understand and incase you can't find it or the baby has taken to playing with it you can do most things with the buttons on the side of the screen.
      The picture quality is good and we have never had any issues with the picture quality in the 4 years we have had it.
      The sound quality is also really good and there is a good range of sound volume levels too.

      The telly feels pretty sturdy when its stood on its stand and we have moved house with it with no issues what so ever; nothing fell off or broke on us!

      For me it does everything I want it to do and makes it simple for me to do it as I am not the most technical minded.

      Overall I have been really impressed with the quality of this television especially as it was one of the cheaper options at the time. We had never owned anything made by Hitachi but I've been really impressed by this product. Its totally reliable and after 4 years has still never let us down.
      I'd happily recommend it to anyone and purchase a Hitachi television again when the time comes to upgrade this current one.
      I give it 5 stars as I can't find any reason to deduct a star for any reason.


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      08.07.2012 00:30


      • Reliability


      Definitely recommend- great picture, great everything!

      We bought this LCD 32" TV for £400; with it's appealing black and shiny style.
      Opening the box, it comes with: a remote control; 2 AAA batteries; an instruction book; a quick guide; a cable holder; and a matching stand.
      It comes with built in digital TV, and has full HD 1080- you can tell.
      Despite it not being the most recent TV (buying it in 2009) it has definitely been the most reliable!
      Furthermore, comparing it to our more recent purchase of a 50" plasma, it by far outshines it! The picture quality is just outstanding; we didn't have to change the colour, the brightness or any other options in order for it to suit us- it was great already!
      This TV did sit in our living room, yet since getting our LG plasma (which i have already reviewed) this Hitachi has now been moved to our kitchen- yet to be honest, we would prefer it to be the other way round, yet with the size of rooms and where we watch the most TV, it seems more appropriate to have the LG in our living room.
      Despite this being a rather short review (lacking on the technical knowledge due to having this TV for a while and losing the information booklets) I can't see us getting rid of this TV any time soon, we have had no technical problems with it what so ever, it is the perfect TV by far!


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      26.01.2011 08:51
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      I love my purchase

      Please bear with me....this is not going to be a super technical review, I am not technical in the slightest but I am going to try my best!

      So, ever since I split up with my husband back in April 2009 I have been making do with HUGE old fashioned televisions and most of the time they were pretty wonky. When my last television started spitting the scart lead out of the back of it quite randomly I decided it was time for a new television and as there were lots of sales on I thought it would be a good time to buy one.

      When I was in argos I spotted they had a 32" Hitachi LCD colour television for just £249.99. I didn't buy the television there and then as to me that is still a lot of money to shell out as a single mum but as I went home and thought about it I realised that it was a decent price for a brand I was aware of and so I ordered it online to be delivered later on in the week.

      When the television arrived it was packed in a large cardboard box with a picture of the product on the front along with the brand name and a few details about the television too. When I opened up the box I realised that the television was securely packed inside with plastic covers as protection and polystyrene holding it in tightly.

      I removed the television from the box and all the packaging and sat there for a few minutes just thinking how smart it looked compared to my old television. The television is a black shiny material like many of the LCD televisions are and I just think they look so modern and cool. The television has a stand at the bottom on which it rests when on your Television unit.

      I firstly made sure that I had the remote control ready for use with the television and so I just had to remove the back of the remote and add the 2 AAA batteries which were provided with the remote. Once I had done this I was ready to set up the television and so I put it on to my television unit and plugged in the socket to the mains power supply.

      On the side of the television there is a switch for you to switch the television on and off so you are not always having it on stand by when not in use and so to begin you must flick this on. The set up of the television from here on is really simple as it detects that it is the first time it has been switched on and so it takes you through the set up on screen step by step. As the television has built in digital channels it will also take you through searching for those which is really handy.

      Now I have Sky installed in my house, as well as a DVD player and a Wii console all of which needed to be attached to the television and here was where I had my first issues. The television actually only has one scart socket alongside two HDMI sockets. Neither my sky plus box nor my dvd player have HDMI ports and so I was struggling with just the one scart. Now obviously this was probably something I should have checked out first but I am a girl and didn't think of that! I have a scart extender and so we plugged that into the television plugging in all the other scarts into the extender. Sadly, we found that if my dvd scart was plugged in I had no sound on sky and so I am constantly having to mess around if I want to watch a dvd which is a bit of a pain for me. Various friends have looked at the set up for me and are a bit stumped as to what I could actually do that would be any different!

      The picture on the television, to me, is exceptional. I have been used to watching an old fashioned big television and things just seem so much clearer on the flat screen now. The colours all seem to be much brighter and well it is all just better to be honest! I can only compare this television with the picture quality on my exes and my parents Samsung televisions and this is just as good in my opinion. On your remote you have the option to change the zoom modes on the screen so you can always get the best possible viewing experience from your television. The sound on the television to me also seems much clearer and I don't need to have the volume as high as I did when I was using an old television.

      The remote control is very easy to use and to understand although I tend to only really use it to switch the television on and off and to change the volume as I watch my television through sky so I use the sky remote for all things related to that. It is handy to know that the television does have built in freeview should my sky ever pack in or I decide to get rid of it too. Within the digital channel you can look at teletext, an early programme guide etc.

      I have found this television to be of great quality and to be honest the only let down for me is that it only has one scart socket. I know it is my own fault for not checking this out first but if anyone has any recommendations or advice as to how I could perhaps rectify the strange issues I have had with the scart extender I would love to hear from you!

      I think the price of the television is brilliant considering the brand is decent too and so I am happy with my purchase and hope that you have found my review of some use. I have included a list of features from the manual for your information:

      Remote controlled colour LCD tTV
      Fully integrated digital TV
      HDMI connector for digital video and audio
      200 programmes from VHF, UHF analogue
      500 programmes for digital mode
      OSD menu system
      Scart socket for external devices
      Stereo sound system
      Headphone connection
      Sleep timer
      Child lock
      TV automatically switches to standby after 5 minutes of no valid signal
      Plug and play for Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista
      Game mode


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        10.09.2010 03:22



        Beautiful HD television, shame about the rain though

        I have to say that i was quite surprised when my dad had this big Hitachi television stashed upstairs because he had already bought a huge plasma television downstairs - greed i guess. But anyways, the Hitachi was wide and since HD has been getting popular lately, this television was prepared to be in HD full-time rather than just the odd channels like how Sky provides for some extra pounds on top of your Sky package.
        The best thing about this television was not only its size but also the HD pixels which refused to disintegrate into a grainy mess which televisions with no HD or GPS would usually commence towards doing. Also, because the television is already in HD, channels such as channel 4 HD, BBC HD and other HD channels would be further enhanced and it felt like i was actually in the room of the drama or film which is excellent i think.
        However, the only problem is that you have to make sure that the HDMI wire is plugged into another electronic device such as your playstation 3 (if you have one), a DVD player (which is what i'm doing at the moment as my brother has permanently removed the Playstation 3 for games purposes!). If you don't do this, then an annoying message will constantly come up saying that it has no satellite signal, thus you miss out on watching your favourite show (or just some mindless tv, dunno its your choice). Also, because of its size, if you wanted to move it to another room or if you are moving out from your home, it would take more than one person to lag that around which i assume anyone would find annoying but unless you find breaking your back a piece of cake then go ahead, pick it up like it was a child's toy.
        Apart from that, viewer-ship is excellent, no need to worry about whether you will be able to make out what you're watching and the standard of the screen image is beyond excellence (although i may be over-rating it a little here). Just take heed of my drawbacks and try it out, i did and it works for me.


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