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Kogan LED TV & DVD Player Combo

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Brand: Kogan / Television Diagonal Size: 24 in / Television Display Format: 1080p (FullHD)

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    1 Review
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      05.09.2013 15:21
      Very helpful



      Feature packed but let down in one important area...

      When asked what he should buy his grandson for his recent birthday I suggested to my dad that a bedroom television would be a good idea. Though he's only just turned 1 year old my little boy likes watching cartoons and listening to music, he already has quite a collection of kiddie DVDs and as the majority of his toys are in his bedroom I thought it would be nice for us to have a bit of background noise going on in there when he wanted to play with his toys and it would also serve as a distraction for him if needed. It was left to me to decide on the model and size of TV to buy, my dad gave me an idea of what he wanted to spend and after looking at the usual electrical stores I was pretty much spoiled for choice. Ideally I wanted a TV that had a built in DVD player which could be wall mounted as anything that could be in reach for my son would be too much of a temptation to touch and potentially break. A decent size screen was a consideration too as I didn't want anything too big that it dominated his room nor did I want something too small that would look silly when mounted on his wall and finally I had to consider the price as it was someone elses money I was spending. You may not have heard of the brand Kogan, I certainly hadn't when I spotted a recommendation on another website but I was tempted to look at their online pages when the "Which" review I read gave a rather glowing report on a TV they had tested. This 24" LCD TV immediately took my eye, it was slightly bigger in screen size than I originally wanted but the fact that it was a TV/DVD combo complete with PVR capability (Personal Video Recorder) available at a sale price of just £109.00 tempted me into giving it a shot. For less than £110 it was by far the lowest price, highest specification TV I'd found whilst looking but had concerns that maybe it was just too good to be true, for that price I wondered what the catch was however what swung the decision to buy for me was the "Which" recommendation. They know what they're talking about, right? Well, let's see... This is glossy-blacked framed, thin in width LED TV. It arrived well packaged in a branded 'Kogan' box comprising the TV itself and a separate stand. As I was wall-mounting mine I didn't need to attach the stand but it would have been held in place by a couple of supplied screws which would have taken only a few seconds to secure into place. It is VESA compatible for wall mounting (this is the universal standard that you need to look for when buying a bracket) and the holes at the back of the TV lined up perfectly with my TV bracket that I bought separately and again the supplied screws were easy to attach, held firmly and caused no problems whatsoever. The overall look of the TV is nothing remarkable, it looks the same as every other TV you'd be likely to buy these days with its glossy black frame however I do like it's appearance, it looks smart and being extremely thin it wall-mounts perfectly and looks rather good in my son's bedroom. The TV is full 1080 HD and has Freeview already installed, setting it up took a few minutes but the onscreen guide and menu is easy to navigate and once attached to an exterior aerial it doesn't take very long to find the available TV stations. Now that the analogue TV signal has been turned off in the majority of places TV's have to locate a Digital transmission and this Kogan TV set is quick to find them and store once the initial set up is completed. The uncomplicated set-up impressed me and certainly allayed my earlier concerns that corners might have been cut given it's low price tag but as far as tuning in the TV there were no problems whatsoever. The picture quality is extremely good, much better than I was anticipating and though I don't have my son's TV hooked up to a HD sky or cable box I'm more than impressed with how it displays regular TV channels and can find nothing to criticise there. Its 24" screen is clear, the colours are distinguishable and there is no shadowing bleeding of the colours and television programmes and DVDs are beautifully presented with clear, crisp images. The supplied remote control is a bit 'laggy' it's not quite as responsive as some others that I've had for my televisions but it doesn't take too long to get used to it and appearance wise it's well designed and easy to use. The built-in DVD player is located on the right hand side outer edge of the TV frame, there are buttons that can activate it or it can be controlled by the supplied remote control. The tray feels OK when it's ejected but not terribly strong I don't think though I don't think it's a fault as such with the equipment and more a similarity that seems to be common for a lot of TV/DVD combi's and something that I've noticed on other models too. The DVD player is responsive once you work out which way to put a disc in and takes only a few seconds to be recognised before playback begins. Though advertised as a TV with PVR you do need a memory stick to get this feature to work so you can't actually rewind, record or pause live TV without one as there is no internal memory on the TV itself. This isn't too much of a problem for me as I didn't buy the TV for this feature and my son has no need for it anyway though I have tried it with a memory stick and these functions do work should this be a consideration for others. The fact that the option is there is a good thing I think and again for the money it cost to buy I do think that this is a very nice additional feature that you might not expect from a budget price TV so another area that gets the thumbs up from me. It all sounds good up to now I'm sure you will agree? however there had to be a "but" didn't there, and here it is. The sound quality. Simply put: it's not great. Because the TV is as thin as it is its speakers are located on the bottom of the frame and they produce a real "tinny" sound. When first switched on and a TV channel is selected it takes a few minutes for the sound to develop and even then it's still quite thin and tinny. I can live with it, my son doesn't mind it at all but as I'm used to better sounding equipment the difference in quality is obvious to me and it lacks the depth and warmth that I'm used to. I do think that to get the best out of this TV it definitely needs some sort of sound bar or external speakers attaching to it and although I can put up with the sound quality it provides without the need of buying something else I do think that this is by far it's worst area and the only thing that lets it down. For me when it comes to buying a TV the picture and sound quality are the two main areas that I look for and whilst there are no complaints whatsoever with the picture quality I can't stress strongly enough how disappointing it sounds. I think that compromises have had to be made to manufacture an ultra-thin, ultra modern-looking TV/DVD combi unit and that Kogan almost got it spot on with this model however it's not something that I would recommend to others for their living room as their main TV and I do think that it is better off as a second (or third) one for the bedroom. Overall though I can't complain too much about this TV from Kogan and anyone less fussy than me would be able to live with the sound quality it provides knowing that they got themselves a bit of a bargain. For the £109 it cost I do think it's worth the money, sound quality issues aside, and in all other areas I think it's extremely good value for money considering it's a full HD, Freeview installed, TV DVD combination with an inbuilt PVR. Compared to better known brand names it offers a lot though for me it's not quite perfect therefore doesn't get a five star rating from me here though it would have done had it not been for the poor sound output. Thanks for reading my review. http://www.kogan.com/uk/


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