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LG 22LH2000

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    7 Reviews
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      22.01.2012 17:45
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Quality LG LCD widescreen TV at a great price

      I bought the LG22LH200 to replace a Samsung TV and video combi we used as a second set for those times when we want to watch different things.

      For that reason I was looking for an LCD TV something of a decent size at a reasonable price and the LG fit the bill. I also chose this because I have a large LG monitor and was very impressed with the picture quality on that.

      Packaging and set up
      This came in a box and the first thing I noticed was that I was able to carry this unaided to my car as it only weights 4.6KG. Not something I could say about the Samsung it replaced which was built like a tank.

      Set up was really easy , basically take it out of the box and attach the TV to the stand and fix it with the bolts supplied. I managed that myself without any assistance , which means it must be easy because I am not the best at figuring out how to put things together. It also comes with cable management accessories , which I did not bother with - think I would have needed hubby for that as I have no comprehension skills when it comes to diagrams and what he says is the obvious way things fit together.

      To connect simply attach the aerial and power connector into the back of the TV and plug into a wall socket.
      The remote control comes with batteries , pop those in and you are ready to switch on.

      Setup is completed automatically once you switch on and it took very little time and then it was good to go. As I recall the only issue was with the analogue channels ( now defunct) which I set up manually, because it was quicker to navigate between analogue and the digital channels on this TV.
      I am if I say so myself pretty adept at setting TV's up and connecting SKy DVDs Videos Digital boxes to them as in our household that is my responsibility, but I don't think you need to be that skilled as most things that used to be performed manually at set-up are now pretty much automated.

      This came with user manuals and a CD guide. I used the manual which was easy to follow.

      The TV
      This is a really smart 22" LCD widescreen TV in a piano black finish.
      It is HD ready (1366 x 768) resolution and a Dynamic Contrast Ration of 8000:1 and Brightness of 350cd/m2. That only means something to me when I am looking to buy something and doing comparisons of specifications. The picture quality is fantastic in my opinion.
      It has clear voice technology and invisible speakers and there are 2 scarts, an HDMI , PC input composite and headphone sockets.
      This is also energy saving and at the time of purchase the LG was recommended and certified by the Energy Saving Trust
      The remote control has all the usual selections you would find on most models.

      What Do I think
      When we bought this , we really wanted to buy a 26" model but at the time there was a significant price jump between the smaller sets and we could have probably bought a 32" set cheaper than the 26" models that were around.
      I did not want a massive TV as it would not have fit easily and would have dominated the small room we wanted it for. To be honest I am not a massive fan ( no pun intended) of really large screen TV's in small rooms and whatever size I purchase I want it to look aesthetically pleasing with picture quality a priority.

      This looks great and has excellent picture quality and I won't be looking to replace this until it gives up the ghost. Sound quality is not a primary concern for me. Again for me I don't want cinema surround sound quality when I am watching Homes under the Hammer or Escape to the Country, so for me I have no issues with the sound quality.

      I have a DVD recorder connected into one of the scart sockets, again easy to set up , but I haven't used any of the other sockets, but if you do need them I think this offers a good selection. It wasn't a factor in my decision to buy this, I did note it had 2 scarts unlike other brands.
      This was a few years ago and at that time 2 scarts and other connectivity did not come as standard on this size TV.
      I find the remote OK , some of the buttons are on the small size and unlike other remotes where after a while you can navigate without reading the buttons, some of these are too small , particularly the TV guide and info.
      The TV guide on the set is black and white and I don't find it as easy to read as the guide on the DVD recorder and Sky, perhaps because it is black and white and that seems to make it harder to read and the letter size is smaller. This isn't a major issue for me as I use the guide on the DVD , but for anyone with poor eyesight it could be improved.

      Would I Recommend
      Yes , this is a great 22" TV which offers good connectivity for DVD , Blue Ray and PCs. It has a really smart finish in piano black, which has worn well. It looks really stylish and will fit well into any size room.
      Picture quality is excellent , initial set-up is straightforward and connecting other devices is easy. You don't feel like you are watching the 'second' TV or I don't, but I guess if your other TVs are monster sizes perhaps you would!

      A quality TV that gets a well deserved 5 stars from me. This is also highly rated on Amazon with 89 5 star and 32 4 star reviews. there are some 3 , 2 and 1 star reviews 4 of each .

      Price and Availability
      This model can still be found for £150 from online retailors and I think it is a great buy if you can get hold of one at that price.
      This model has been updated to a newer model 22LK33OU at £185- £210.


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      14.12.2011 19:07
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Excellent TV for a bedroom - but be warned - it's not future proof!

      Technology moves at such a fast pace these days that something you bought only a year ago can quickly become outdated. I bought my daughter her first bedroom TV in 2008 and it was a pretty pink Marks & Spencer 15" model which she loved. Unfortunately, despite a price tag at just over £200, it didn't have any HDMI slots so with the advent of BluRay and high definition TV it quickly become outdated.

      Last year when we moved house I decided to upgrade her bedroom TV and after some browsing in electrical stores spied upon the LG 22 LH2000 in Comet. The TV was an ex display model so I was able to pick it up for the reduced price of £169 but this meant I received no packaging when I bought the TV - all I got was the TV and the remote control. Comet did send me a user manual but that didn't arrive until several weeks after purchase.


      This TV is an LCD HD ready TV with a resolution of 1366 x 768, display format of 720 p and speaker output of 2 x 3 watts. The screen size is 22 inches and TV dimensions are 53.4 X 35.7 X 6.5 cm and a weight of just 4.6 kilos.

      The TV has a standard definition Freeview tuner built in.

      Connectivity is as follows:-

      * 1 HDMI slot
      * 2 SCART slots
      * 1 component video input
      * 1 composite video/audio input
      * 1 digital video output (optical)

      You can also use this set as a computer monitor.

      ~~Set Up~~

      Considering I had no manual when I received this TV, I found set up fairly straightforward. When I first bought the TV it was used purely for my daughter to watch movies on her BluRay player and play games on her Wii however and it wasn't until I got satellite TV installed a couple of weeks after purchase that we used it for watching TV.

      Switching on the TV is easy. There is a switch at the back of the set which powers the whole thing on and off and then there is a standby button at the top of the set and on the remote control. When the TV is in standby mode there is a small red light visible on the bottom right hand side of the set. This turns blue when the TV comes on.

      Setting the TV up for the BluRay was really easy and involved merely plugging in the HDMI cable but because this TV is HD ready the Wii didn't work using the original composite cables that came with it. I didn't know this so it meant my daughter had to wait a little longer to use her Wii until I could get a component cable to connect her console to the TV.

      When the satellite TV was connected another problem had to be dealt with - I had elected to get her an HD box but because this TV only has one HDMI slot I had to get an adaptor which enables two HDMI devices to run from one slot.

      Generally this is a fairly intuitive TV to set up however - every issue I came across during this process was easily solved with the help of a little experience, common sense, Google and a reminder that setting up a TV these days is a piece of cake compared to tuning a video recorder into an analogue TV.

      ~~Picture Quality~~

      I have to say from the very off that I cannot review the picture quality on this television with regard to the built in Freeview tuner as I have never actually used it. However when using the television to watch Freesat transmissions in both standard definition and high definition picture quality is good although it goes without saying it's markedly better in HD.

      The difference between standard definition DVD and BluRay content isn't quite so markedly noticeable but you can still spot the jump in quality when watching a BluRay.

      The picture is generally fairly sharp and the contrast level between colours is excellent. You can adjust the picture settings using the "Input" button on the remote control.

      ~~Sound Quality~~

      Generally I tend to be disappointed with sound quality on television sets which would explain why I have a home cinema system linked up to the main TV in my home. However I have to say I have been impressed with the sound that comes from this set and while it probably isn't quite up to the standards I would expect in my living room, for a bedroom TV the sound is excellent.

      LG have included Clear Voice 2 Technology on this set and this is ideal if you struggle to hear voices over background noises as it's designed to bring those voices up to the forefront. This is an optional feature and is easy to access using the "Input" button on the remote control.

      ~~My Thoughts~~

      This has proved to be a great buy for a bedroom TV but it's not without some issues. Firstly, the TV does have a USB slot but you can't actually use it to view any media as it's there purely for software updates. Secondly, there's no Ethernet slot so there's no possibility of internet connectivity.

      It's also rather annoying how this set only has one HDMI slot but when I bought this TV you had to pay considerably more for a smaller screen set with more than one. The adaptor I bought to enable the TV to handle two HDMI devices was only about £15 and doesn't result in any loss of picture or sound quality however.

      The TV comes on a stand but it doesn't swivel so once you have positioned your TV the whole thing has to be moved if you want to look at things from a different angle. The TV does look good however - in spite of the amount of plastic in the casing but as is the case with most black TV sets, it's a dust magnet.

      The options you have on the TV menu include set up, sound, picture and lock. I have opted not to put a lock on this TV as my daughter tends to watch music channels and little else but it's a good option to have. You can also use this option to block specific channels.

      I like how the TV has a so-called "Q Menu" which enables you to access the more popular options on the regular menu with one quick press of the remote control button. This is good if you want to change something quickly, such as changing the brightness levels or if you want to use the Energy Saving Option.

      The Energy Saving Option is a good idea but all it does is change the brightness level on the TV's backlight but anything which saves money has to be helpful.

      The picture quality overall is excellent and while it's never going to be as good as a full HD television set there's nothing really to grumble about except perhaps if you watch a lot of sport as this isn't designed to cope with the fast moving pace of a football match or athletes sprinting in the way some of the more expensive TVs with 100 mhz processing are. Having said all that, I haven't noticed much in the way of motion blurring when watching this set.

      The thing that has surprised me most about this set is the sound quality. I had my daughter's old TV set hooked up to speakers because the sound was so poor but there's been no need to do that with the LG. The sound is clear and true, with none of the awful tinniness which was so evident on her old television. I really do have to hand it to LG for not overlooking sound quality as so many other manufacturers do.


      For the price I paid for this set I have to say that I have been delighted with my buy. I do have some minor niggles with it but most are down to technology once again moving on and bearing all that in mind I wouldn't recommend this TV as the main set in your home. You would be better looking for something a little more future proof with more HDMI slots and a fully functional USB slot amongst other features.

      For a bedroom however, this is almost perfect. The size is good, the connectivity is decent (with just one star knocked off due to that solitary HDMI slot) but more importantly the picture quality and sound quality are outstanding. The TV handles high definition pictures brilliantly and is easy and intuitive to use, meaning I can highly recommend this set.


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        24.07.2011 20:57
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        Im glad i bought it and if i bought a bigger version, i would stay with same brand, LG!

        I am a dvd addict, i am constantly buying new dvd's in bulk! So i needed a good television to enjoy watching them on.

        I heard about the brand LG quite a while ago and not know much about technology etc i took other people's opinion as gospal! Recentley i've heard a lot about LG and how much of a good investment their products are. My sister owns a mobile mage by them, and myself and my brother both own a music system by them too. Even though i did not take into account that my hi-fi was LG i started looking at LG branded televisions as my tv at that time was so outdated and has a tiny screen that it was hard to watch movies on with out a pair of glasses. I put up with my little 'box-like' tv for longer than i should of and decided the time was right!

        What helped me make my decision in buying this brand of television was the fact that my father, brother and sister had all recently updated their televisons and purchased a LG tv in various different sizes!

        I decided to get the 22" screen as it was only for my bedrrom so didnt want to go too over the top and try and fit a cnema scrren into my small room.

        The 22" screen was the perfect size as it was a LOT bigger than my pervious tv and can watch it easily lying on my bed the other side of the room. The fact that it is flat scrren means it takes up sooo much less room and looks a lot more stylish! When i unpacked the screen i also found out that they had included a stand for it to sit on a surface and also the equipmenat to fix it securely to a wall. I would have loved to have out it on my bedroom wall but there was no room with my shelving in the way! But it was great to have the option and im sure if i ever move and get a bigger room i can always secure it to the wall like i've always wanted!

        Looks can be decieving.... The stand as you can see in the picture looks tiny and not very secure. Well it is very secure and the tv does not wobble at all no matter how much you try to proove it wrong :-) Clever little thing it is!
        I also know that the really big version, the 42" is a fabulous buy too. My other half likes his gadgets and computer games so decided, after seeing mine, to get the (much) bigger version. And he has the same opinion of me! great stylish and expensive look, great picture quality and sound quality!

        Also he uses the stand intead of mounting on the wall and his 42" scrren is as sturdy as a rock!

        The only down point i would say is the fact that it takes a while to turn on when you push the button and also be careful if you fall asleep with the remote on your bed, it only takes on button to be pressed or leaned on and the tv will come to life and may wake you which i have managed to do several times.

        But that downfall can be sorted as its my own fault!

        Oh yes one more thing you should be aware of is that you have to turn the volume most of the way up to get a good level of noise while watching dvd's. This is kind of annoying as you regularly have to turn it all the way up when putting on a dvd and if you switch back to normal programme watching mode you need to remember to turn it all the way down other wise you will burst your eardrums when it goes back to normal tv!
        All problems are avoidable but just needs an extra thought!


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        02.08.2010 00:50


        • Reliability


        A great living room set

        This is a great TV, with a screen measuring 22" it is perfect as a main TV for a large family, or just the single viewer wanting a better experience. Personally I always use LG for my TV products as I find they are the most reliable in the market, and this product meets those standards perfectly.

        It has a great quality image which is to be expected, and the screen is definitely large enough to impress most people. For the price the set is actually quite good value too, which is always a bonus.

        The sound on LG TVs is constantly complained about by many customers, but I don't find that problem with this television - but as I always say, I don't tend to watch music channels or play music on the TV. So for me sound quality isn't the most noticeable issue.

        It is extremely easy to use this television, and I would be very surprised if anyone had problems with using it. If so the instruction manual is more than sufficiently filled as it is the thickness of a novel, and there is also a computer CD within the packaging that contains extra information for the more complicated configurations.

        To conclude I would advise this TV for anyone with a big living room that has a constant TV audience, the quality is perfect, and it's great value too!


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        21.07.2010 11:27
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        An affordable, reliable flatscreen

        Having had a series of hand-me-down old tellies all my life, when the latest one died & with the digital switch-over looming I thought I'd better join the 21st Century & get a new one.
        I chose the 22LH2000 from Amazon, by narrowing down the search to up-to-23" TVs in my price range & seeing which had the most good reviews. This won by a mile.
        It comes with a big intimidating instruction manual, but it's only so big because it's the manual for about fifty different TV models. It took a while to pick through & find what applied to me, which turned out to be only how to attach the stand & switch the telly on. For any other instructions you need to use the enclosed CD-ROM in your computer; obviously this isn't always convenient, especially if you don't have a PC. It's such a simple TV to use, though, you could manage very well without by trial & error.
        I was expecting the tuning to be really complicated but when you first switch on an on-screen messge lets you chose auto-tune & it does it all for you.
        Weve got a DVD player attached. When you switch the DVD player on it overrides the TV signal so you don't have to switch channels to find it, which is a plus.
        It's a small, unobtrusive TV which seems much bigger when switched on - I don't feel the need for a bigger screen, & the picture quality is really good.
        I'd read a few complaints about the sound being tinny but I've no complaints at all.
        I was a bit apprehensive buying such a new, modern TV, but I'm delighted with it.


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        20.04.2010 18:13
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        Good Upgrade

        i cant believe some of the other reviews for this tv, the sound quality is fine, if you want cinema surround sound you're going to need an external amp, thats the same with bigger tv's that cost 3x the price.

        i got this as a bedroom tv for my mum, its very easy to use, has analogue and digital tuners, hdmi/scart inputs (which i dont think she will use).

        the analogue tuner is handy (even though terrestrial is being turned off) if you want to watch Sky over the RF connection (using a magiceye) the TV's sky remote code is 0206 , this took a while to figure out (must have tried about 50 codes) but now i can control the tv (and the volume) using the sky remote.

        another review says that you cant use the rf connection (ant/aerial) to plug in vcr's and similar devices, this isnt true. you just have to set it to the right mode (I), it picks up the picture using "BG" but theres no sound untill its switched to the right Pal mode (pal I).

        i tried it out with my ps3 and bluray playback looks fine, its possible to zoom the picture in and alter the aspect ratio, so you can crop the black bars from some movies and make the most of the small screen size.

        overall a decent tv and a good upgrade from a 15inch crt.


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          21.10.2009 16:05
          Very helpful



          Happy with this for the price

          The first thing that surprised me when I had the television delivered was the size of the box; the last new TV I bought was in the late 90s and the box was nearly as big as a garden shed. This one was only just bigger than a laptop case and was easily portable for one person - of course it's a smaller television but maybe it is also an indication that the electronics companies are listening to people's environmental concerns and cutting down on packaging materials? Anyway, weighing under 5kg, the unit easily sits on top of a study shelf and the stand that came with it is easy to mount in seconds.

          For the sake of saving some space, I had downsized from my old 28 inch set and size wasn't really a prime consideration when I was trying to decide on the new model - as long as it wasn't so small that I couldn't see the screen. What I was concerned about was connectivity because I have a number of digital cameras that have HDMI connections, a VCR and DVD player that connect via SCART and an S-Video to Composite Video output from my PC for when I want to use a second monitor. The 22LH2000 has 2 x SCART sockets (of which one is RGB), 1 x HDMI, 1 x Coax aerial, 1 x VGA monitor socket, an audio input and a set of Composite Video sockets.
          For the sake of experimentation (and nothing else) I did try plugging my PC into the VGA socket and the TV functions perfectly well as a monitor, with a maximum resolution of 1360 x 760 pixels. The quality of the display was more than adequate - although a little less crisp than my Emprex monitor. I'm sure I could fine tune this if it was ever going to become a permanent arrangement.

          Initial set-up was easy enough, with the TV handling most of it for me. It had no problem finding all the Freeview channels that I used to get on my set-top box (yes it has a built-in Freeview tuner) as well as the analogue channels. The DVD and Cameras were recognised instantly, as was the Composite Video signal from my PC. The only thing I had to intervene manually with was the tuning-in of my old PlayStation (PS1) that connects via the Coax aerial; even this was only a 2-minute job.
          I have read reviews that slate these less expensive LCD televisions for their sound quality; I haven't found this to be a problem. I played some music through it - via my PC - and at first the sound did get distorted at higher volumes but this was easily sorted out by experimenting with the settings in the Audio Menu. OK, it isn't Hi-Fi but I have a hi-fi for that.

          I am no expert on HD televisions so I am not going to go into how good the picture quality is; suffice to say, I am happy with it and I have had no problems. A true connoisseur might find something to criticise about it but I can't. I do like the Picture Wizard that allows you to fine-tune the picture to the conditions in your room and I have made a mental note to learn more about this feature.
          On the down-side, the 22LH2000 does feel cheap; not only because it is light, but the sockets and buttons, etc, don't have that reassuring sturdiness that you find on some electrical goods (apple for instance). While I was moving my furniture round to accommodate the new set, I had to reposition it a few times and I noticed that the SCART cables were detached every time. I am assuming this won't be a problem when it is in permanent situ.

          In summary. I paid £250 for a 22inch LCD flat-screen TV. I knew it wasn't going to be the best model on the market because of the price, but I am very happy with it.


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