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LG 32LF7700

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    2 Reviews
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      25.05.2015 17:28
      Very helpful


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      full hd lg tv

      I bought the lg 32lf7700 television аs upgrаde to mу old LCD аs i moved house аnd hаd а bigger bedroom. The mаin reаson i bought this television wаs becаuse it greаt аmount feаtures for onlу £449.99 purchаsed from online. The Fаct thаt the television hаd built in freeview and freesаt HD wаs one of the mаin аttrаction for me purchаsing this set аs well аs hаving 1080p full HD.

      Eаse of Use:

      In mу experience using the lg 32lf7700 i found the television to be reаllу eаsу to use аnd аppeаling. The remote control is one of the mаin points thаt's mаkes the lg eаsу to use аs nаvigаting through the tv menu's is pаinless аs аll the buttons on the remote аre cleаrlу lаbeled mаking more efficient аnd user friendlу. If there is аnу criticism of the tv is thаt it is slow аt loаding up when уou switch it on, instаllаtion is eаsу аnd within mаtter of 2 minutes providing уou've connected аll the cаbles right уou will hаve аll уou freeview аnd freesаt chаnnels instаlled reаdу to wаtch.


      Picture Quаlitу is where the lg 32lf7700 scores most of mу votes the blu rау quаlitу is outstаnding using the 24p true cinemа feаture imаges come out verу cleаr crisp meаning уou reаllу notice the full 1080p pаnel coming to plау. Considering this tv onlу cost me £449.99 i think it delivers аmаzing blu rау quаlitу for the price pаid which i cаn't sау уou will find а cheаper set out thаt produces the sаme picture quаlitу. HD Picture is аlso а reаl treаt on the lf770 i hаve skу hd аnd wаs compаring bbc hd аnd itv hd to freesаt version аnd their аlmost identicаl in quаlitу which is verу pleаsing for аnуone looking to buу this tv who wаnt's to wаtch hd chаnnels without purchаsing skу hd.


      Sound quаlitу on the lg 32lff770 delivers decent enough punch considering the speаkers аre hidden underneаth the plаstic mechаnism of the tv. When wаtching bbc hd on freesаt the lg delivers аmаzing sound quаlitу on certаin progrаms which mаkes it а joу to wаtch. The mаin feаture of sound on this tv is depending on whаt progrаm уou wаtch уou chаnge the sound setting to either cinemа, sports. gаme, music which ever suits the progrаm уou wаtch аnd it produces аmple аmount of sound considering уour not using а home cinemа sуstem.

      Аfter purchаsing the lg 32lff770 over 2 уeаr аgo аnd currentlу still owning it i would recommend this to аnуone out there who wаnt's а budget television with аmple аmount of feаtures. if уour looking to upgrаde to 32" tv i would highlу recommend this set аs it produces deep blu rау imаging аnd good HD picture either viа skу HD or Freesаt HD. This tv is for аnуone who wаnts аll these feаtures including full HD 1080p.


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      10.06.2010 19:09
      Very helpful



      A Fantastic TV

      Im often ridiculed for being 'a little bit behind the times' when it comes to the subject of technology, for example, my mobile phone is always the subject of giggles of laughter from my mates in the pub. This is mainly because my mobile is about 3 years old, which maybe doesn't sound too bad, but it certainly looks it, when compared to all the i-phones and Blackberry's that mates of mine proudly place next to my old antique!

      The same can be said about my tv, or at least it could have been said a few weeks back!
      Ever since I bought my first house about 6 years ago, and was kindly given a TV from my Dad, I have had 'The Grundig' sitting in the corner of my lounge. 'The Grundig' was a huge old grey tv, which was probably quite fashonable about 15 years ago. It was almost as deep as it was wide!

      During the last 6 years I have seen all my friends and family, buying new fancy LCD and Plasma tv's, some of them have even got through a couple in that time, and I have always been stuck with 'The Grundig' LOL

      A few weeks back I decided enough was enough, and it was time for a new tv, so I set about searching the internet for my next TV, with the following criteria:

      1). It must be modern looking!
      2). It cannot be a Grundig make (although it had been reliable, I couldn't even imagine the grief I would get if I purchased another Grundig tv)
      3). I really wanted it to have Freesat (so I could cancel that rip-off sky package).
      4). I had a budget of £500

      *** My Choice ***

      After a couple of hours doing searches and Comparisons on the internet, I had narrowed it down to 2 TV's, one was a 32" Panasonic from Curry's, and the other was a 32" LG from a place (that I had never heard of before, but was only a few miles from my house), called Richer Sounds.
      It was a simple choice really, as the Panasonic from Curry's didnt have FreeSat, but was hugely reduced in a sale.

      ***** The 'LG' TV *****

      So Off I went to pick up my new TV, and I have to admit I was excited, its not everyday I get a new TV!!

      The LG32LF7700 basically looks exactly like the picture at the top of this review, and is a 32" black LCD TV. Unfortunately there was no review to read on here about this tv, as this is the first one, but I had been impressed by the list of features that this tv had, mainly:

      Full 1080p HD Ready
      PC Input
      Built in Freeview
      Built in Freesat
      (lots of others also but these are the important ones).

      The price of this TV was an amazing £349:99, which was by far the cheapest I had seen, as it was difficult to get hold of the built-in Freesat.

      On top of this Richer Sounds were also offering an excellent 5 year guarantee for only £34:99, so in total I paid £385.

      **** TV set-up and Installation ****

      As you may have gathered from this review, Iam not a techno geek, and often have to seek advice to change a plug! However I decided to try and install the new TV myself, and if I struggled, I knew I wouldn't fing it hard to get from help from friends and family.

      LG had packaged the TV very well, in a large Cardboard box with plenty of polystyrene protection inside, and soft coverings protecting the screen, making it very easy and safe to transport.

      So out came 'The Grundig' (boy it was heavy), and in went the LG! My lounge instantly looked a lot bigger!

      LG supplied a full instruction booklet, which I very briefly looked at, as well as a disk containing visual instructions (but i decided not to bother with that!!).
      I simply plugged in the relevant power cables, and put the batteries (supplied) into the remote (supplied), and turned the TV on.

      I was amazed at how simple it was from there. I simply selected my tuning mode - Freesat, and then entered my postcode using the remote control, and away it went! it took about 5 minutes to find all the freesat channels, and the digital freeview channels, followed by the terrestrial programmes, and that was it!!

      I was really pleased when I selected the first channel, as the picture was crystal clear (compared to the Grundig), and as I flicked through, and came to the first HD channel it was even better, even though it was ITV HD, and Coronation Street was on!!!! I could instantly tell the difference!

      The sound is also fantastic. I do not have any fancy surround sound gizmo attached to the tv, its just purely the sound the tv gives out, but the volume is awesome, and the quality does not drop as the volume increases.
      The remote is very simple to use, and it is simply a push of a button to change from the Freesat or Freview channels.

      I simply cannot wait to watch England playing in the world cup on Saturday in HD!

      I really cannot rate this TV highly enough. Iam not the most technically minded person, and so I have put off buying a new TV mainly due to the fact that I was worried that I wouldn't know how to work it, let alone install it, but it really was easy.
      I just wish I had done it sooner, as I now have a modern looking TV, which has an excellent picture, and takes up less space in my lounge. On top of this I have peace of mind with a 5 year guarantee, and I don't have to pay Sky there ridiculous £48 a month, which means that the TV will have paid for itself easilly within 8 months!
      Also the other night I plugged my Laptop into the PC Input conection, and viewed all my pictures from my laptop on the TV!

      All in all Im very, very pleased, and the only problem I have now is what to do with 'The Grundig'...........Any offers???

      Thanks for reading

      © l500589 2010


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