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LG 32LK450U

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    2 Reviews
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      15.06.2012 11:22
      Very helpful


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      LG 32" HD TV with great viewing pleasure

      February 2012 this TV was born. I have the LG 32LK450U which is brilliant.
      Just the right size for me and my daughter. She watches it more than I do, so she should really be the one writing this but as she's only 3, I will have to do.

      February 2012, Email came through to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! you've won our competition and won this TV and some DVDs. I nearly cried with excitement and was super shocked when the TV came to find it was literally brand new. It had been made in February 2012 too!
      WARNING: I won't be boring you to death with the specification of the TV because to me, its gobbledygook.
      If I can't understand it then it's useless knowledge.

      The LG TV:
      This 32" LCD TV is very stylish and sleek. It's super thin screen allows so much more room in the area you place it.
      This TV is FULL HD with 1080p picture quality.
      It sits on a stand which allows the TV to swivel side to side.
      I use this feature a lot when sitting at the table in the living room and moving to the sofa as the angle is different.
      This TV doesn't have buttons on the front at all. It's touch screen! The on and off button, volume up and down and the programme changer is all touch screen at the bottom right hand of the corner.

      At the back of the TV is scart lead sockets and the aerial for either using the built in freeview the TV has or to plug in your sky/virgin box.
      The back also has a USB port. I downloaded some movies and put them onto memory sticks and now can watch them on the TV instead of just the computer.

      I find it all very exciting how we jumped from a large old TV (with the huge back that took up 1/2 of our living room) and having this great piece of technology that has touch screen buttons!
      It also has some energy saving features to keep the bills low.
      IT will adjust the brightness of the TV to save some pennies.
      This is good when you are just watching something in the background or have some music channels/radio on rather than watching TV.

      The HD quality on the TV is unreal. I've watched a few programmes on the HD channels on sky and the quality is like being there yourself. The colours are much bolder and everything seems like if you touched it, you'd feel it.
      When you open the box you will need to attach the base but that's easy enough with the instructions. You can also mount it to the wall but a special bracket will be needed.

      The design is very basic. It is very squared off with the LG badge centred at the bottom of the TV and a brown strip at the bottom.
      I don't really understand the point to that brown strip.
      At first I thought it was something that lit up and it starts off cream and graduates into brown from bottom to top.
      It must just be a design feature with no purpose being there whatsoever.
      Good job I have a brown sofa for it to match with!
      The helpful cable holder at the back of the TV keeps everything together and tangle free (for the time being).

      The screen itself is LCD and because of it's matte surface the sun never interferes with your TV watching.
      It gets full of finger prints from Hollie and came with a special cloth which needs to be made damp to clean to screen. NEVER spray anything onto it. You could damage it and it cannot be reversed!.
      The freeview on this TV hasn't been used by me before as we don't have a freeview aerial downstairs to try it with as the only one we have is upstiars, but I'm sure it's in full working order as the other LG flat screen TV I had upstairs in my room had built in freeview and worked brilliantly.

      There is absolutely nothing to fault about this TV, probably just the pointless brown design strip along the bottom, but I can live with that! After all, the TV didn't cost me a penny!.
      Thanks for Reading my review. 5/5 from me.



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        01.02.2012 18:49
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great all rounder that really does fight the competition.

        Buying a TV can be a challenge at the best of times. There are so many different things to think about such as room size, sound quality, HD, Freeview and with new technology emerging everyday the list just keeps on growing!
        After hours spent researching the perfect TV I discovered the LG 32LK450U which was released earlier this year. I found this TV using the Which? comparison service, who also rated it very highly. I use the TV for gaming, watching TV and also DVDs and it performs all of these tasks brilliantly. I can even connect my Macbook Pro to the TV using an adapter I purchased combined with an HD cable.

        The 32" TV can be found online for under £300 which is a superb price when the specification is taken into consideration. I could write forever on every detail but the following are just a few I have selected:

        ~ Picture Quality ~
        Televisions on the market nowadays can be HD or Full HD (1080p). For a TV of this size Full HD is often recommended. The picture quality on this model is fantastic, with a very crisp image. For an LCD TV in this price bracket you get a lot for your money. For someone that likes watching TV every evening, or even a few films this TV is more than adequate.

        ~ Sound ~
        TVs nowadays are getting thinner which can be a problem when sound depth is concerned. The amazing thing about this TV is that the sound remains rich in comparison with the competition out there. Great clarity and brilliant depth.

        ~ Freeview Tuner ~
        Most televisions on the market nowadays include a Freeview tuner. Due to the current switchover I highly recommend a TV that includes this feature. The Freeview tuner is fantastic and includes an inbuilt planner which you can add programme reminders to. Channels can be selected using the remote or the EPG (Electronic Programme Guide). The only thing that disappointed me is that the Freeview tuner, unlike the TV, is not Full HD. After doing some research however I discovered that many other TVs at the time of purchase had the same problem.

        ~ Energy Saving ~
        With the current electricity prices being so high saving electricity is vital. This TV has a brilliant Energy Saving feature which allows you to lower the brightness to save electricity. The TV also features a light sensor which allows the TV to adjust to the correct brightness depending on the room.

        ~ Swivel Stand ~
        This is a personal favourite of mine. In many houses finding the correct seating position can be a challenge. This TV features a swivel stand, meaning that the whole TV can be rotated depending on the viewing angle - A great idea!

        ~ Disadvantages ~

        Being quite honest I don't have many issues with this TV. There are however one or two improvements which could be made. The biggest issue I have is the lack of a viewing window whilst browsing through the programme guide. This could have even been improved by reducing the guide size as it is impossible to view something whilst scrolling through the planner.

        ~ Verdict ~

        All in all a fantastic piece of kit. If you are looking for an all rounder TV then this could well be the one for you. LG is an extremely trustworthy brand that gives you a lot more for your money. My recommendation would be to try view the TV in a local showroom however, as it can be a very personal matter.


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