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LG 32LN575N

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2 Reviews
  • Connect to the Internet
  • Quality picture
  • Disconnections
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    2 Reviews
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      21.05.2015 22:33
      Very helpful


      • "Sound quality"
      • "Quality picture"
      • "Connect to the Internet"


      • Disconnections

      LG 32LN575N A great TV with great features!

      I bought this TV just over a year ago now. It's served me well since then. When I took it out of the box I was very excited to get to work on it's features and benefits. The TV has great picture quality and I was impressed by this as I previously still had a big back TV. The range of apps on the TV is brilliant. Once I connected to my Wi-Fi I was able to watch Netflix, IPlayer and more straight off the TV start up menu.

      If that wasn't enough I was then able to connect my smart phone to my television so any youtube video's or shows I watched on my handset I could have up on the television via remote connection. I'm not massive on technology and I managed to get everything to work fine, it's really easy to use and talks you through every step in great detail.

      Another really great thing about this TV is that you can set a timer for auto-standby. So if you wanted to put your television on for background noise whilst going to sleep, you don't need to worry about wasting electric. I found this really handy and use this feature every night without fail.

      I have only really noticed one real issue with this. Quite often to TV will disconnect from the internet if there has been a mild issue with the service. This results in you having to reconnect to the network every time this happens, which would be an issue, if the device remembered your details. You have to select your network and go through your passwords etc. to connect again.

      Although if I were you I wouldn't be put off by this. The product is brilliant and one of the best purchases I've made. A great TV with great features.


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      14.09.2013 10:04
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A reasonable price for it's features!

      I am not very techinical minded at all but I have been desparately needing a TV for my living room for about 5 months, the TV I had broke and so I had to watch TV upstairs in the bedroom which was becoming a pain, not to mention the fact people kept commenting 'oh you don't have a TV' I have a medium sized living room and I didn't want anything to dominate my living room. I was looking to spend around the £350 mark and eventually I came across this TV on eBay.

      The main feature I was looking for in a TV was full HD as I have a lot of Blu-ray discs and I wanted to enjoy the full viewing experience and also a Sky HD box which as I pay a subscription for I thought I may as well use.

      This TV cost me £349.

      As I have said before I have no idea about what makes a good television and I just wanted a slimline model like I had before and a decent brand.

      The TV came in a cardboard box and was well packaged, I ordered it last Monday and the seller I used sent it within 24 hours so I had it to set up on my day off. Inside the box was a quick start guide, the TV, the stand, instructions and the remote control which came with 2 x AA batteries.

      The TV looked really stylish and it is thin at only 79mm, the rest of the dimensions are;l Height 437 mm and Width 738 mm. The TV weighs a light 9.8kg.

      For the technically minded readers the spec is;
      Full HD 1080p
      Intigrated freview HD
      3 HDMI connections
      Integrated Wifi (smart TV)
      Dolby Digital sound.

      The TV is black and comes with a really nice stylish looking stand, this simply screws on and takes minutes to do. The stand is curved and not like a traditional stand which makes it look more expensive than it actually is. Once I had fixed the stand to the TV I placed it on my TV bench. It looks really nice in my room, it doesn't look too imposing which is what I wanted.

      The TV cam with a quick start manual which is great for people like me as I have to be honest I don't have a clue about TV's and the like. It comes with built in Freeview which I had a quick look at but I don't use because I already have Sky, when I did look at it though the menu looked easy to navigate and it was very clearly laid out.

      The TV is a Smart TV which prior to owning I had never tried out, it is a great feature, you need to have a Wifi router in the house to use it. This TV has wifi built in I didn't realise until after I bought it that some smart TV's need an extra dongle to make it work. The smart TV function is excellent it allows me to watch the BBC iPlayer which my daughter absolutely loves it also allows me to catch up on programmes I have missed. I can also access Twitter and Facebook which I don't tend to do as I have a tablet. The You Tube application is useful too as we like to watch snippets of Disney films. The sound quality of this TV is excellent I was worried it may be tinny as when I looked at reviews for other TV's this seemed to be the main negative, I was pleasantly suprised at how good the sound actually is. I don't have a fancy surround sound system and I don't need one as the sound quality is excellent.

      The main reason I bought this TV was to watch DVD's and my soaps the TV has a dual core processor so this makes the picture quality excellent. I previously had a Samsung HD ready TV and you can see the difference in the picture it is really crisp and clear. When I watch Disney Blu-Rays the picture quality is superb the contrast and brightness of the screen really enhance the film.

      With the wireless function I have also read you can use your tablet to send things to the TV, I have to be honest this is not something I would choose to do but it looks like a really useful function.

      I am absolutely thrilled with this TV, the surround of the TV is very small so it makes the TV look bigger than it's 32 inches. I have also noticed you can get this TV in largers sizes.

      Overall I would recommend this TV I really like it, it's user friendly easy to set up and it has a lot of extra features.

      I would give it 5 out of 5 it's perfect for someone like me who hasn't the faintest idea about technology!


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