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    2 Reviews
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      07.09.2010 17:07
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      good at the time, but now there are much better TVs out there.

      This TV is a product from LG (Life's Good) and comes with a 32 inch LCD screen, which is HD ready being able to produce images in 720p. This is not the highest form of HD available with 1080p being full HD, and giving the best picture.

      When I brought the TV at 32 inches it was quite a large TV but by today's standards it is quite average. With the speakers being on the side is stretches out quite large horizontally and may make it quite large for smaller rooms. If the speakers were at the bottom the size may not be quite so overwhelming. How despite at first the TV seeming like it is a bit too big, you soon get used to the size, and think a smaller TV wouldn't look right, with it being too small.

      The picture quality of the TV is good and with it producing 720p HD images, the only problem is that it is not the highest quality HD available, that being 1080p, and therefore you may want to invest is a TV that does offer 1080p as more and more programmes / films are being made in HD, and so will offer the best viewing experience.
      The TV allows you to change the colour, brightness and contrast to suit how you most prefer your picture, although when you go too far over or under the default setting it looks bad, and I would have like the screen to be brighter.
      HD programme do look better than normal in my opinion, although my parents say they can't tell the difference, there definitely is one, but its not overly different, it may be better with a 1080p HD TV.

      The sound is good and clear and can be turned up to a more than high enough volume, coming from the 2 speaker on both sides on the TV set. However while the sound is clear enough for me, it isn't the best out thee and a lot of TVs have better sound.

      Connectivity to the TV isn't great with just one HDMI socket, you can only connect one HD device to your TV, so you couldn't have Sky HD and a blu ray player both connected to the TV unless you kept changing the sockets round.
      Also with only to scart sockets it may not be enough for many homes, with a lot of people needing at least 3 (digital set top box, dvd player, games console).

      The control works well with the TV and is very responsive, menus are easy to use and navigate around. The remote grey and rectangular and while isn't the best looking remote around, is good enough. Although if you have digital TV you won't need to use it much as you would be using the remote for digital. The remote mainly being used for changing the source (e.g. HDMI, av1, av2) or volume.

      The red standby light stays on permanently unless you turn it off from the plug. So even if you turn it off at the TV it will stay on, which I find annoying, and if you are environmentally / money conscious then it may annoy, although most TVs seem to do this now.

      Overall I think this is a good TV, but think that it may be worth getting a more up to date one (such as full HD and maybe LED, or even 3D), as this will likely be outdated quite quickly. IF you can't afford a more modern one, it may be worth waiting for the price of said technology to go down, and have a TV which can last longer in the technological race.
      I'm not saying this is a bad TV, I really like it, but it is quite old now, and there is better technology out which may be more worth getting. Images and sound are good and clear and that's the most important thing in a TV at the end of the day.


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        11.05.2006 23:10
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        I would recommend this TV for anyone wanting an HDTV.

        I just bought this TV about 2 months ago and it's the first LCD and Widescreen TV I've had, so except for my small LCD PC moniter, I have nothing to compare it to, but with that said, nothing can compare to this TV, except maybe a bigger version, ie. 37"?

        When you first receive the TV (we had it delivered to our home) the box it comes in is quite big. Slim, but big. The box comes in two parts. The top flaps and sides and the bottom. The two are connected together by 4 plastic tap type things, which require quiet some strength and effort to pull out, to separate the two sections of the box. But once that is done, you can remove the top flags and sides and you're left with a TV nicely wrapped in bubble warp a polystyrene pieces. The TV remote (with batteries), lots of different cables, a neat little cable tie, warrenty and instruction manual all come in one sealed bag so you dont have wires all over the place.

        Once we had the TV on the stand (which required two people to lift it up) the TV was fairly simple to set up. It took a bit longer than normal because of the digibox and video/dvd player (which was slightly confusing to set up). Once the wires are plugged into the back of the TV, you get a panel to place over the connection plugs at the back which makes the wires come out of one hole. Then we put the cable tie around all the wires and it looked relativly neat. (A list of all the different connections are at the bottom of this review).

        The on/off, volume, menu and program buttons on the TV are nicely concealed underneath the screen, so theres no horrible front panel that normal TV's have to hide the front connections and buttons.

        Once the TV is on, it was extremly easy to set the date and time, and only took a few minutes to search for the channels. In total it found about 11 channels, but it took only a minute to deleted the channels not needed (7-11).

        Sadly, we cannot find the remote control code for the Sky remote to control the TV, but that is not a problem, as if you leave the TV's volume at about 25-30, you will not need to search for the TV remote to adjust the volume :)

        At the top of the remote control is a button called 'Input', which lets you quickly and easily, in a menu format, change to whatever input channel you want (Scart, HDMI, Componant, etc). This is presumably the replacement for the AV button, usually found on remote controls.

        Once everything is set up, all we had to do was tweak the brightness/contrast settings slightly and the picture quality was amazing. This is boosted by LG's amazing XD-Engine.

        This TV is a HDTV so it's perfect for everyone who wants a new LCD TV, as it's cheap for the low-budget people, great picture/sound quality and with it being HD Ready, it's great if you want to get SKY HD ready for the world cup in the summer.
        I would recommend this TV for anyone wanting an HDTV or even just a new TV.

        Screen size: 32"
        Screen format: 16:9
        Pixel resolution: 1366x768
        Power output: 20 Watts
        Tuner: Anolouge
        Sleep timer
        On-screen display
        Componant video input
        Scart Sockets: 2
        RGB input
        S-Video input
        Tabletop stand included
        Remote included
        Colour: Black
        Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm: 545 x 922 x 126
        Weight (Kg): 21.4
        Weight (Stone): 3.4
        Weight (Lbs): 47.2

        Editors Choice - What Plasma?
        "Black levels are striking - extremely deep, but still showing impressive depth and detail."


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