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LG 32SL8000

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2010 14:33
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      A TV that is great for everything including gaming or for footy

      I have had this TV for just over a year now and i payed £300 for it, which at the time for a 1080P 32 inch tv was pretty cheap.

      The tv is great and hasn't let me down once. I used it for may games consoles (Ps3, 360, Wii) and they all play perfectly with it. My ps3 uses on the HDMI slots, Xbox 360 uses Component and Wii also the same. This TV doesn't get its full potential out of the Wii as the console doesn't go as far as 1080p, but still gets 720p out of it which is still quite decent. The Xbox 360 and Ps3 however gives a truly amazing experience. Even better is with the built in blu ray player on the PS3.
      Blu-ray and 1080p = The best!

      The tv has 4 HDMI slots, 3 are on the back and one on the side. It also had 1 VGA slot, 1 Component slot. You can also view your photos using the usb slot but it doesn't let you watch movies.

      The sound quality is decent, although obviously a TV has a limit and you won't get a true life experience without surround sound. However, i don't have surround sound but i still love this TV and its fine for me.

      The TV has been reliable but i did fear when i frst got it as i always hear many people saying unless you get a Sony you will get trouble blah blah...
      This certainly isn't true and LG is a good popular make worldwide. I would recomend getting breakdown cover if you really fear the worst.

      One thing i noticed instantly when i set it up was the fact that it doesnt actually have an on/off switch. Instead you just have to switch it on and off direct from the mains plug. I thought this may fuse the TV soon but after 13 months of use it's working as it did when i frst got it, after all i suppose it's designed to be like that so must be fine really.

      I would definately recomend this tv for anyone who is after one, whether they want it as there main tv for Sky, Virgin etc and to watch football or whether you want it purely for gaming. You won't find much better than this really unless you switch to 3DTV which is ultra-expensive!
      32 inch is also a great size, neither small but also neither too big.


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