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LG 37LF2510

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    2 Reviews
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      16.07.2012 17:24


      • Reliability


      Great TV Especially for the price

      I was looking to upgrade my TV as I had a 24" samsung which was good but as it is something I use every day, needed an upgrade in size. This LG model is similar to it as the simplicity and clear black style and is pretty thin. I was very happy with the quality of the 37" screen versus the 24" which I expected, but the price is very affordable for the size and knowing LG is very reliable was a big positive.

      It doesnt get much easier to set up than put it on the stand and plug in the power cable and the scart lead for my Sky box. It WAS that SIMPLE. The 1080p is fantastic for both watching movies on my Blu Ray Player and of course playing my PS3 and XBOX360. 1080p comes through best on video games and in comparison to a 24" screen it is much easier to get lost in what ever your doing.

      I love this TV and would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants a high quality TV at a good price and has easy installation.


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      28.02.2011 20:20
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A fantastic TV that I'm more than happy with

      I had been looking for a new TV for my living room for some time to replace the old boxy widescreen TV I already had but I found the sheer selection on offer to be quite daunting and had no idea which one to choose.
      I like technology but unfortunately I don't know all that much about it so I wanted an easy to use TV that wasn't going to be difficult to use and one that I could connect my various equipment to without too much difficulty.
      To be honest I ended up with my LG 37LF2510 based purely on the fact that it was the right size, looked good and LG is a brand that I trust.
      The price I paid for the TV was £450 which means it isn't at the high end of the scale but more somewhere in the middle but for the money I paid I think it definately can hold it's own against the bigger boys out there.

      I wanted a large TV but not one of those absolutely huge one's you can get so I settled on this one as it was 37 inches which seemed to me to be the perfect compromise as I found the 32 inch too small and the 42 inch too large.
      It weighs only 18.8kg which seems unbelievable when I think about my old TV that was one of the large boxy widescreen one's that took two people just to move it and was a right faff if I wanted to be able to connect something round the back of it.

      It is an LCD screen and has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and it is capable of playing full HD at 1080p.
      The connections it offers are good with 2 HDMI ports, SCART, VGA and composite so you can easily connect all your other entertainment devices such as your media centre, games console, Laptop etc. It also has a USB connection meaning that I can connect my camer\ and other equipment straight to the TV and these are recognised instantly.
      It has two speakers, built in Dolby Digital decoders and SRS TruSurround Xt sound effects.
      It's dimensions including stand are 92 cm x 29.4 cm x 68.2 cm so it isn't small but it is incredibly thin and sleek looking and very easy to be able to move if you decide you want to move it to another room.

      When the TV was delivered I was surprised to see just how big it looked in the box as I had specifically chosen this one so that it wouldn't look huge in my room. Once I had removed it from the box however it looked much sleeker and not as monsterous as it had in the packaging.
      It is finished in a high contract black laquor and looks really modern and takes pride of place in my living room.
      Inside the box along with the TV was the remote, insctructions and a small stand on which to place the TV.
      The TV was a lot lighter than I expected and I found it really easy to lift and insert into the stand by myself without any help. There were some screws to attach it securely and these were easily secured and the whole thing only took a couple of minutes to do.

      Once I had securely put the TV onto the stand and placed it in it's new home I set about tuning it. The instruction book that accompanied the television seemed to be quite comphrehensive but being a man I of course just glanced at it and decided I didn't need any instructions.
      Honestly tuning it all in to the right channles was easy and only involved the pressing of a couple of buttons and the TV did all the rest for me and within half an hour of receiving the TV I had it in place with it completely tuned in so I have to give it top arks for ease of use.

      The picture clarity on screen is impressive. Although I don't subscribe to any HD channels on sky when my TV is just playing a normal channel the colours are really bright and clear and the detail it shows is impressive.
      I'm really not a technical person, although I like my boy's toys I expect them to just work and with this TV I haven't bothered to adjust any of the settings as I found them to be perfectly acceptable as they were and I really can't complain about the quality of the picture.
      It has lot's fancy specifications to help make the picture the best it can be such as picture wizard and 24p real cinema and although I don't understand most of them they do what they are supposed to straight out of the box with minimal fuss.
      When I connect my media centre through the HDMI it connects straight away and I didn't have to worry about having to tune anything in and the movies and TV shows that I have stored on it that I have downloaded from the internet look great even the older movies which haven't been optamized for newer HD TV's.
      When watching movies in the proper HD format the difference is noticeable and absolutely stunning. Everything is just so clear and the detail of even the smallest thing in the background of the picture is shown to it's absolute best.

      As for the sound this is also impressive and I have taken to using the TV as my main music player through the media centre.
      The base and treble are comparable to my CD player and it can go extremely loud without any of that vibration that causes the music to seem less clear. I can play music through the speakers, turn them up and go for a shower and still hear the music clearly with no distortion.
      The sound for movies is also good and it picks up the actors voices great whilst also playing the background music clearly. With my old TV I would be forever having to turn the TV up during the speaking parts and then down again during the chase sequence for example but this TV seems to be able to differentuate between them on it's own and compensates.
      The TV is ever so slightly curved which not only gives it it's sleek appearence but it also means the viewing angle is alost perfect no matter where I am sitting in the room whilst facing it and even if I am situated to the side of the TV I can always see the screen clearly. It also doesn't reflect the light too much so even when the sun is shining on the screen I can still see it properly and don't have to go and close the curtains.

      I would definately recommend the LG 37LF2510 television for those who are looking for a good quality TV that not only doesn't cost a fortune but also has a great spec and excellent pictue quality. It is perfect for those people who like their technology to work right out of the box without any faffing about and is so simple to own and use.
      Like the TV the remote is also simple and doesn't intimidate with hundreds of complicated buttons. It is nice and chunky and easy to hold and big enough that you won't lose it within minutes of setting up your brand spanking new TV. For those of us with clumsy fingers the buttons on it are also nice and big so you won't need to worry about changing the channles by accident when you actually mean to turn up the volume.

      There is nothing really bad about the TV that I can find, if I was being picky I would say that it does seem to attract dust at an alarming rate and also smudges and finger prints and I do seem to have to polish it on a daily basis to keep it looking nice and clean but as you can see fm my photo even this doesn' remove all the smudges but this is a small detail and not one that I would let put me off recommending the TV.
      It has great connections so you can use this as your main entertainment centre and have all your perifirals connected to it. To get the best out of the TV then it really would be a shame if you didn't at least experience it's HD capabilities as these are definately right up there with the much more expensive TV's I have seen. This doesn't mean you need to subscribe to the expensive HD channels as you could watch HD through a media centre like me or even most modern laptops are capable of playing a HD movie on your TV through a HDMI cable.

      I have been extremely happy with my purchase and can honestly say that I highly recommend this TV to anyone looking for a good looking television that has all the features your would expect from a modern HD TV but isn't overly complicated to use and set up.
      I have had my LG TV a few months now and it has been nothing but a pleasure to own and watch and has been completely problem free.
      The next time I am in a market for a new TV I will definately consider buying another LG before looking at any other makers and this to me is the mark of a good product.


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