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LG 42LH2000

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    5 Reviews
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      13.03.2012 22:07


      • Reliability


      Great large Telly!

      I decided that my 32 inch telly wasn't big enough and so went for this one and have never looked back!

      I've had it for about a year now and haven't had any problems with it whatsoever.

      The menu is easy to use. I like the energy savings feature especially the ability to turn off the screen when for example you're listening to the radio. This is quite important in a 42 inch TV because when it's on it is quite imposing!

      The sound and picture quality are very good and it was easy to set up. My in laws have the smaller 32 inch version of this TV and they are similarly pleased with that.

      The TV has plenty of ports of various gaming and DVD equipment.

      It's quite an attractive Tv with a useful swivel stand.

      I've just remembered one slight fault - the remote sensor has become a little temperamental but then I think that's because I mess with it!

      I would definitely recommend this Tv!


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      31.01.2011 00:55


      • Reliability


      Quality tv, best for my money

      I shopped around for a while before deciding on this tv and ended up paying £375 inc delivery just over a year ago.

      The design is great with the function to swivel your tv to the right or left depending on where you want your tv to face.

      Set up is uncomplicated and took minutes, i only would have preferred a better remote control as it does look a little on the cheap side in comparison to the tv, i changed the picture settings slightly from factory settings to give me the exact picture i want and the picture quality is great and very clear with no pixels in sight.

      The sound for everyday tv i normally keep at 20 though it goes up to 100 which is great for playing music from music channels or computer.

      It has great connectivity with a VGA port to use as a monitor for a computer, component (red, blue, green), audio (red, white), 2 HDMI ports, 2 Scart ports and red/white/yellow.

      The inbuilt freeview is also a bonus as i use this when i am recording 2 programs on sky and want to watch another channel.

      Great tv, no faults, would buy again!!!


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      19.01.2011 23:07


      • Reliability


      Great price, sound and quality for a great price!

      I bought this tv at short notice as our other tv broke. I looked for the cheapest 42" tv that I could and this was one that appeared on the internet. I have now had the tv for just over a month and I can safely say that I have not had any problems with it.
      The quality of the picture on the screen is fantastic and the sound quality is perfect!
      You can connect the tv to your computer which was a major plus for myself!
      The design of the the telly is sleek, sexy and very thin. The stand that comes with the tv allows the tv to swivel either way to adapt to the person who is watching it.
      There is also some great energy saving features on the tv when you press menu as well as a sleep time and also (if you like to listen to the telly before bed) a function that turns the screen off after 3 seconds but keeps on playing music or whatever else is on tv!
      Overall I am thoroughly impressed with what was quite an impulsive buy has turned into one of the best buys I have ever made!


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      08.01.2011 01:03


      • Reliability


      An excellent 42 inch LCD TV with a great picture, ideal unless you require 1080P

      I managed to buy this TV for just 299 GBP in the Christmas sales and I must say I am mightily impressed.

      Setup from the box was effortless, simply a case of screwing the stand on. Plug in your Sky+ or V+ box and your aerial and the TV will set itself up... effortless and well done to LG.

      The picture quality on both Sky+ and on its own Freeview tuner is excellent and very bright, similar to many of my friends' plasma TV's which consume much more energy and are prone to screen-burn if used with a PC.

      I have my living room PC connected to the LG and it runs 1366x768 (720P) perfectly, all icons and webpages are perfectly viewable and the brightness is reduced by selecting the PC picture setting.

      For Eco fans, there are 3 energy saving modes which dim the screen by varying amounts, the good thing is that there is a display that indicates how much less energy the TV is using.

      To summarise then, I never dreamed that I could buy an LG 42 inch LCD TV for 299 that would be so good! Seriously exceeded my expectations.!


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      14.07.2010 22:48
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      LG have come up with one more Lovely Gift yet again

      Most people either own a television or have access to one, especially when the media report that something exciting is going to be happening on 'Eastenders' or 'Corry', although why people bother watching as the media always give out the ending to the crappy, sorry, I mean exciting story is beyond me.
      Anyway, little off the track there me thinks, so back to it.

      Right, as I said, most people have one form of television, be it an old fashioned, yet very loyal, analogue one, which is the size of a small family car, with a set top box to receive those digital channels, or a top of the range plasma with built in 'everything but the kitchen sink', costing more than the price of a large luxury car. But none the less, most people have a television stuck in the corner of there room which all the furniture seems to point at.

      I recently had the misfortune to have to replace my main television due to the fact that A, it was as old as Queen Elizabeth's etiquette teacher, and B, my youngest somehow managed to spill half a bowl of lukewarm tomato soup down the back of it. Luckily this was a few months back and gave me plenty of time to get one sorted before the world cup started, (although I wish I hadn't bothered).
      So, there I was, forced yet again to by another television to keep my family happy with there 'Soap' addictions, (and I don't mean the bars of soap in my youngest daughters case).
      Off I went with my credit card in hand looking for the perfect television to replace the massive, but now broken, Sony I had sat in my front room, (in the back of my mind still wondering how to dispose of the old television as it weighed more than a small family car, in fact, it took three blokes to deliver the thing many years ago when I originally bought it)

      Anyway, I had searched around online to see which television were worth buying and I had come up with a short list, but mainly they were all LCD flat screen with built in freeview, and all were HD ready. So I hit the shops with the hope of bagging a bargain, and, after a few hours and lots of burnt shoe leather, I really think I did, as I came across a rather 'dark' looking and rather large television from the well known company called LG.
      The television in question is in fact the LG 42LH2000, (they really need to work on these names don't they?), which was just what I was looking for.

      When I got it home I quickly went about setting it up, sliding it easily out of the well packaged box and connecting the stand to the television itself, although there is a little cover for over the stand connection section if you want to mount this onto a wall.
      Also in the box, apart from the solid foam moulding to stop the television from moving, is a manual which is on a CD ROM, a paper owners manual giving you a brief run down of the setting up, tuning and some connection tips and a remote control with two supplied batteries, which is nice.

      So there I was with my new television now on its stand on top of a unit, tuned in to the many digital channels and ready to become the family entertainment box of the future.

      ** SPECS... (some of this information is taken from the user guide which came with the television)

      * 42 inch screen
      * HD ready
      * Built in freeview
      * Energy saving feature
      * 2 HDMI inputs
      * Clear voice 2 technology
      * Invisible speakers with 'TruSurround' XT
      * 1366x768 - 16:9 resolution
      * RGB colour reproduction bit
      * 2 X 10W speakers with 'dolby digital decoder'
      * 5 Sound modes... Standard, music, cinema, games and sport
      * Clear voice II
      * SRS Trusurround
      * USB for system upgrade
      * Expected life span of up to 60,000 hour

      ** Extra features include...

      * Parental control
      * Child lock
      * subtitle options
      * SimpLink (HDMI-CEC)
      * Image control
      * Clock
      * Sleep mode

      ** The size of the television itself is...

      * 1030mm (40.5inch) wide
      * 640mm (25.25inch) {720mm high (28.3 inch) with stand}
      * 90mm deep (3.5 inch)
      And the entire things weighs in at around 15.6 KG without the stand and 17.4 KG with it.

      ** And the crescent moon shape stand is...
      * 500mm (19.6inch)
      * 285mm deep (11.3inch)
      * 15mm deep (0.75inch)
      * AV in, HDMI in, CI slot and Headphone out (on the side)
      * RF in, Full scart, half scart, companant in audio, digital audio out, PC audio input, RGB PC in, modem LAN and USB for service. (on the back).

      ** Power consumption...

      * 210W typical power consumption
      * Under 1W on stand-by

      ** MY OPINION...

      This is a lovely looking television, if you're into that sort of thing. No seriously, it is one of them televisions which will not look out of place in any room, standing tall in a corner or even on a wall.
      The front as it is well designed, giving a neat, good sized border of 50mm (2inch), around the actual screen, apart from along the bottom where it is 90mm (3.5 inch). This, together with the dark screen, really does give this television a certain style of its own.
      I have it in the main living room of my house and, even from a bit of a distance, the picture is so clear and the sound quality is second to none, even when it is turned up somewhat, although it can 'crackle' a little at very high levels depending on what is blasting through the speakers.
      And, if like me, you do have this on the crescent moon shaped stand then you can twist the television on the stand by about 25° either way in case you want to turn the main body without moving the stand.

      Like many modern television, this one is HD ready giving you the opportunity to improve the picture and sound quality so as to enhance your enjoyment and you can add up to 2 HD devices to this television via the 2 HDMI input slots.
      Plus, with the built in freeview there are many television channels to chose from to enjoy these improved qualities, although half the time there's nothing really worth watching.
      The two 10W inbuilt speakers are really invisible, I've even tried looking for them, although I know they're there due to the fact that I can hear the great sound quality coming from the television, and with this 'TruSurround' XT the sound really is crystal clear.
      Plus, with the 'clear voice 2' technology really does help in lowering that over the top background noise so that you can actually here what is being said during certain badly sound edited shows, (This was particularly useful when my kids are watching The Sarah Jane Adventures as in that show the background music is way too loud)

      The easy to use on screen guide, (EPG), lets you check out what you can watch, giving you a peak into the future, sort of, allowing you to check out what rubbish, I mean programs that are on over the next 8 days, and from the many channels to chose from there must be something worth watching.

      I've tried the energy saving feature, (this is used via the green button on the remote), going through the settings to see if it made much of a difference, and to be honest I found it to be a little bit of a waste of time, the only thing it seemed to do was darken the screen so I couldn't quite see what I was watching. But I suppose over time it would save a few quid if you used the lower settings.

      As for the remote itself, well, the one that came with this television is easy to use and looks like any other remote, having the usual buttons for changing channels, turning the volume up and down, selecting device you wish to view by, such as DVD, video etc. There is also an input button which gives you the option to change the viewing experience for the particular program you're watching, such as sports, movies and others.
      But to be honest I have set up a multi functional remote to control this television so I very rarely use the original one these days, storing it in a cupboard with all the other bits and bobs.

      When I bought this one a while ago I honestly believe that I got this at a bargain price as the full tag in the shop stated that the 'normal' price was £525 at the high street shop, but fortunately, the day I went shopping, I managed to get this for £400, which is a cracking price indeed. In fact, that's possibly the main reason why I chose this one.
      And, to make me smile even more, when I did a quick online price check I found that some places were selling this exact television for around the £600 region. But, even for £600 it is still worth seriously considering if you want a nice looking and very functional television with a picture that makes you feel like your actually in the program your watching.

      In all, a cracking television which not only gives out a brilliantly bright and colourful picture but also fills the room with the sound quality of a orchestra in full flow.
      For me LG have done it yet again and have given me a fantastic viewing experience which, if my experience with previous LG devices is anything to go by, will last for sometime yet.


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